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How to Buy an Engagement Ring

It’s been coming for a long time. For I get countless emails asking me on a definite guide to buying engagement rings.

And even though I have 12 years worth of posts here on Jewelry Secrets, and many of them cover the subject in detail, it just isn’t an effective way to read all that you need to know.

So I knuckled down and wrote an entirely new guide on “How to buy an engagement ring“.

It’s informative, fun, and it will teach you all about ring styles, what’s popular, metals, heads, mountings, and of course, diamonds. You’ll learn everything about them:

  • The 4C’s
  • Certification
  • Hearts and Arrows
  • Fluorescence
  • Warranties and Policies
  • How to Save Money
  • How to Read a GIA Diamond Report

Take a peek at some of the pages here:

Page 12 How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Page 18 How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Page 32 How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Page 46 How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Page 46 How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Page 98 How to Buy an Engagement Ring

And the really great thing…

It’s digital format, perfect for the kindle, smartphone, or iPad:

The information is awesome.

Look at how it looks on the iPad…

iPad How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Beautiful, easy to read, easy to understand, and you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge.

The knowledge you need to buy a diamond engagement ring, and not get ripped off.

It’s well worth the price of the book. Especially since an engagement ring costs on average of 3 thousand dollars.

Plus, I’ll even show you ways to save half your money.

It’s true.

So if you’re in the market for an engagement ring, then pick up my book today (I also have a book called “101 ways to save money on diamonds here.“).

You’ll love it, you’ll learn, and you’ll be buying a kick ass ring in no time.

Let my 30 years of experience work for you.

Purchase my guide.

You won’t regret it.

On sale here:

Cheers! :)


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