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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Invisible Set Diamonds

When you tell people that the Diamonds in a given mounting are “Invisible Set” Diamonds, you tend to get some weird reactions.

It’s a phrase that’s fairly new to the Jewelry industry. It’s only been around for about 10 years or so, but not too many people have heard of it. You’ve seen it, but probably didn’t know it had a name.

A Closer Look

Let’s find out what Invisible Set Diamonds really are!

Invisible Set Diamonds are Diamonds that look like they are being held in by nothing. (See Picture) Most Mountings have Prongs, Channels, Bezels, or Beads that hold them in place… But Invisible Set Diamonds are not held in by any over-lapping Metal. No Prong-Work, No Beads, it’s just smooth rows of glorious never-ending Diamonds.

What holds in Invisible Set Diamonds?

The Answer: Metal!

Hidden Metal to be exact!

It all starts with the Diamonds. You see, Invisible-Set Diamonds are not normal Diamonds at all. They may look like Square Princess Cut Stones, but they are very, very special. The Pavilion (Base of the Diamond) of these stones are Cut with Notches and Grooves that fit together like a Jigsaw Puzzle into a Metal Frame or Matrix. They SNAP into place and form a beautiful smooth wall of Diamonds!

It’s Slick, it’s Stunning, it sounds Absolutely Wonderful doesn’t it? I mean, there’s no better way to hold in your Diamonds than a Matrix of Metal, right? You should never have to worry about Durability or Protection… Should you?

Actually, YES!

In my opinion, Invisible Set Diamonds are the Worst Types of Mountings to ever Purchase, and here’s why…

The Diamonds Fall out!

Yes, that’s right. These Mountings have had problems from day one. Customers bring these Mountings back into the store all the time because their Stones are Loose and Wobbling around or the Diamonds just simply fell out of the Mounting. They Fall out like Pieces of a Puzzle. Not good!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there aren’t good Invisible-Set Mountings out there. (I’ve just never seen one!) You may have one that will last forever. But you would be the lucky one. I’m only talking from experience and seeing these rings come in for repair one after another.

Here’s the Real Problem:

Jewelers can’t Fix these type of Mountings either. (Remember that when you need to get it Sized! If they Bend the Metal Frame, it’s goodbye Diamond!)

And Because these Diamonds are Cut with Grooves, Jewelers can’t just set another Princess Cut Diamond in its place. Jewelers don’t even stock these Special Cuts of Diamonds.

Plus, because the Diamonds are unique Cuts, it’s not like you could re-set them into New Mountings later! (You can’t reuse them!) Invisible Set Diamond Mountings have to be sent back to the manufacturer to have another Diamond specially Cut and fitted into the Mounting.

There’s no way around it. (Unless your Jeweler rigs your Mounting by somehow fitting in a normal Diamond and Gluing it into place!) Either way, you may be without your ring for weeks. And then, who knows how long that new Diamond will last?

Proceed With Caution

Make sure that if you do buy an Invisible Set Diamond Ring that it comes a Manufacturer’s Life-Time Guarantee so it’s covered if something were to happen to it. (You’re going to need it!) Because with these types of Rings, any Protection is just great peace of mind!

Instead of calling these Rings “Invisible Set“, they should just call them “Invisible!”

Because sooner or later, that’s what your Diamond will be…


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