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Buying Diamonds at Intimidating Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores are intimidating.

So much so that it makes me feel sorry for people.

Everything about jewelers is intimidating. From the second you walk into a store to the minute you leave, you’re in a whole different world; diamonds are king and you’re just visiting.

Jewelry stores don’t even look inviting. They have billion dollar marble walls, elegant chandeliers, lush carpet, expensive cases, sparkling diamonds, bright spot lights, soft music…

And the dress attire:

Business suits, ties, skirts, dresses, plus everyone is dripping in jewelry. It makes buying a diamond a very scary process.

That first step.

And here you are, walking in cautiously like a tiger is about to pounce on you. Everyone stops and stares (salespeople can spot a newbie from a mile). It’s like a deer in headlights. We can also tell you are here to buy an engagement ring. We can see it, sense it. We also see that your guard is up. The pressure is on.

So first things first…


Take a deep breath. We don’t bite. We aren’t going to force you into buying anything you don’t want. You can let your fears and worries slip away. We are simply here to help.

We know diamonds can be intimidating. We know there are grading charts dedicated to diamond cut, diamond color, diamond clarity and diamond carat weight. We know it’s a lot to learn. We can see it on your face.

People are scared.

Naturally. You’re in a foreign dimension. We know why too. You feel like we’re going to rip you off. People feel like they’re paying way too much and not getting good quality. People feel like they would never know the difference either. Salespeople could tell them anything, sell them anything and they would have no clue. It’s easy to see why some people would sweat. Panic mode sets in. Survival instincts begin.

Some guys even have a drink or two to calm their nerves before buying a diamond engagement ring. But really, this isn’t necessary. We are only here to assist. Really. We’re here to help you get a great deal as well.

Education is the key.

One of the best ways we help you is through education.

We can teach cut, color, clarity and carat weight. We can go out of our way to make you feel comfortable with the 4C’s, flaws, certification, laser inscriptions, percentages… That’s our job.

Learning about diamonds can actually be fun.

Sure, it’s a lot of information, but you just have to take it in steps. Little by little things will sink in. Once you start to understand quality and pricing you’ll feel much better. No matter what, you’ll certainly know more than you did when you came in the door.

It’s all about communication.

Communication builds trust. Once you start shopping and comparing different diamonds and different jewelry stores you’ll see who you feel more comfortable dealing with. It’s not so scary after all. Jewelry stores are all about show and presentation. You wouldn’t want us to sell ten thousand dollar diamonds in blue jeans would you?

If a jewelry store looks run down, tacky, old or cheap, then things just wouldn’t feel right. It would quickly lose credibility.

Diamonds are the smallest, most expensive objects on Earth. We are only giving them the respect they deserve. Showcasing them. We handle them with care. We show them with enthusiasm and passion. We treat them like a million bucks.

So don’t be intimidated by them.

Get to know diamonds.

They can be fun and fascinating.

Just take it one C at a time…

Or pick up my exclusive book: How to buy an engagement ringIt will help you big time.

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Cheers! :)

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