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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

How to Find the Perfect Fit Ring Size

Rings and sizings drive me crazy.

People getting their rings sized drives me even crazier.

People never know how a ring should really fit on their finger.

It’s either too snug or too loose.

Too snug:

If your ring is too snug, it’ll squeeze your finger’s flesh and create a fat finger sandwich. Just so you know, that’s where rolls of your skin bunch up around your ring and swallow it (read: My ring’s stuck and won’t come off). It leaves indentations in your finger and makes it look red and bloated.

Too loose:

And if your rings are too loose, they’ll just spin around and around and get bumped, knocked and banged endlessly (read: Stop your rings from spinning). Loose rings take a lot of abuse and normally end up with bent shanks and broken prongs.

So where is the happy medium?

Does one even exist?

The happy medium is of course, getting the perfect fitting ring.

But in order to do that, it may take a little testing…

You see, the biggest problem that people face, is not in getting the correct ring size to begin with. But it’s what they’re using to get that size with, that’s the problem. And the problem is caused by none other than jeweler’s crappy equipment.

Let me explain…

Most jewelers use plastic or metal ring sizers (see image left) to size fingers (you know what I’m talking about? Sizers are those 14 smaller rings on the one bigger ring that jewelers pull out and stick on your finger).

They are nothing more than thick circles with tiny numbers on them, like 5, 5-, 6, 6-, 7…(“-” means 1/2 sizes).

Jewelers slip these stupid sizers over your finger in order to determine the correct size.

But here’s a big secret…

They suck!

Those ring sizers are pure crap.

And that’s because they never truly represent what a real ring would feel like, or fit like.

Real rings are normally top heavy, and have tapered shanks that fit comfortably on your finger. Normal rings are usually hollowed out underneath to allow cleaning and let Light in. Basket heads, prongs and beautiful gemstones and diamonds hold the mounting up against your finger.

What I’m trying to say here is, real rings don’t feel like junky little pieces of plastic.

Sizers make it difficult:

Those ring sizers make it difficult to get an accurate size (plastic more than metal), and because they feel odd and nothing like a real ring, people are bound to get the wrong size. It’s not really your fault. No matter what though, people still get nervous because the plastic feels snugger… And so what happens is, they end up going with a much bigger ring size instead.

Those sizers give a very misleading opinion of what a real ring would fit like.

So here’s what you should do…

Knuckle up:

When you put those silly little ring sizers on, there’s one thing you need to know; you want a sizer that fits great on your finger, and not the knuckle (you’re not wearing the ring on your knuckle).

You see, so many people make the mistake of getting a ring size that fits easily over the knuckle (more than likely for fear that it’ll get stuck). But that’s not the correct way to do things.

You actually want the knuckle to grab your ring and hold it securely. When you put the sizer over your finger, get one that’s snug over the knuckle. Snug, almost to the point where it won’t go over. You want to have to give it a good push to get there (just don’t cram it on).

Once it’s over, you’ll notice that the finger is actually a little smaller and thinner than the knuckle, and the ring should fit better. That’s how you want your ring to fit. Snug on the knuckle, but perfect on the finger.

People never think about this.

Size the part of the finger that the ring is worn on… not the knuckle.

If the ring slips over the knuckle too easily, you’ll be unhappy with the results. The ring will spin, flop, and damage the stones. And if your hands get wet, your ring will just slip off and you’ll lose it.

Your knuckle has got to catch the ring and keep it from falling off, and that means, a little bit SNUGGER.

So even if you think those ring sizers are telling you one thing, do me a favor…

Ask the jeweler!

Jewelers have been sizing rings forever and will know exactly how a ring should fit. Normally they can look at your finger and know what size your ring should be, even without sizing you (I can).

Jewelers will be able to give you the best advice depending on the ring you want sized.

Different types of rings will fit differently.

Hollow rings, flat rings, wide rings, top heavy rings

Knowing how to use those ring sizers, and listening to the jeweler will keep you from making a huge sizing mistake.

Snug on the knuckle gives you the perfect fit.

9 times out of 10, that’s the secret to the perfect ring size.

Cheers! :)

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