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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Broken Prong On Diamond Engagement Ring

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



Hi There.

One of the Prongs Snapped off my 6 Prong Diamond Solitaire.

I need to get it Fixed but do not have any kind of Certificate with my Diamond. I am so Fearful of taking it to a Jeweler and having them Swap the Stone out. I have Read so many Horror Stories that I don’t know what to do.


Hi Heather.

There are Three Main Things you can do to Protect Yourself!

First off, don’t Wear your Ring with a Broken Prong! Your Diamond may Feel Secure, but you’re leaving the Edge of your Diamond open to Hits and Blows that could Damage it! The Prongs are there for a Reason.

1) Take it to a Reputable Place!

If you take it to a Long Standing Jeweler that’s been in the Community for Decades the Better off you’ll be. Not to say that they can’t be Shady, but usually Jewelers get a Reputation if they’re up to No Good. They Don’t Last Long! Ask Around. Ask your Friends who they use. Check with the BBB and see if anything Questionable has been Reported.

2) Learn to Identify your Diamond!

Every Diamond is Unique and has Unique Flaws and Imperfections. Take it to a Jeweler and look at it under a 10x Microscope. Make sure the Diamond is Spotless Clean, or you could be looking at Dirt instead of Inclusions. Memorize what your Inclusions look like and where they are. (They will Never Change, Move or Grow!) Do you have a Black Carbon Spot near the Side of your Stone? Is there a Long Line across the Face? Are there Chips on the Girdle? Really look at your Diamond Good. Look for things that will Help you Identify and Recognize your Diamond after you get it back.

And if you still Feel Hesitant, take it to a Certified Diamontologist. Have an Appraisal and Diamond Report made. And if you can, have them make a Plot of the Inclusions. That’s basically Drawing out the Diamond’s Fingerprint! It’s a Great Way to Protect yourself and know what your Diamond looks like.

Do keep in mind, you can always send your Diamond out to have it Laser Inscribed as well. That’s a Huge Bonus! But you would have to be out of your Diamond for a Couple of Weeks.

No matter what you do, Start with a Reputable Jeweler. Most Jewelers will NOT Swap Diamonds out. Most Jewelers want your Repeat Business and Wouldn’t Risk it for any Diamond. It’s just Not Worth it. And another thing you can do…

3) Repairs While you Wait and Watch

Ask if the Jeweler will do the Repair While you Wait and Watch. Believe it or not, we have Allowed Customers into our Shop to Watch as the Jeweler Repaired their Diamond Ring. Not all Jewelers will do this (or can from Insurance Point of View). But I’m sure if you Hunted around you could find some that will. Jewelers get used to Customers who are Scared and Concerned about being Ripped Off. Most will go out of their way to Help you.

Good Luck in your Search. Hopefully these Pointers will Help Guide you in the Right Direction!

Let me Know what Happens!


Wow, Thank You So Much.

I am Thinking I may take it to a Jeweler that I used for another Repair. They have been around for a Long Time. They Offer Appraisal, Certification and the Stamping.
I believe they do this in Front of you. I Figure if I Pay for this First, then have them Fix it I will get two things Accomplished: Permanent Identification of the Stone, and getting if Fixed ;-)

It’s Not a Very Big Stone (1 Carat) but it’s mine, and has Great Meaning to my Husband and I. So I want that Stone back no matter what if that makes sense.

Thank You So Much For Your Answer, and I think your Website is Amazing. I am Very Glad I came across it.

I will let you know how it turns out!


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How do you know if your Prongs are Low?

Are your Prongs uneven or Bent?

Are your Prongs Snagging?

Cheers! :)

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