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Shopping for Diamonds by Price or Quality?

“Price only!

Some people are only concerned about price.

Not Quality!

All they want to know is:

“What can I get it for?”

Do you shop like this?

Nothing wrong with that if you do. Some people have their reasons. Some don’t like jewelry. Some think jewelry is way overpriced. Maybe their funds are low? Who knows?

Maybe other things in life just matter more than an inclusion in a diamond?

A flaw is a flaw after all

I clarity diamonds are not so bad. Are they? Who cares if it sparkles a little less than other diamonds (or a lot less).

Who cares if the diamond is a little murky or full of carbon spots? Some people just want a big diamond, and want to save money at the same time. They are perfectly happy with sacrificing quality.

I can tell who these people are when I talk about the 4C’s to them. They smile and nod, but their only question is:

“How much?”

They’ve got better things to do than to look through a microscope at flaws. BAH!

Well good news…

Jewelers are going to love you!

This is because they’ll be able to clear out some low grade diamonds from inventory that have been sitting around for a long time. Diamonds like I3 clarity.

If clarity is no concern, then jewelers will have a field day with you.


Yeah, right. That doesn’t matter, right?
All you want is a good price? You got one.

How about a 1 carat diamond for $1,299?

So what if it’s filled with clouds, imperfections, black pepper and cracks?

No problem.


What are you really sacrificing?

You’ll also end up with a diamond that has a yellow hue; K-L-M color? Sure. Why not? Some stones will have a strong yellow color and will look like yellow salt.


All this, because one is only concerned with price. You could end up with a huge diamond (like these 2 carat diamonds), but it will certainly lackluster, brilliance, shine, sparkle, life and beauty.

Is this sacrifice okay?

Your stone will probably end up being very narrow or very deep. It will loose light and may even look dark. The cut will be poor and misaligned.

Still not a problem?

A diamond that’s too narrow or shallow can chip or break easily. Not sounding like such a good deal anymore is it?

If price is your only objection, then you are going to get a diamond you’re not happy with.

Can you look at eye-visible inclusions for the rest of your life?

Shopping by price is fine…

I have no problems with that. Some people just don’t care. But this is usually because they don’t know the difference.

You must shop smart.

Money isn’t everything. Quality is key. Otherwise jeweler’s faces are going to light up when they see you coming. “We have just the special for you!

I’m sure they do.

One carat, I3 clarity, M color… $899??? Yeah!

My advice: Be careful.

I know you don’t want to listen about microscopic flaws and imperfections. I know you can’t see yellow in the diamond (doesn’t mean it’s not there). I know upon first glances the diamond may look good…

But do yourself a favor. Slow down and take a closer inspection.

It’s cheap for a reason.

Cheap prices gets you cheap quality.

Low quality won’t impress anyone. Low quality diamonds are not pretty. They are hard to sell or trade-in (no one wants them). Low quality diamonds can chip and break easier…

I’m telling you, they’re just not worth it.

Learn about quality.

Microscope the flaws.

Compare prices.

You can still get a good deal and a good diamond if you take the time to learn about them.

It’s your money.

It’s your choice.

What are you sacrificing?

Price or quality?

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