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Dust Dirt and Hair on a Diamond

Dirt, Dust, and Hair?

What does Dirt, Dust, and Hair look like on a Diamond?

That’s the Purpose of this Post

To show you Live Images, Real Diamonds that are Dirty, so you can see what they look like under Magnification.

Diamonds Attract Dust and Debris.

They’re like a Magnet

Because of their Naturally Smooth Surface and Slick Facets, Dust is attracted to them just like a Mirror. Particles in the Air are Drawn to the Diamond and they Cling to it.

Diamonds attract a lot of Particles. Plus, the Surface of the Diamonds get Oily from our Fingerprints and Body, they get Soapy, Covered with Lotions, Perfumes, and Hair Sprays.

Everything Sticks to them!

This is why you Must Clean your Stones often (Buy yourself an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner). I say at least Once a Week, if you can, just to keep Debris from Building up and Hindering Light, Life and Sparkle in your Stone.

But the other thing that these Particles cause…


When you View a Diamond under a Microscope at 10x Power (what they use to Grade Stones with), you’re seeing a Very Detailed Image of that Stone. The Slightest Little Dot, Mark or Blemish in the Stone shows up.

And you know what else Shows up as Plain as Day?

Those Dust Particles, Debris, Fingerprints, and Strands of Hair.

Hair can Easily Fool you into thinking your Stone has a Feather in it, has Needles, or is Cracked, Chipped or Fractured!

In Fact, when you have a lot of Dust and Hair on your Beautiful Diamond, it can make the whole Stone look like a Low Clarity Stone.

Low Quality?

YES! It can make your Stone appear to have Flaws and Imperfections that it doesn’t really have!

Think about this when you Scope your Stone, which you should get into the Habit of when you Purchase it, or when you take back into the Jewelry Store (Before and After) getting your Ring Repaired, Sized or even just Polished and Cleaned!

Scope Your Stone!

You should also know and become familiar with how your Stone looks like under a Microscope or 10x Jeweler’s Loupe, so you know what Dirt and Dust is, and what and where your Real Inclusions and Flaws are.

It can Save you a lot of Aggravation when the Jeweler gives you back your Ring and you see Lines in the Stone…

“Hey, My Diamond is Cracked!”

So let’s look at some Diamonds (all Diamond Images Displayed are from James Allen). These Magnified Images (which are the Best on the Net) are Great Examples of Diamonds in all States of Dirtiness. I will say that it’s almost Impossible to Clean a Diamond Perfectly. Really it is! You could Steam Clean a Stone (With a Steam Cleaner) and by the time you get it set up in the Microscope, Hair and Dust could have Settled on the Surface. It can be Frustrating to say the least!

Photographing Perfectly Clean Diamonds is also a Mission Impossible. Diamonds just Attract Debris and you just have to Accept the Fact that there will always be some on your Stone. No Matter What!

I have Purposefully chosen to show you Internally Flawless Diamonds (IF). Internally Flawless Stones will show NO Inclusions, NO Flaws, NO Imperfections Inside the Stone Whatsoever!


This Image below is one of the Best Photographed Images I’ve ever seen of a Perfectly Clean Internally Flawless Stone. It’s Magnificent!

Take a peek…

Internally Flawless Diamond!

And even that Stone still has a Dot here and there that’s Dust!

Now, let’s get to the Good Stuff

The Dust. The Hair. The Dirt. The Fingerprints

Keep in mind, ALL these Pictures are of Internally Flawless Diamonds (at the Very Top of the Clarity Grade Chart). They are about as Perfect a Diamond Clarity as you will ever see. So you should see Nothing in the Stone… Like in the Image above.

But just take a look at what Dirt, Dust, and Hair look like on a Diamond Magnified Ten Times…

1.03 D Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

See how they could be Mistaken for Flaws?

1.19 F Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

Did you Notice the Hair in the Diamond above?

It’s right at the 6:00 Position! Fascinating isn’t it?

1.25 D Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

Below the Diamond shows Oily Fingerprints on the Facets. Notice how they Fog up the Stone and Start to Block out Light.

1.38 I Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

1.31 G Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

The Diamond above has something Stuck to the Stone in the 3:00 Position. I don’t know what that is, but it Shouldn’t Be There!

1.32 D Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

1.27 E Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

More Hair and Dust in the Images above. It’s Amazing when you get a lot of them, how they really can Change the Entire Beauty of the Stone…

And now for the Worst Contender…

This Diamond below looks Extremely Flawed. It looks more like an I Clarity Diamond with Specks, Lines, Marks, Pinpoints all over the Entire Stone. Take a look…

1.21 F Internally Flawless Round Diamond!

WOW! Crazy isn’t it?

You would Never Believe that’s an Internally Flawless Diamond!

So keep your Diamonds Clean!

The Stone will Look Better, let more Light in and Sparkle More!

Because you never want to View your Diamond, and Wonder if it’s really your Stone “This Stone has Flaws in it!

No matter if your Stone has Flaws or not, you should know where they are as Compared to the ones Drawn on a Diamond Plot, and be able to Distinguish them from the Dust, Dirt, Oil and Hair!

The Best Way to keep them Clean is to use a Jewelry Cleaner and Steam Cleaner! They do Wonders for keeping your Diamonds Beautiful!

Just the way they should be! :)


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