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I3 Clarity Diamond Sale Cheap

I3 Clarity Diamonds, you gotta Love them.

If it wasn’t for I3 Clarity, we’d have nothing to Compare I2 Clarity Diamonds to.

There are Good Points and Bad Points to I3 Diamonds. (Mostly Bad) We’ll Start with the Bad and Work our way up the Diamond Clarity Grading Chart.

Grading Chart

If you look at the Grading Chart, you’ll see that I3 Clarity is at the very end of the Clarity Scale.

I3’s are the Last Stop on the List. And no, just because it’s at the end of the list, that doesn’t mean it’s the Good end!

Quite the Opposite!

I3 Clarity resides at the Very Bottom of the Diamond Quality List. They are the Lowest Grade Available. The Bottom Rung. The Worst Possible Diamond Clarity Grading you can get.

And Quite Possibly the Worst looking Diamond on the Face of the Earth!

(You never know! It could be!)

Industrial Diamonds

The only Diamonds in the World that are Worse than an I3 Clarity Diamond are what they call “Industrial Diamonds“.

Industrial Diamonds don’t even Hit the Market, they’re used in Fun Things like Dentist’s Drills and Saw Blades. Check it out the next time your Dentist says “Open Wide!”

So with I3 Clarity Diamonds being at the Bottom of the Bucket, are they really that Awful? Am I Exaggerating? What do they really look like? Are they really Bad?

The Answer: Nope!

Oh Wait, my Eyes were Closed!

Yes! Yes they Really are that Bad! (See Picture!)

I3 Diamonds are Scary. Some even look like Chunks of Salt. No Lie!

I3 Diamonds are normally Full of Massive Inclusions, Giant Flaws, Jagged Lines, Dark Feathers, Black Spots, Carbon, Cracks, Pin Points, Chips, Fractures, you name it… it’s in there!

If you looked at an I3 Clarity Diamond under a 10x Microscope you’d probably GASP. Not that you need to use a Scope to see the Eye-Visible Inclusions, but you really should. It’s an Eye-Opener! You want to take a closer look, it’ll Knock your Socks off! There’s a lot of GOOK going on in there!

So What Good are I3 Clarity Diamonds?

Are they even Worth Buying?

Maybe… Not all Hope is Lost.

You can get Lucky and run across an I3 Diamond that’s Half Way Decent. It’s Rare, but not Impossible.

I’ve seen a couple here and there. I mean, it is on the Bottom of the Clarity List for a Reason. Every now and then you can find an I3 Diamond that doesn’t Face up too Bad.

But then again, I’ve seen some that are so Included that the Entire Diamond looks Milky White. (Some people don’t mind this!) As long as you know that it’s the Flaws that’s causing it to look White and NOT the actual Color of the Diamond. Don’t Confuse these 2 things! You may get a White Appearing Diamond, but it certainly won’t have any Life or Beauty.

So What do I3 Clarity Diamonds Lack?

I3 Diamonds Lack Brilliance and Luster and Shine and Fire.

Some people don’t Care. (If they Scoped it they would!)

You will probably notice a Big Difference when she Compares it to her Girlfriend’s Ring though. It’ll be a Day and Night Difference. (I wouldn’t Advise this!)

The only Good Thing about I3 Clarity Diamonds is the PRICE.

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

Money Pinchers, Bargain Bin Buyers Listen up…

You’ll Spot this when Jewelers Advertise such Sales as a One Carat (1.00) Diamond Solitaire for $799! WOW! Now that’s Really Cheap! I3 Diamonds are always Selling Dirt Cheap. Buyer Beware! If it sounds too Good to be True, it generally is!

Common Uses

Common uses for I3 Clarity Diamonds are Cheap Diamond Tennis Bracelets. (Look at the Diamonds in the Bracelets that sell for $200, they’ll look like Globs of Glue!) They also use these Low Grade Diamonds for Earrings and Pendants as well. People normally don’t get too close to these to really see the difference, but you’ll notice the difference in Sparkle.

Jewelers usually Restrain from using these type of Diamonds in Engagement Rings or Wedding Sets. They’re just too Poor to Wear and look at for the rest of your life. “He loved me so much that he got me this Horrible Diamond!

Last Tidbits on I3 Diamonds

With so many Flaws in these Lower Quality Diamonds, these Diamonds have a Tendency to Chip and Break as well.

Fracture Lines run through the Stone and can cause it to Cleave in Half with a Good Strike at the Wrong Angle.

Beware of Blunt Force Trauma!

“No Honey, I didn’t purposefully Smash it with a Hammer, Honest!”

Forget about Certification

With I3 Diamonds it doesn’t matter in the least if it’s Certified.

It Just Doesn’t Matter!

There is nothing Lower on the Grading Chart than the I3 Diamond you just Bought… the only way to go is up!

If Jewelers thought that they could get away with calling an I3 Diamond an I2 Clarity, they would. Even if there was the Slightest Chance that they could… they’d try it.

So Trust me, if it’s Marked an I3 Clarity, then by all means, it is an I3 Clarity Diamond. No Ifs, Ands or Buts!

So No Certification in the World will Help it. It is what it is! No one’s Saying it’s Better than what it really is. Jewelers are just Hoping to Dump it for any Price they can. In this Circumstance, you do get what you Pay for!

Diamond Color

And as far as Color goes with I3 Clarity… Who Cares? Usually it doesn’t matter much because the Diamond’s so Nasty looking… who’s looking at the Color? Seriously!

So if you’re looking for a Great Big I3 Clarity Diamond Sale, then look no Further.

Walk into any Jewelry Store, tell them that you want to Buy the Crappiest Diamond they have.

Wait and see what Shocker they bring out for you.

(You may have to be Sitting Down for this one!)

Just Ask yourself one Question while you’re Saving Tons of Money…

Is an Ugly Rock Really Worth it?



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