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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Regular Prongs or V-Tiped Prongs

A lot of people don’t realize that Rings and Mountings come with Different Types of Prongs.

Most people think…

A prong is a prong.

But trust me, they’re not.

The next time you go ring shopping, stop and take a good look at what’s holding in those diamonds.

You may not notice a big difference when you’re looking at round brilliant cut diamonds, other than the fact that some have 4 prongs and some have 6 prongs (read: Which is better, 4 prongs or 6 prongs?)

But fancy cut stones are different.

Fancy cut diamonds are all the other diamond shapes besides the round cut diamond.

They include:

  • Marquise cuts
  • Princess cuts
  • Oval cuts
  • Emerald cuts
  • Baguette cuts
  • Radiant cuts
  • Heart cuts
  • Trilliant cuts
  • Cushion cuts
  • And many more.

Different options:

Fancy cut diamonds give you different options for the types of heads and prongs that support the diamond and their oddball sizes and fun shapes.

The main two heads are: regular prong heads and v-tipped prong heads.

Side note:

All diamonds can also be set in to basket heads. Basket heads are wire frames that the stone sits in. (look at diamond stud earrings or diamond pendants for an example). Generally, most engagement rings and wedding sets do not set diamonds in basket heads (it doesn’t show them off as well).

Gemstones, on the other hand, utilize basket heads very well, and this is because gemstones are usually cut deeper than diamonds.

But the main two are:

Regular prong heads versus v-tipped prong heads:

The differences between them are a couple of important things:

  • Protection
  • Looks
  • Price

Prong heads hold in your diamond, no problem. They can be very durable and they can protect your diamond very well. But…

V-tipped prongs do everything that a normal prong head will do, plus much more.

The #1 thing they do:

Protect the weak points. On a diamond, the weakest part of the stone, is the tips.

The pointy areas, the tips, are weak and can chip easily. The edges where your diamond meet and come together to form a point are vulnerable to damage because they are thinner than the rest of the stone. One good hit on your diamond could destroy it for life.

V-tips are diamond savers! They protect the brittle points and tips.

In fact, they will only work on those points, like the tips on a marquise, the tip on a pear shaped diamond (see picture), or the corners of a princess cut diamond.

That’s where v-tipped prongs come in handy. They cover the most fragile diamond area with durable flat metal sides. It gives greater protection where protection is needed the most.

V-tips enhance the shape, too.

V-tipped heads give your diamond a more distinctive shape.

They give your stone that crisp, clean, perfect shape that most people love and adore. A marquise diamond looks more marquise (football shaped), versus oval. Princess cuts look more square. It enhances the shape and makes it aesthetic.

Not to mention, v-tips don’t cover up big chunks of your diamond like a standard prong does.

V-tipped heads on a diamond just look awesome.

Look at the difference of the pear shaped diamond in the picture. The point helps emphasize the pear shape and makes the cut of the stone more dramatic.

If it was me, I would never buy a fancy cut, like marquise, princess, trillion, or emerald cut diamond, without getting v-tipped prongs.

Trust me, once you have v-tips, you’ll never look at a standard prong the same.

Granted, v-tips may cost a tad bit more… (not always) But that extra money is well worth the price and protection.

Cheers! :)

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