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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Hawaii Charm Beads

I love Hawaii. I’ve been to the Islands 4 times and I’m going back in October. I can’t wait!

Anything Tropical, Tribal and Hawaiian I love!

And anything that reminds me of Hawaii I can’t get enough of. Like the Exclusive Maui Charm Bead, or the Awesome Koa Wood Jewelry I bought on my last trip there.

My friend Keila is the same way. She has a Pandora Bracelet (several) that’s entirely filled with Hawaiian Themed Charms.

Granted not all of the Charms are Official Pandora Charms, some of her Beads are Camalia, some are Helzbergs Expression Collection, and some are the Cheap Knock Offs, Imposters, and Imports… Because let’s face it, some Charms look better than others, no matter what Brand! :)

It doesn’t matter to her. They are all Hawaiian (or if you ask me, pretty much any Paradise Island), and they all take you back to the Beach, Palm Trees and Sun.

So I’d thought I’d list some of these Exotic Beads that represent the Charm of the Islands. :)

I’m sure Keila can’t be the only one who wants a Bracelet with Turtles, Fish and Sea Shells Oh My!

Have fun with the list, I’m sure there’s plenty more I could add…

Hawaii Charm Beads

  • Turtle (Honu)
  • Tiki
  • Whale Tail (Fluke)
  • Starfish
  • Sand Dollar
  • Palm Trees
  • Hula Girl
  • Ukulele
  • Sea Shell
  • Crab
  • Hawaiian Shirt
  • Oyster
  • Martini Glass
  • Flowers
  • Ships Wheel
  • Nautical Charms
  • Conch
  • Butterfly
  • Lei
  • Compass
  • Moon & Stars
  • Whale
  • Snake
  • Tropical Drink
  • Beach
  • Snorkling
  • Hank Ten
  • Treasure Chest
  • Lizzard
  • Post Card
  • Pineapple
  • Parrot
  • Beach Chair
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunshine
  • Sandals (Flip Flops)
  • Airplane
  • Maui Bead
  • Luggage (Suitcase)
  • Glass Murano Beads
  • Octopus
  • Aquatic Charms
  • Dolphin
  • Paradise
  • Boat (Ship)
  • Plumeria
  • Aloha Charm
  • Anchor
  • Wine Glass
  • Coconut
  • Camera
  • Love
  • Mermaid
  • Heart
  • Crownea Flowers
  • Sunset
  • Shark
  • Good Luck
  • Volcano
  • Waterfall

Here are some of the great Hawaii Island Charm Beads you can buy over the internet.

P.S. Amazon has some great Hawaiian Themed Charm Beads as well!


Hawaii Charm Bead Images

Beach Chair Sea Shell
Beach Sandal Flip Flop Hawaiian Flowers On A Black Bead
Hawaii Dangle Spacer Bead Hula Girl
Hawaiian Shirt Tiki Bead
Hawaii Sinensis Flower Bead Ohm Turtle Honu Bead
Hawaii State Charm Bead Turtle Bead Charm
Hawaii Dichroic Glass Bead Blue Bubbles Murano Glass Bead
Aloha Charm Bead Palm Tree Charm
Tropical Blue Green Charm Bead Turquoise Murano Hawaii Bead
Hawaii Vacation Bead Splish Splash Fish Bead
Dolphin Charm Bead Dangle Blue and Silver Tropical Fish Bead
Nautical Starfish Bead Palm Tree Charm Bead
Mermaid Bead Turquoise Glass Swirl Bead
Nautical Anchor Dangle Charm Bead Ships Wheel Charm Bead
Light Blue Hawaiian Flower Bead Starfish Bead
The Beach Charm Bead Blue Ocean Aquatic Bead
Tribal Charm Bead Fish And Doves Charm
Tropical Striped Fish Charm Bead Two Tone Hula Girl Charm Bead
Clown Fish Charm Dolphin Fish Murano Glass Charm Bead
Whale Tail Fluke Charm Sand Dollar Bead
Flower Dancer Charm Bead Crab Charm Bead
Pearl Bead Charm Whale Tail Murano Glass Bead Charm
Sea Shell Bead Crystal Flower Charm Bead
Cruise Ship Charm Bead Whale Tails Bead
Sea Weed Glass Bead Flower Butteryfly Bead
Blue Sea Turtle Charm Bead Oyster Pearl Bead Charm
Ocean Murano Glass Bead Sea Turtle On A Surf Board Charm
Compass Charm Bead Lei Murano Glass Bead
Walk On The Beach Charm Bead Martini Glass Charm
Blinging Crystal Ships Wheel Charm Happy Fish In Ocean Charm
Sand Dollar Charm Lobster Charm Bead
Wine Glass Charm Fish Pave Charm Bead
Sun Charm Bead Butteryfly Bead
Turtle Charm Blue Murano Glass Bead
Big Cruise Ship Bead Charm Plumeria Flower Butterfly Charm Bead
Umbrella Coconut Drink Charm Bead Scuba Snorkling Charm Bead
Beach Boat Tree Charm Pineapple Charm Bead
Tropical Pink Flip Flop Charm Bead Serpent Snake Charm Bead
Tropical Ocean Charm Bead Parrot Charm Bead
Green Sea Turtle Charm Bead Sunglasses Charm Bead
Pink Plumeria Bead Hang Ten Charm Bead
Shark Bead Glitter Teal Blue Charm Bead
Maui Charm Bead Fun Cruise Ship Dangle Charm
Airplane-Bead-Charm Teal Green Swarovski Crystal Bead Charm
Luggage Suitcase Charm Bead Surfing Charm Bead
Pineapple Bead Lizard On A Log Charm Bead
Treasure Chest Bead Yellow Blue Green Charm Bead
Volcano Charm Bead Green Teal White Swarovski Charm Bead
Good Luck Charm Bead Sea Horse Charm Bead
Postcard Bead Charm Waterfall Bead Charm
Blue Crystal Crab Charm Fern Green Swarovski Crystal Bead
Camera Charm Bead Love Charm Bead
Coconut Charm Bead Island Holiday Flowers Murano Glass Bead
Sunset Charm Bead I Love Hawaii T-Shirt Charm
Sea Green Crystal Charm Bead Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Heart Bead
Ocean Blue And Green Scalloped Glass Bead Helicopter Tours Charm Bead

See MORE Hawaiian Themed Charm Beads Here!

With a little Fun and Creativity, you could create something like this beautiful Hawaii Island Themed Charm Bracelet!

Hawaii Island Themed Charm Bracelet

Don’t you just want one? :)

Check out Amazon for Deals and Steals on Charm Beads!

Cheers! :)

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  1. Peter Ripken // June 7, 2016 at 3:13 am // Reply

    Dear all,
    i would like to buy the Maui charm, but i must be delivered to Germany.
    Do you send to Germany?

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