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Is Your Diamond USED?

This is always a crazy topic to talk about.

People always wonder about the diamonds in the jewelry showcase.

Are they new?

Or are they used?

It’s easy to think this because jewelers accept diamonds as trade-ins.

Jewelers have to do something with those traded diamonds, right?

Resetting them into brand new mountings and reselling them. Why not?

If you’ve never thought about it, then do so!

Because if jewelers sold diamonds that were traded-in, that would mean that jewelers are selling used products instead of brand new products? Feel me?

Selling used goods as new?

Sounds like fraud…

But what do jewelers really do with those used diamonds that they get from customer’s trade-ins?

Do you really want to know?

The truth is…

Yes, jewelers DO resell those diamonds!

They resell your trade-ins.

They resell those used diamonds as new again.

Can you believe it? I’m sure most of you probably thought I’d say something different, but it is the truth.

Many diamonds that you see in stores today have been worn before.

Let me explain…

Diamonds are the only thing on the face of the earth that doesn’t wear down. The reason for that is because diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. Being the hardest substance basically means, nothing can erode it.

You could wear that diamond for 1000 years and it will still look brand new like it does today. How awesome. That’s one of the coolest things about diamonds (that’s also one of the biggest reasons why they’re so expensive).

Diamonds never wear down

They’ll never appear old or worn. They’ll never wrinkle or rust or decay. They’ll never scratch (except by another diamond), they’ll never shrink, they’ll never show any signs of natural aging… NONE! EVER!

Diamonds stay brand new forever!!!

Don’t you wish everything you bought did that? Now it’s true that diamonds can be chipped or broken… (Read: Can you chip a diamond?) It’s true that if you hit a diamond hard enough, with just the right force at the right angle, you can break it or even fracture it.

But breaking a diamond due to blunt force is NOT the same as a diamond growing old naturally.

You can look at any diamond under a microscope and never be able to tell how old it is. There’s no way to know. No DNA gives it away.

Diamonds don’t have crow’s feet.


Think about that, diamonds were formed a billion years ago and still look new today. A billion years (is a billion years old, still considered new?) Hmmm…

But then again, diamonds are the only true object frozen in time. Their endless beauty lives on and on. Ageless as centuries of constant brilliance and sparkle. Don’t believe me? Just ask the dinosaurs. If it was new then, and it’s new now, it’ll be new in the future as well! New is without a doubt, NEW!

So to answer the initial question…

Are diamonds used?

The answer: Sort of! Maybe?

You never know.

Many diamonds have been bought and sold before. Some have been recut from old mine-cut diamonds. Some have been repolished and remounted into beautiful new mountings. Most of these are in the jewelry cases today.

Some diamonds have been passed down from generations and eras of use, and when you look at the diamonds in a jewelry store, how would you know if that’s that one? You don’t. No one can know for sure… unless you get the diamond straight from the diamond mine, it’s all a big mystery.

The diamond that you’re looking at could have been worn six times, or sixty times (or never). Unless it has chips around the diamond girdle (called a bearded girdle) it’ll be impossible to tell.

That diamond could have been worn by a princess before. It could have been in the queen’s crown. Heck it could have even been found in King Tut’s tomb!

It’s actually pretty cool if you think about it.

King Tut’s diamond!

We’ll never know for sure. And on the opposite, that diamond could have been mined last month? You could be the very first person in history to ever wear it. You could be the very first owner of that diamond in a billion years, or it could be a trade-in from Elizabeth Taylor…

Your guess is as good as mine.

Diamonds don’t age.

Diamonds don’t come with any paperwork like used cars do. No diamond certificate or jewelry appraisal will ever list detailed background information on who owned it. Nothing shows date of birth, place of origin, or previous ownership. You’d have to buy it directly from the person that owned it to know.

So are diamonds used?

Not really…

New is new after all.

If diamonds never wear down like everything else does in life… If they’ll look brand new until the day we die… If we never see any signs of wear and tear over the course of our lifetime…

Then by all means, I’d say no!

Diamonds aren’t used.

In fact, we use diamonds…

You see, diamonds are always new…

New to us.

See some beautiful NEW diamonds HERE at James Allen!

Cheers! :)

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