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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

GIA Diamond Report Checker

Let me tell you about a Service that Very Few People know about.

The GIA Diamond Report Check!

This Checker is a Free Service that GIA provides to Help Protect Consumers and Potential Buyers of Diamonds and Loose Stones.

Their Check System Checks your Diamond Report (also called a Certificate) Number against the Actual Report Number in the GIA Database to Verify the Quality of the Stone.

Example Diamond

As an Example of how this Cool Service Works, I have gone to their Diamond Report Check Page here…

GIA Diamond Report Check!

And have entered this GIA Diamond Report Number #14287693, and hit “Look Up“.

A Couple of Seconds Later, this Detailed Information Shows on the Site…

GIA Diamond Grading Report!

This Report shows the Report Number, the Date of Issue (in this Instance: 3/15/2005). It Shows the Cutting Style (Round Brilliant), the Measurements of the Stone, the Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut.

These are all the Standard things that are Listed on the Actual Gem Trade Laboratory Report (which did Verify as Accurate and Real), as shown below…

GIA Diamond Report!

But, It Doesn’t Stop There!

The Report Checker also lists ALL the Proportions of the Diamond, not just the Depth and Table that the Real Diamond Report lists…

It also has the Crown Angle, Crown Height, Pavilion Angle, Pavilion Depth, Star Length, Lower Half, and of course the Girdle and Culet (Which are Common on Reports).

This is all Very Interesting Indeed!

The Report Check is so thorough that it lists ALL the Information about that Report and much, much more!

I’m Impressed!

Not only does it List Extra Info, but it also Lists the Clarity Characteristics about that Stone as well.

This Stone shown in the Example has: Crystal, Feather, Cloud.

Very Cool Stuff!

One thing that the Report Check DOES NOT Show… The Actual Diamond Plot of the Stone! (as shown below which shows the Crystal, Feather, and Cloud!)

GIA Diamond Plot!

But, if you are Verifying the Quality of the Diamond (the 4C’s), to make sure what you have or what you’re Buying is Official, Correct and NOT Faked, then the Report Checker Works Flawlessly and Perfect!

This Check will Ease your Mind and Assure you that the Diamond Report is Real, and that the Quality is Accurate and Just.

Do note that the Report Check is a Fairly New service (just in the last 12 years or so), and as of now, only Diamonds Graded PAST the year 2000 will be Found Online in the Database. Any Report Numbers Prior to 2000, Will Not Be Available.

BUT, Don’t Fret. If you really need to Double Check an Older Diamond Report Number, you can simply Call GIA at 760-603-4500 (ext. 7590) for More Information.

That’s what they’re there for, and they’ll Help you out any way they can.

PDF Diamond Reports

Report Numbers Dated AFTER 7/1/2010 will ALSO Allow you to View and DOWNLOAD the Report in PDF Form.

That’s Sweet!

Checking Report Numbers with Diamonds Sold on eBay or Craig’s List is a Wise Decision. Or if you’re Buying from a Questionable Source, or you just Feel Unsure. Look it up!

It only takes a Minute to Confirm your Diamond. Check it out here, call them at 760-603-4500 (ext. 7590), or Email them here!
Just type in your GIA Report Number and hit “LOOK UP“. It’s that Easy! :)

I made the Call

I did Call GIA to get more Information about Older Diamonds and Reports. And here’s what I found…

AMY, who was Very Nice and Very Helpful, gave me more Information about Older Grading Reports.

She said that People can Request (in Writing) a Duplicate Copy of their Report for just $30.

She went on to say that they’ll need to give a Brief Description of the Stone, like Carat Weight, Shape, etc… and Why you need a Duplicate Copy (like yours was Lost or Stolen), and that you’ll probably need to set up an Account with them. She said the NEW Copy would be Stamped Duplicate right on the Report (just so you know).


She also said that Duplicate Copies of Reports Cannot be done of Diamonds Graded BEFORE 1996. These Reports were Hand Written and NOT in the New Database System.

One can get this Basic Info on a GIA letterhead if needed, but your Best Bet is to Resubmit the Stone for a New Updated Version of the Report. The Prices of these Reports will Vary Depending on the Size of the Stone, and the Report type needed (Dossier, Full Diamond Report, Gem Identification…). But she said that you’ll only Pay 75% of the Cost, so they do Cut you Some Slack. :)

Check your Diamond Today, or Call them at 760-603-4500 (ext. 7590) for More Information!

Cheers! :)

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