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Engagement Ring Buying Tips

Does the Engagement Ring look Pretty?

Believe it or not, but that’s how a Majority of people Purchase “The Ring“.

By Looks Alone!

If it looks Good, they Buy it.

But, there are many more things to Consider when Contemplating a Diamond Ring Purchase. You have to Ask yourself, is the Ring Right for you?

So let’s take a closer look…

Below are 10 things you MUST Consider!

1) Comfort

First and Foremost, the Ring MUST be Comfortable. After all, you are Wearing this the Rest of your Life. It has to Feel Good on your Fingers.

Comfort is Essential!

The Ring shouldn’t be too Wide, you Don’t Want your Fingers to Hurt when you Bend them. You also don’t want the Ring too Skinny, it may Break Easily.

The Ring shouldn’t have Sharp Edges or Points to it. Sometimes Rings are Hollowed out underneath and can Dig into your Skin. Indentations can be Very Painful! You have to try the Ring on. See how it Feels. Run your Fingers and Clothes over it. Do they get Caught?

You don’t Want your Ring to Fit Too Snug, it may Cut off Circulation. Your Skin shouldn’t Bunch up around the Band either. That doesn’t Look Good or Feel Good.

Is the Ring Top Heavy?

You also have to see if the Ring is Top Heavy. That’s a Ring with Either a lot of Metal on Top, or a Lot of Stones or Diamonds. Top Heavy Rings Tend to Flop around and Twist on the Fingers. They can Pinch your Skin and Bang into everything. It can Drive you Nuts.

Look at the Thickness of the Band as well. Is it Comfort Fit Ring? Comfort fit bands are Twice the Thickness of a Regular Ring. They are Plenty Durable, but because of the Thickness, a lot of times they Hurt the Fingers. The Ring Pushes into the Bones. You’ll notice this when people Grab your Hand to Shake it. Ouch! You may want to Pass on Comfort Fit Rings. For Men, that may be Fine, but Ladies often find them Uncomfortable.

2) Style

Your Ring should look like you. Meaning, it should Fit your Personality. Are you Wild? Modern? Conservative? Square? Traditional? Simplistic? Eccentric? Pick a Ring that Reflects your Style. You want people to Look at your Ring and say “Yep, That’s You!

3) Is the Ring Flattering?

Not only does the Ring have to LOOK Good to you, but it Must look Good to others. Does the Ring Accentuate your Hand? What about Chubby Short Fingers or Long Fingers? Does it look Out of Place or Odd? You don’t want the Ring to Overpower your Hand, and you also don’t want it to get Lost either.

What about the Color of the Ring? That’s something you have to look at also. Does the Metal go Good with your Skin Tone? Does the Ring Match the rest of your Jewelry? I had one Lady try on an Engagement Ring and her Boyfriend told her that it would look better if she Removed her Plastic Eye-Ball Ring first. lol

4) Durability

Look at how the Ring is Constructed. Does it Feel Light-Weight or Thin? Do the Prongs look Weak? Are there Sharp Corners or Jagged Edges on the Ring? Are there a lot of Prongs? Will you always be catching them?

V-Tipped Prongs are also a Big Concern. V-Tips are Wonderful looking, I Love them. But they tend to become a Weapon. The Sharp Corners will Scratch your Mate. Princess Cut Diamonds and Marquise Diamonds (any Diamond that comes to a Point), are known for this!

Does the Ring Sit up High?

The Higher the Ring, the more it will get Knocked about.

What about the Metal? Is it Gold or Platinum? Platinum is More Durable, but it’s also 4 times the Price. Gold is Cheaper, but Scratches Easier!

As you can see, there are a lot of Interesting things to Consider when Engagement Ring Shopping.

And the list goes on…

5) Type of Mounting

What type of Mounting are you looking at? Will it bring Headaches in the Future? One example would be Invisible Set Diamonds. They Look Great but tend to Pop out of the Mounting.

Pave Set Diamonds are Awesome, but those little Beads and Prongs can Wear Down Fast or Break off.

You could Lose a Stone!

Channel Set Diamonds can Wear Down over time and have to be Rebuilt. The more Prongs or Mounting you have, the more Maintenance will be needed later.

Channels, Prongs, Heads, Baskets, Beads… should be tested out. Run them over your Clothing. See if they Snag! Run your Fingers over them. Does they Feel Smooth?

My Advice is always Keep it Simple!

6) UpKeep

What will the Upkeep be? Is the Ring Rhodium Plated? If so, you will probably have to Pay for Re-Rhodiuming your Ring every couple of years.

What about the Prongs? How much will it Cost you to have all the Prongs Retipped?

Is the Ring Easy to Clean? Can you get Underneath the Diamonds where the Dirt Builds up? Are there Large Areas of Exposed Mounting that could get Scratched Easily? It all adds up. Repairs can get Very Expensive.

Can the Ring be Resized? Stretched? Rings with Invisible Set Diamonds or Channel Set Diamonds may be Harder to Size, and maybe even Impossible to Size. You may have to Special Order the Right Size to Fit. It’s Wise to find out First.

7) Price

Is the Ring within your Budget? Are you going to have to Finance it? How much of a Down-Payment will be Required? Do they take Credit Cards? What about the Interest?

Make sure you Purchase a Ring that’s within your Comfort Zone. You can always put the Ring into Layaway if needed. That’s always Interest Free! Just don’t overdo yourself!

8) Wedding Band Blues

Most people don’t Consider the Wedding Band at the time they Purchase an Engagement Ring…

You Should!

If you choose a Fancy or Unique Engagement Ring Mounting, chances are Good that a Wedding Band won’t Fit it Properly. You won’t be able to Locate one that Fits in the Grooves or Contours of the Band. You’ll have to have one Custom Designed, and that gets Costly.

When you Buy the Engagement Ring, ask to see what Bands will Fit it. That way you can see what Options you have and how many there are.

9) Guarantees and Warranties

Is the Ring Guaranteed? Does it have a Warranty for the Diamond? What happens if you Lose it? Does the Mounting have a Service Plan to Cover Future Repairs? Find out!

Here’s a Big Question: Is the Diamond Certified? Make sure you get all the Appropriate Paper Work, like Laminated Reports or Appraisals. You’ll need these when you get your Rings Insured… Which means…

Get your Rings Insured!

Accidents Happen. You never know what Life will Bring. It could get Stolen, Lost, Damaged, Burnt… Get your Rings and Diamonds Covered! Just in Case!

10) Return Policies

What happens if she doesn’t like the Ring? Can it be Returned? Is it a FULL Refund? Or is it a Store Credit? How long do you have to Return it?

You need to know these things if you ever need to take it back. Can it be Exchanged? Traded in?


Bottom Line

Consider all things when looking at Engagement Ring Mountings: Comfort, Style, Durability, Upkeep, Price and Warranties… They all Create the Perfect Package.

This is a Once in a Lifetime Purchase. You want to be Happy. So do your Homework First. That way you are sure to Buy the Perfect Ring for you.

See many Great Engagement Rings Styles and Designs HERE!

Cheers! :)

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