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Swiss Army Victorinox Flash Laser Pocketknife Review


This is a Review of the Swiss Army Victorinox Flash Laser 4GB Pocket Knife.

I’ll start off by Saying that I am a Computer Geek and Tech Freak. I Love Gadgets and Tools just like any Guy out there.

So when I saw this Ad for the NEW Swiss Army multi-tool Pocketknife, I knew I had to have one.

I Practically Drooled on the Magazine

Now, I already own a Swiss Army Pocket Knife. I’ve had one for about 10 years. I don’t know how any Guy can live without one.

The Knife I had was the Classic Stainless Steel Pocket Knife that had a Blade, Scissors and Nail File. I found it Very Useful and Very Practical.

Swiss Army Pocketknife!I carried it on my Keychain as shown in the picture. But I also carried around a USB Flash Drive. For me, this was a MUST! You never know when you’re going to need a Portable Memory Device. And believe me, I’ve find it Extremely Useful.

Just dropping Images on it and taking it to the Photo Center is Quick and Painless. I put Text Files on it, my eBook is backed up on there. I Love it and would never part with it…

Until now!

This Brand New Line of Swiss Army Pocket Knives combines everything I carry into one Awesome Tool. The Swiss Army Laser Flash is the Ultimate Knife for me.

This New Flash Laser Knife has the Standard Features and Tools that most Swiss Army knives carry, along with a Laser Pointer, and a built in (and Removable) USB Thumb Drive.

I’m in Heaven!

The Tools are:

  • Blade
  • Nail File
  • Keyring
  • Pen
  • Screw Driver
  • Scissors
  • USB Flash Drive (Thumb Drive)
  • Laser Pointer

See picture below to view all the Features:

Victorinox Swiss Army Flash USB Drive Pocket Knife!

You’ll probably see Ads in all the Men’s Magazines and Online for this Knife. It’s a Work of art!

Buy the Victorinox Swissflash Ruby Mini Multi-Tool with LED from Amazon!

I had to have one…

I ordered mine in a Heart Beat. I even had to Order it on Backorder because the Product didn’t even come out until July.

I Received my Knife a Couple of Weeks later and I’ve been thoroughly Impressed every since.

The Sleek, Beautiful Red Translucent Casing is way Cool. I Love just looking at it.

I can’t tell you how Fast I Replaced my Old Knife and USB Thumb Drive on my Keychain. It was gone in a Flash

So let’s take a Closer Look at what the NEW Flash USB Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox contains…


The Blade is the Ultimate Reason to own a Pocketknife. It comes in handy all the time; Cutting off Tags, Cleaning out Grooves, Slicing Paper, Cutting Apples, Pulling out Staples… I use my Blade Daily. It’s Very Handy!

Nail File

I am one of those people who always has a Jagged Piece of Finger Nail sticking up. This File Quickly Smooths it off. Which is Awesome… no more Scratching my Face. :)

Plus you can also use the Tool to Push back your Cuticles.


The Screwdriver is a Great Tool to have for Emergencies or any Odds and Ends. Not to Mention Screws that need Turning… What can I say? It Works! You never know when you’ll need one. I’ve used it to Pop open my Car Fob to get to the Battery. That’s a Life Saver!

Many times this Screwdriver will also work on Phillips Screws as well.


They may Not be the Most Awesome Pair of Scissors that you’ll ever own, but Trust me, they are Sharp and they will Cut.

Loose Strings, Plastic Wires, Nose Hairs… These Scissors will Cut them all. When you have a Small Job for a Little Spring Loaded Scissor Action, this Gizmo Works!

Key Ring

I don’t know why this is listed as a Feature… It’s a Ring at the end of the Knife. But, you can hang your Keys off of it, so it is a Key Ring… Nuff Said!

Ball Point Pen

Just a little Push on the Plastic Lever is all it takes to Eject the Pen from the end.

This Device is a little hard to hold because of the Size, but it’s a Pen… It Writes!

Every time you need to jot something down you never have a Pen with you… until now. Taking Notes, Tips, Phone Numbers, Grocery Lists… You’ll use the Pen more than you know.

Laser Pointer

You know I never use a Laser Pointer like it was probably intended for. I just point at things. But, I guess that’s the Point. :/

All you have to do to Activate the Laser, is to Push the Swiss Army Logo on the Knife. The Red Light Laser Shoots out of the End. It’s great for Pointing at objects across the room or making your Cat run around in Circles.

Just don’t Point it at your Face (which is of course what we all do). Warning! The Laser really can do Eye Damage!

USB Flash Drive

There you go… 4 GB (Gigabyte) of Memory Stick Right at your Fingertips. It’s Awesome!

I’m constantly Backing up Data, Moving Files around between the Laptop and the PC. This Little Thumb Drive does the Trick. 4GB (they make other Sizes as well) can hold a lot of Data, Pictures or Video.

I have my Entire Website and eBook backed up on my Drive. Plus, there’s nothing to install… Bonus!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Popped in other Flash Drives and had to install Silly Programs just to get the Drive to Work. That’s Stupid! All I want in a Flash Drive is Plug N Play! Plug it in, Open up the Drive Letter and Drag and Drop my Files onto it…

This Flash Drive allows that! Simply Plug it into your Computer’s USB Slot and it’s ready to go. That’s Easy! Awesome! Perfect! Just what I Wanted.

I Love the Simplicity of the USB Drive, but here’s what I Love the most:

It’s Detachable!

See picture…

Victorinox Swiss Army Flash USB 4GB Knife!

You can Unhook the Drive from the Knife so you don’t have your Knife or Keys hanging from it.

It makes the Flash Drive Very Practical and any Computer Geek will just Love it.

The Knife also comes with Instruction Booklets and Safety Information on the Flash Drive and Laser Pointer.

But really, you couldn’t get any Simpler.

Replacing the Battery

Replacing the Battery (or Installing one – some Knives don’t come with a Battery Installed) is a Breeze as well. When the Laser Pointer doesn’t work anymore, it only takes a couple of Seconds to Swap out the Cell.

All you do is Stick a Paperclip into the Little Hole on the side of the Knife and Push on the Battery (or if it doesn’t have one, Push the Paperclip through the Hole to Open the Door). Pushing on the Battery opens up a Door (Latch) on the Opposite Side of the Knife. This allows you to Slide the Battery out. Just remember which way the Battery is Positioned in the Knife. Otherwise the Light won’t Work if you put the Battery in upside down. The Battery Bottom Faces up. See picture!

Victorinox Swiss Army Laser Battery Change Pocket Knife!

You pull the Old Battery out, push the new Cell in (Cell #390) and you’re done. 20 Seconds is all it takes! Sweet!

This Whole Pocketknife is Very Light Weight. It only Weighs 1.2 oz.

You won’t even know you carry it

Swiss Army Pocketknife!

I will say, this Knife is Wider than my Old Swiss Army Knife. That’s because of the USB Drive. But it does take the Place of 2 items on my Keychain, so I really can’t complain about it.

All in all, I am Very Happy that I Bought this Knife. It really is the Perfect Tool for me. The Knife is Easy to Carry around on your Keys or in your Pocket. It makes the Perfect Gift.

Trust me, it’s Worth Every Penny.

Now, if you’ll Excuse me…

It’s time to Drive my Cat Crazy:)

Buy the Victorinox Swissflash Ruby Mini Multi-Tool with Laser Pointer from Amazon!

Cheers! :)

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