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Inclusions that Reflect Mirror and Duplicate inside the Diamond

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One of the coolest aspects about diamonds is the way that they handle light and reflect it around inside the stone, and then bounces that light back out in a beautiful array of brilliance and fire.

It’s stunning!

But this same mathematical structure, faceting and angles that make a diamond so beautiful, is also the cause of some very interesting side effects…

It mirrors inclusions.

Inclusions or flaws unfortunately fall prey to this wonderful reflection as well. If they are positioned in just the right spot, they can get caught up in the mirror effect.

They are called “reflector inclusions“!

So even though there’s only one inclusion, it suddenly makes it look like there’s more; 3 inclusions, 4 inclusions… All the way up to 16.

It’s like a crazy fun house full of mirrors.

And if have a lot of flaws inside the stone, it can really make those inclusions fill the entire stone. It will look really included.

Let’s take a look at some real diamond examples so you can see exactly what I’m talking about…

Example of Mirrored Inclusions in a Diamond!

Inclusions Getting Mirrored in a Diamond!

Diamond Inclusions Getting Mirrored!

Inclusions Refelcting Many Times in Diamond!

Repeated Diamond Inclusions!

Inclusion Reflects Multiple Times in Diamond!

Diamond Inclusions Getting Repeated in Stone!

How Inclusions Can Appear Many Times in a Diamond!

And, you can’t tell this by the plot…

The funny thing about all of this, is the fact that if you looked at the diamond plots of these stones, of course, they wouldn’t show you the interesting mirrored inclusions. They’ll show just the one. Like in this great example below…

Inclusions Get Repeated All the Way Around Diamond!

You See those two flaws in the center of the stone?

They get repeated multiple times all the way around the diamond. It looks like the stone has tons of flaws.

Here’s what the actual diamond plot of that stone looks like…

Compare Inclusions in Diamond to Diamond Plot!

This is why it’s important to view diamonds with your own eye, and not just go by what a diamond report says.

Sure the plot can help you locate the flaws and tell you how many there really are inside the stone, but until you see them with your own two eyes, you’ll never know how they can affect the overall beauty of the diamond.

Now you know.

Are you seeing spots?

If so, look at SI1 clarity diamonds instead. Those flaws are eye-invisible!

Cheers! ;)

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