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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Question About Retipping A Ring

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



Hi There.

I Recently took my Engagement Ring in to my Local Jewelry Repairer to have the Prongs Retipped, and after Inspecting it they told me it was Fine and did NOT need Retipping.

I am Baffled and Worried I might Lose the Diamond as to me it so Obviously does need Retipping. I’m Sending you Pictures of it, I would really Appreciate a Second Opinion.

Thank you. Regards, Trish

Ring Retipping Question


Hi Trish.

From the Pictures, your Prongs look Heavy enough. It looks like you have a Good Amount of Gold on each one and the Tips Protrude well above the Diamond like they should. When your Prongs get Low, they will get Flat on top and almost Thin like Paper. They look Fine, but I would take it to another Jeweler just for another Opinion. It’s hard to tell without actually seeing the Ring.

They can also Inspect the Prongs for any Cracks or Fissures that may make the Prongs Weak. It does look like one of your Prongs is Lifted a little off the Diamond.

It also looks like one Prong may be Catching on Clothing, I see Fibers under the Prongs. That could be a Sign that the Prongs need to be Pushed Flush (Burnished) against the Diamond. Get one more Opinion just to make sure.

2 Other Things that look okay are the Spacing of the Prongs. They look Evenly Spaced, which is a Good Sign that they are still Intact. The Last Sign would be if the Diamond is still Tight in the Head. If it’s Snug and doesn’t Spin, that means your Prongs are doing their Job.

Thanks for taking the time to Ask! I always try to be Helpful. Hope you Enjoy the Site! Come back often.

P.S. A couple more things Popped into my Head when I Reread this Email. 1) What makes you Feel that the Prongs Obviously need Retipping? Do they look Low to you? How old is your Ring? Usually it’s Recommended that every 7 years Prongs should be Retipped. Did you Compare the Prongs to other Rings in the Showcase to see if they Look Low?



Hey there , Thank You So Much for Responding to my Email.

The Reason I thought the Prongs need Retipping is because they don’t Curve and sit over the Diamond like other Rings do. I thought that’s what they’re supposed to look like, so the Diamond doesn’t fall out. So you think the Jeweler just needs to Flatten them down a bit? I don’t know how old my Ring is, as it was only Bought Recently, from an Estate Jeweler. And yes one Prong does Catch on Clothing etc.

Thank you again for taking the time to Answer my Enquiry.


Hi Trish.

The Prongs on your Ring do look New. If the Prongs look Lifted, where as the Top of the Prong is not Resting on the Diamond itself, then I would take it in and have them Push the Prong against the Stone. And if they are Catching like you say, I would do the same. Have you Scoped your Diamond around the Edge to see if it has any little Chips or Nicks? A lot of times Estate Pieces may have what they call a Bearded Girdle, which is just Chips around the Edge from Years of Wear and Tear. If the Girdle is Chipped or Nicked, they may not be able to Push the Prongs Flat on the Diamond for Fear of Breaking it.

Good Luck at another Jeweler getting another Opinion. You can let me know what happens.


Thank You So Much for your Advice!

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