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Rings Don't Fit Right On Your Finger

Why Don’t They Fit?

It seems like Rings Never Fit Correctly.

But then again, I say the same thing about my Pants

There are a lot of Reasons Why Rings don’t Fit like they Should.

Let’s take a look…

Rings are Top Heavy

Rings that have a lot of Metal on Top, along with Large Gemstones or Diamonds can become Very Top Heavy. That’s when the Ring never wants to Sit Upright on your Finger. It always wants to Lean or Turn to the Side.

What a Pain!

You always have to Straighten them and they never look Right.

Rings that have a High Mounting can also become Top Heavy. Same with Tall Heads, Prongs, Baskets… The more Weight on Top and the Higher it Sits, the more it wants to Fall over.

Pay Attention to how Heavy the Top Portion of the Ring Feels when you’re Buying it.

With Top Heavy Rings, Gravity Wins!

Not the Right Ring Size

People always want to get their Rings Fitted Way Too Loose.

They are Nervous that their Rings will get Stuck on their Fingers. Granted, You Don’t Want the Ring to Fit Tightly, but it should Fit Comfortable and Lay on your Finger well.

A Comfortable Fit is a Perfect Fit

You want it Snug on the Knuckle so it won’t Slip off, especially when your Hands are Wet.

Rings that are Too Large tend to Spin around and Leave the Ring Vulnerable.

When Rings don’t Fit Right, it leaves a Gap in between your Finger and the Ring. This Gap is NOT Good! When you Pick up Objects, they will naturally Push against your Ring, and if you have a Gap where your Finger doesn’t Cushion the Ring, it can actually Bend the Ring or Break the Shank.

You’ll know this is happening if you see your Ring is No Longer Round, but Oval in Shape. This force can Flatten your Band, Crack it and put a lot of Pressure on your Stones and Mounting.

It can Damage your Diamonds

This is the Number One Reason Why Rings Snap at the Sizing Mark. They’re Too Large!

Get it Fit Perfectly, with Little or No Gap, and you’ll do Less Harm to your Rings.

Fingers Swell

Our fingers throughout the Day tend to Swell and Shrink. Ever Notice in the Morning your Rings Fit Snugger? Sometimes our Rings Fit Loose, other times our Rings Fit Snug.

Which also means, depending on the Time of Day that you get your Fingers Sized, could determine whether or Not the Rings Fit when you pick them up.

If you’re having your Rings Fitted and Sized, take a Good Look at your Fingers. Are they Bloated or Puffy? If so, your Rings could be off by more than a Half Size or even a Full Size.

Watch Out!

Because getting your Rings Sized again could get Very Costly. Jewelers usually only Size the First Sizing Free.

Are Your Fingers Swollen?

Big Knuckles

I Feel Sorry for people with Big Knuckles. These are the Hardest Fingers to Fit. The Rings need to be Large Enough to Slip over the Knuckle, but that also means when it will be Loose and will Spin around. There is not much you can do about Large Knuckles, but there are things you can do with the Rings. Let’s look at them…

Sizing Posts!

Adding in Sizing Posts or Balls inside the Shank can Keep the Rings from Twisting and Turning on the Finger. Read more: Keep your Rings from Spinning!

If your Knuckles get Too Large, say from Arthritis, you can have the Jeweler put on an Arthritic Shank (Or Finger Fit Shanks, like Shown on Amazon HERE!) This is a New Band that they Attach to your Ring that actually opens up so you can Slip it over your Knuckle. Once over the Knuckle you can Close it again so you get the Perfect Fit.

Check with your Local Jeweler to learn more about these Alternatives and Expandable Arthritic Shanks. Do note that They Aren’t Cheap! Arthritic Shanks are a Last Resort and can be Hundreds of Dollars!


Mistakes Happen. Sometimes the Jeweler just gets the Size Wrong. Maybe they’re Distracted or Not Paying Attention. Maybe the Don’t Read those Little Numbers on the Metal Ring Sizers correctly. Sometimes they get Confused because the Customer wants to get all of their Fingers Sized. Maybe the Customer can’t make up their mind which Finger they want to Wear the Ring. It Happens.

Jewelers make Mistakes. Everyone makes Mistakes. They can Misread the Envelope. Maybe they thought the 2 was a 7? You never know. There are No Guarantees in Life.


Guys are Really Bad at this. They want to Buy their Girlfriend an Engagement Ring but don’t know her Ring Size. So what do they do?

They Guess!

And they usually Guess WRONG!

Please don’t Guess! Fingers Vary Way Too Much. To get the Perfect Ring Size, bring her in to get the Ring Fitted.

Unless you know for sure her Exact Ring Size, Don’t Get it Sized at all (YET). Give it to her in the Default Ring Size and let her bring it in later.

Listen to the Jeweler

The Jeweler normally knows Best. Customers have a Habit of Wanting to Not go with the Jeweler’s Opinion. The Jeweler will say one Size, but the Customer will want to make it Looser (They always want it Looser).

So what happens is they’ll come back into the Jewelry Store to Pick up their Ring and of course, it Doesn’t Fit. It’s Too Big!

Surprise, Surprise!

So Listen to the Jeweler. The Jeweler has Years of Experience. They know how Rings should Fit. They Fit them Everyday. Take their Advice and Chances are, your Rings WILL Fit!

Do your Rings Fit?

If your Rings Flop around, are Too Loose, or Slip off too Easily… Take it Back to the Jeweler.

Have them Size it Properly. It will make them Feel Better, Look Better, and it will Protect your Rings, Diamonds and Gemstones from Damage.

And that Sounds like A Great Fit To Me! :)

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