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How To Check If Your Diamond Is Loose

Have you hit or bumped your Diamond recently? Did you catch a Prong? Snag one? Or have you dropped your ring lately?

If so, you’re probably wondering if you should take it in and get it looked at.

I agree! You should!

Jewelers can scope your ring and look for loose stones, weak prongs and even damaged Diamonds!

But, in the meantime, there really is no reason why you can’t do a quick test yourself!

You may be able to quickly tell if you need immediate action, or if it can wait a day or two…

So I give to you, my 3 quick and easy steps to tell if your Diamond or Gem is Loose…

1) Listen for the Rattle

As shown in the image below…

Gently Shake Your Diamond Ring

Believe it or not, but you can hold your ring up to your ear (if you have good hearing), gently shake your ring, and listen for the tiny rattle of loose stones against metal.

It works! But you will also have to remove your Watch or Bracelet, or any noisy clothing that could mask out the sound of the stones.

If they rattle, get them tightened. A Jeweler can tighten stones easily and depending on what needs to be done (a quick tightening, or a new prong), it could be a simple $20 charge, or it could add up to $100 or more. It’s all based upon the condition of your ring, and the amount of time, labor, and work needed to fix it!

2) Twist and Shout!

Use your Fingernail to test the stone…

Rotate Your Diamond With Your Fingernail

Use your nail and very gently place it on the edge, or Girdle, of your Diamond. Gently, ever so gently, push it around (clockwise & counter-clockwise) to see if it wiggles the stone or rotates the Diamond in the head (or prongs).

You may not have much room to work in. You’ll have to fit your fingernail in between the prongs (hold your finger sideways and it’ll be easier), and just see if the stone gives.

Whatever you do, DON’T try to push too hard or rotate the stone if it doesn’t move. You don’t want to accidentally loosen the stone in the process.

Just barely touch it and move it, or attempt to. If it spins easily, take it to your local Jewelry Store and have them repair it.

Shouting is optional and not required, unless it’s a shout for joy! :)

3) Tap the Top

Grab a pair of Pointed Tweezers. Hold your ring up and turn it until light reflects off the top of the table (top flap portion of the Diamond).

Now take the tip of the Tweezers and touch the top of the stone near the edge. Push down very very gently…

Tap The Top Of Your Diamond With Tweezers

Watch to see if the light reflecting off the stone bounces or moves. Light shifting can showcase subtle movements that are hard to see with the naked eye. If the light moves, it’s the quickest way to tell.

But, even without viewing the stone in the right light at the right angle, you can still see and feel the stone shift if you pay close enough attention.

Push gently on the stone, one side and then the opposite side, to see if it tilts or shifts down in the mounting.

Don’t push too hard! Just a gentle tap and push to see if it’s loose or not.

Keep in mind, these are very gently movements. Nothing hard enough to actually loosen the stone if it were tight.

Slow and steady and careful as a mouse. :)

Why Check for Tightness?

Loose stones are a sure sign that your prongs are lifted, pulled, weak, thin or breaking.

It’s also a sign that there may be more damage to the mounting, like an opened Channel Wall, a Invisible Diamond Frame that’s bent, or a Bezel or Tension Set Mounting that’s been misaligned.

It’s not a good sign if the stone wobbles, and I highly recommend that the integrity of your structure get fixed a.s.a.p.

Why Fix Them?

If you don’t fix them, it’s pretty likely that you’ll either lose your expensive Diamond or Gems. The Prongs could snap off and your stone will slip free. Bye Bye Diamond!

Or, the Diamond will rotate constantly in the head. It will literally saw into the metal and mounting and make the stone looser and looser. It could possibly weaken a prong, make it break off, or even shatter the side of your Diamond! Not cool!

The edge of your Diamond is the weakest spot of a Diamond anyway. This is the area of the Diamond that’s hit the most. And if it’s bumped around, banged, or rubbed on by the Prongs… It could make things much worse!

Get it fixed if it’s loose.

You don’t want to regret it later!

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