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Free Ring Cleaning And Polishing

Did you know that you can get your Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants and Jewelry Cleaned and Polished up Professionally for FREE?

It’s true!

Just about every Jeweler and Jewelry Store across the nation will clean and polish your Jewelry as a service at no charge to you!

Granted, there are exceptions, and sometimes there will be a small fee, but generally, if you go in and are looking and shopping around, they will clean your items, and many times polish them up for FREE!

Especially if you purchased your items from them!

Cleaning and Polishing and Steaming is all in a days work. With Jewelry, Diamonds and Gemstones, it’s all about the Sparkle and Beauty, and if your Gems are dirty and dull, they just don’t look good. Plus, what kind of Jeweler would really let people walk out of their store with dirty Jewelry on?

Most Jewelers and Salespeople will automatically ask if you want your Rings cleaned. It’s second nature and nice.

Some Jewelers even have Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners at the front of their store for such tasks and great customer service.

Free Ring Cleaning Stations

Other Jewelers even demand it! Some have a 6 month Cleaning and Inspection Warranty that you must adhere to.

You know the ones… To keep your Warranty and Guarantees up to date, you need to bring your items in for a thorough cleaning and inspection. That way it keeps your Jewelry maintained and serviced, and if any repairs are needed, like Retippings or Solderings, you’ll have to get your Jewelry Repaired (not free of course), just to keep the items intact.

That’s just the way it goes!

It’s like making sure you do Oil Changes to your Car… Maintaining your Jewelry is Smart stuff!

Especially when expensive Diamonds are involved.

But there are some Points I would like to clarity and cover about these so called Cleanings, Polishings and Inspections. Things that most people wouldn’t even think about…

1) Polishing Thins out your Rings

Every time you have your Jewelry Polished up, the buffing wheel removes a very thin layer of Gold (or whatever metal your items are).

Dont Buff and Polish Your Rings Too Much

This isn’t a big deal if you only have your Jewelry Polished up once or twice a year, but if you have them done every other week, then your Rings will thin out, become weak, and possibly become vulnerable to bending, breaking or snapping.

Plus, Polishing could also reveal a Pit in the Gold, which is an air pocket that gets exposed to the surface of the ring. It looks bad and is difficult to fix.

Too much Polishing could harm your Jewelry! I recommend only once or twice a year, just to remove the outer surface scratches and buff it up nicely.

2) Don’t Forget the Paperwork

Lots of people know they have to regularly get their goods checked. But many people fail to do one major task… They forget to bring in their warranty papers!

If you fail to get the Salesperson’s John Hancock and Date written on the Warranty Slip, it can VOID your Warranty and not cover the cost of replacing your pretty little Diamonds.

Telling them after the fact “You guys just inspected it last week” does no good!

You’ll need proof, and need them to fill out the warranty. That’s what it’s there for. Don’t forget! It’s crucial to keeping your policy and plan up to date.

I suggest marking it on your calendar, or better yet, set up a reminder in your smart phone so you remember. Some people say set it up for daylight savings time so you’ll never forget the date again.

That makes perfect sense to me! :)

Dont Void The Diamond Warranty

3) Who Cleans it?

If you do have a lifetime Warranty that calls for such Cleanings and Inspections, then WHERE you get it Inspected matters!

You can’t take your items to Zales to get them Cleaned and Inspected if you bought your stuff at Kays! That does you no good!

Sure Zales (just using these two Jewelers as examples) would clean them, but it doesn’t help your warranty any. Kays will have to be the ones to Inspect them and sign off on them.

So take your Jewelry back to the store you bought them at, if you want to keep your Warranty good!


4) Inspect them Well!

Sure any store will clean them. Sure they’ll probably Polish and Steam up your items and make them look brand new again…

But not every store or person will take the time to inspect them.

Inspecting your Jewelry means that they take a closer look. They use a 10x Jewelers Loupe or a Microscope to check the structure of the Rings, Prongs, Mounting and Shank.

They make sure the Prongs aren’t askew, pulled or lifted. They make sure there are no cracks in the Gold or Metal. They check the Channel Walls for weakness or jagged edges. They test and tap at the stones with Tweezers and look for loose Gems or Diamonds on the verge of falling out.

Because it happens often, where you will get your Rings cleaned and a week later your Diamond falls out of the setting and gets lost.

Usually it’s because the cleaning removed the dirt and debris that was holding in your Diamond. Once they are clean, they are loose, and it won’t take much effort to knock them free.

So always have the Salesperson or Clerk double check your Prongs and Stones after cleaning. It’s a MUST!

Clean And Inspect Your Jewelry

Make sure your stones are all tight and secure.

Cleaning and Polishing is one thing, but if they don’t Inspect them and look for problems or issues, then it seems pretty useless and lazy to me.

So the next time you’re in the mall, or at a local Jewelry Store, get your items Cleaned and Polished. And by all means, have them take the time to Inspect them.

That is, if you want to keep your Diamonds!

Cleaning is fast, it’s free, and it keeps your Jewelry maintained and safe!

And that’s worth every FREE penny! :)

Do it Yourself!

If you want to keep your Jewelry buffed and Polished more frequently, invest in a Jeweler’s Polishing Cloths (with a rouge center). That will keep the slight surface scratches to a minimum and make the luster of the metal shine.

Using a Polishing Cloth is harmless to your items and doesn’t wear the metal down. Just be careful not to snag the prongs or get them caught in the process!

You can do all your Cleanings and Inspections at home if you want!

Simply get yourself a few items: 10x Jewelers Loupe, Polishing Cloth, Ultrasonic Cleaner, and my FREE guide on Checking your Stones for Tightness.

And have some fun! :)

Clean And Polish Your Rings Yourself

Just note that you’ll still need to take your goods in to get your Warranty signed! :)

Happy Cleaning!

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