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101 Ways to Save Money on Diamonds


101 Ways to Save Money On Diamonds!

I think that people will love it. I LOVE IT!

This diamond buying guide book has taken me almost an entire year to write. Coming up with 101 ways to save money on diamonds was not an easy feat.

It really made me dig deep and pull out every trick and tip that I could think of… All taken from my 30 years of experience, knowledge and training in the diamond industry.

This guide IS the biggest and the best book there is on the subject. Hands down.

Trust me when I say…


By reading my helpful hints in this guide, there is no way you couldn’t save money.

And by saving money, I don’t mean a dollar or two…

I’m talking about hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Would you spend a couple of bucks to save that?


It’s true.

Buy the kindle on Amazon and find out:

Go get it, you’ll love it as well. :)

Because one tip alone is worth the money spent on the book.

You’ll either save money, or just get more bang for your buck.


And I’ve kept the price of this books down. Starting at $2.99… which is cheap for the amount of information that’s packed inside this guide.

Use my experience to your benefit. Save beau coup bucks on your next diamond purchase.


If you’re shopping For an engagement ring…


You’d be silly not to buy it. Really.

Take a look at some of the awesome pages in my book…

Page excerpts…

101 Ways to Save Money On Diamonds Page 8-9!

101 Ways to Save Money On Diamonds Page 28-29!

101 Ways to Save Money On Diamonds Page 48-49!

As you can see, it’s laid out very cool and very visual. It’s also very easy to read and understand. You can scan through the pages, pick it up and start reading anywhere at anytime.

It’s a wealth of pages!

Plus, I give you the Exclusive “Diamond Buying Checklist” that will help you shop and compare… FOR FREE!!!

Here’s a quote from page 10:

Throw 97 pennies on the floor…

Can you tell it’s not 100?

Intriguing isn’t it?

How about page 31 that talks about a “1 carat diamond for $899.


The practice that’s frowned upon in the jewelry industry (page 34).

How about the tip on page 75 that tells you where to buy gift cards from that will save you money…

Page 18 tells you the best time to buy

Page 80 tells you who to buy from…

And you’re gonna love tip 88; it will save you a ton of money in the future.


I spent a long time putting it together to help you save money.

That’s my #1 goal.

Check them out. See what my 101 ways to save on diamonds looks like on the Apple iPad

101 Ways to Save Money on Diamonds – on the iPad

101 Ways to Save Money On Diamonds Page 48-49!

Stunning isn’t it?

See, you really do need this book.

You do want to save money, right?

Page 100 can save you money every year.

Tip 99 is the coolest way to obtain a diamond for just $7.00.

HA! That’s CHEAP!

So what are you waiting for?

Spend $2.99 on this book. (that’s cheap) And start reading now.

You can read it directly on your computer, kindle, smartphone, or iPad.

It’s that easy.


Oh, and one last tip from the book…

How to save 10% more off your mounting.

You save big bucks by spending a few dollars today.

$2.99 is nothing compared to the expensive engagement ring you could get ripped off on.

It’s your call.

Cheers! :)

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