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The Hawaii Diamond Is Peridot

Vacationing in Hawaii (the Big Island) years ago, this happened…

I like to peruse the local jewelry stores to see what’s new, as always.

When I come across a flier that made me stop, read, and think “Now that’s some excellent marketing.

You see, the flier is from a company called Kamaaina Diamond Co. and at the top of the flier it said “Hawaiian Diamonds“.

Underneath that, it had pictures of peridot.

How interesting.

Greens and blues always represent paradise islands like this, they remind people of the beautiful greens and blues in the water, land and sky. It all goes hand in hand.

So using a common birthstone such as peridot (which is the birthstone for August) and calling it the diamond of Hawaii is just plain smart.

Who would think any different?

Is it wrong to call peridot the Hawaiian Diamond?

I don’t think so…

And that’s because of one really big reason…

The green sand beaches in Hawaii.

Mahana Beach (also called Papakōlea beach) on Hawaii’s Papakōlea coast at the southern tip is one of two green sand beaches in the World (the other is at Galapagos Islands) that’s caused from the abundance of olivine crystals from the eroded volcanic cone of Pu’u Mahana. In fact, local Hawaiians refer to the olivine gemstone (peridot) as the tears of Pele, who is the Goddess of Volcanoes. Olivine is a common mineral produced from lava and one of the first crystals to form as the magma cools down. So it just makes sense that peridot is the diamond of Hawaii. :)

And if you think about it, it’s not any different than calling brown diamonds “Chocolate“, or blue diamonds “Carribean“. It’s just a name. A label. And it’s produced in abundance on the island which is nothing but a huge volcano itself.

So yes, I would think it is the proper gem for Hawaii.

I love it.

I give the jewelry stores props for thinking outside the box.

It makes me think that places like the Bahamas should call “aquamarine” the diamond of the ocean. Or Alaska should call the “crystal” their diamond. What about “citrine” for the sunshine state? See… it works. And it works for customers as well. :)

The flier reads:

Solidify your memories of Hawaii in peridot.

Green sand beaches like ours in Hawaii are made up of olivine crystals, formed from ancient volcanic lava flows. After millions of years these crystals form the mysterious gemstone peridot.

Come experience the sparkling sensation being created by Madame Pele herself at either of our Big Island locations.

Then it goes on to list their locations and phone numbers, which are: Kailua, Kona (the one I visited) 808-331-1904, and Waikoloa 808-886-4367.

Everyone wants to take a piece of Hawaii back with them when they visit. The beauty, the myth, the magnificent, it’s all quite breathtaking.

So congrats to whoever decided to highlight this clever, cool concept that will certainly increase sales.

See their official flier below (and here’s a link to their online store:

Now, when I see peridot, I’ll think of something entirely different…

I’ll think of Hawaii. :)

Peridot Is The Hawaiian Diamond

Learn more about peridot Here in my gemstone post about peridot.

And view all the beautiful peridot on sale at Here.

Cheers! :)

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