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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Jewelry Gifts Under $100

Here’s something you should know:

Jewelry is expensive.

But it doesn’t always have to be.

In fact, if you Know what to look for, and how to shop, you can actually get some great looking gifts, and the best part of all of this is… You should be able to find those jewelry, rings, pendants and earrings for less than $100 dollars.

Let the shopping begin…

Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you this… don’t expect to get good sized diamonds in this jewelry purchase. If you’re going in thinking you’ll be able to walk away with big rings and big diamonds, then you’re sadly mistaken.

Large diamonds = large price.

Generally speaking, any diamond that’s larger than twenty points or so (.20 pts) is probably going to cost you more than $100. Keep in mind, it all depends on the quality you accept (you know what I’m talking about… the 4 C’s). If you want decent quality, where you won’t see any inclusions, black spots or cloudiness, you’re going to have to spend more for that jewelry. Like it or not.

That’s why I say, you’re only going to get small diamonds for that price.

Cheap diamonds = cheap price.

Granted, I did see an advertisement for some diamond earrings on sale at one of those name-brand department stores this holiday season, that were listed as 1/2 CT TW, (.50 pts) for ONLY $99.99! (similar to these here at Amazon). Usually the cheapest you’ll find on half carat weights are around $700. A normal price is more like $999-1,999.

For good sized carat weights at a cheap price, they are certainly going to be lower grade, lower quality, and full of visible inclusions & flaws. Plus the color has got to be either brown or yellow too. Not so pretty.

If that’s what you want, go for it.

But most people want better quality.

Most people really would rather stick with a clarity and color more middle-of-the-road. Something more like SI clarity and G-H-I color (Like These SI1-SI2, G-H, diamond studs here).

(Not something that looks like a brown piece of salt.)

Now, for the most part, with jewelry gifts under $100, they find they’re better off looking at gemstone rings, pendants or earrings instead. Items that look big and beautiful, but don’t have a lot of diamonds in them. Small gemstone pendants, like stud pendants (single round stones. See picture) work very well.

Double gems = double price.

Do note, that buying the matching pair of gemstone earrings will probably cost you double the money, since you’re getting double the stones.

Pave mountings with just a few small diamonds in them are great (see images). Diamond hoops in white gold with small diamonds are perfect as well.

When dealing with gemstones, you won’t get much if you’re looking at the precious gemstones like sapphire , ruby or emerald. Those are rare gems and quite expensive. Stick to cheaper, more abundant gemstones like amethyst, blue topaz, garnet, peridot and citrine. You should be able to find some beautiful rings, pendants and earrings with colorful stones at a great price (see some wonderful gemstone jewelry here.)

Always remember:

The bigger the stones, the bigger the price.

So how does the metal affect the price?
Just like diamonds and gemstones, metal is the same way.

The heavier the mounting, the more metal there is, the more the price goes up.

Which also says, rings and jewelry gifts under $100 tend to be lighterweight, more fragile, and more frail.

It all comes with a price to pay.

Something has to be sacrificed to get the cost down.

Pearls = great gifts.

Here’s a gift a lot of people over look when shopping for great inexpensive presents: pearls. Pearl studs, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearls are just great (see some inexpensive cool pearl jewelry here.

Freshwater pearls and cultured pearls necklaces look wonderful and appear expensive. Chocolate pearl jewelry is still hot and cheap. Pick them up.

Other wonderful gifts…

Other great gift ideas are gold hoop earrings. You’ll find tons and tons of these everywhere and they all work as good gifts. You can’t go wrong with these, because women love to change their earrings just like they change their wardrobe. It’s all about getting a new look. You have to accessorize.

Gold bracelets and chains:

Gold bracelets and chains may work as well. But the heavier the chain, the more money you’ll have to fork out. And if you’re interested, look into 10kt gold. 10kt is cheaper than 14kt gold because it contains less gold and more alloy. But you have to be careful at the same time, because some people are allergic to cheaper alloys that are used in 10kt gold. It could break you out in a rash. Most people tend to stick with 14kt gold so they don’t have those problems.

And, even better…

Buy stainless steel:

Stainless steel is a great alternative to gold. It’s solid, durable, hypoallergenic, and cheap. See some awesome stainless steel jewelry here. :)

Buy watches:

Watches are an awesome gift idea and one of the best.

Watches are practical and everyone can use them. Seiko and Pulsar makes great watches that sell for under $100 or less (plus a lot that sell for more). And if you catch these watches on sale… all the better.

Gifts for men?

For men, things get a little bit trickier. Men wear bigger rings and bigger bracelets and chains then ladies do.

For $100 bucks, you ain’t getting much.

It’s slim pickings!

Now, you will find some lightweight men’s rings (usually in 10kt gold) for around $100. They may have black onyx or cats-eye or some cheaper gemstones in them. But the diamonds in these rings are going to be very, very tiny, if not obsolete. Men’s stainless steel jewelry, titanium, and tungsten jewelry seem to be the best options here.

Better gifts…

A better gift for a man in a jewelry store would be a watch, cufflinks, money clip, pocket knife (like Swiss Army), key chain, pen or pencil set, SwissCard (excellent), or even a RDIF wallet (see tons of men’s jewelry for under $100.)

Forget about buying a gold chain or bracelet for a man at this price range. All you’ll get is a lightweight, thin, hollow or plated necklace that will look too wimpy (girly), or will snap and break within a couple of months.

Men’s chains need to be solid and thicker to withstand normal wear and tear (see some wonderful, heavy, solid, stainless steel chains HERE.)

It’s a fact – men are rough on their jewelry.

A couple more pointers about jewelry gifts under $100…

Scope the jewelry if you can.

Use a hand-held jeweler’s loupe or microscope and look the items over well.

Cheap jewelry is normally made cheaply:

Sometimes the prongs will be bent or cracked or not even touching the stones. The mountings may be too thin or dented. The gems could be chipped. I’ve even seen some pretty bad jewelry that even had the stones set upside down in the mounting.

Look the jewelry over good.

$100 bucks is not much to spend on jewelry, but it is a lot of money to throw away.

And if all else fails, you can always buy a gift card and let them have the fun of jewelry shopping themselves.

And if you still want better ideas…

Skip gold:

Look into sterling silver (charm bracelets or bolo are an awesome gifts), tungsten, titanium, copper jewelry, or stainless steel instead. These other metals work just as well, and will cost you much, much less than gold does.

Jewelry may be expensive, but if you know what to look for, you can find some great gifts for under $100.

Here are some great examples and images of jewelry items that all cost under $100.

Enjoy and good luck hunting.

Be sure to Check out Amazon’s selection of jewelry gifts under $100.

Great Jewelry Gifts!

Cheers! :)

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