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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Should you Get Tall Heads or Short Heads in Rings?

Usually the height that your diamond sits in the mounting is preference.

Some women like their diamond to sit up high, some women like the diamond to sit low in the mounting.

But the question is:

Does it really matter?

Are there any reasons why the head that your diamond sits in, and the prongs that hold your diamond in, should be tall, or short?

Let’s find out…

But first…

Metal color matters!!!

Take a close look at your diamond ring. You’ll notice one thing. The prongs and head that your diamond is sitting in, is made up of 14k white gold (9 times out of 10).

Even if your mounting is yellow gold, your prongs will still be white gold. Why? Because white gold is more durable than yellow gold.

And not only is it more durable than yellow, but white gold heads and prongs won’t add any yellow cast to your diamond, which would make your pretty little white diamond look old, yellow, and dirty.

White gold heads are the best.

(As a side note read: Should you get 4 prong heads or 6 prong heads?)

But the question still remains about setting your diamond up high in the mounting with a tall head, or setting it lower in the mounting with a short head…

Which is best?

The answer:

It depends on you, and your ring.

Obviously, if you’re a nurse, setting the diamond low in the mounting is wise.

But are there other benefits to low heads?


Like the fact that you’ll catch your prongs less and not snap them off. It’ll snag less, wear down less, and you’ll be less likely to lose your diamond.

All good points.

And what about tall heads?

Tall heads look awesome on a diamond solitaire

They allow your diamond to stand out and say “Look at me!

It lets a lot of light into the stone so it will sparkle more and shine more.

Plus a tall head looks best when you’re buying a diamond wrap, jacket or insert for the solitaire to sit in.

(Those are wedding rings that either wrap around your diamond solitaire, fit up against it, or your ring actually slides down inside it.)

Like so:

A high head will allow your diamond solitaire to rise up higher than the diamond wrap and be seen, not hidden. It keeps it from getting lost in the mounting.

Tall heads tend to make your diamond look larger as well (always a plus).

Keep in mind, if you have a really tall mounting already, setting your diamond up higher in a tall head, is probably not a good thing.

You don’t want to knock it right off the post!

Balance and common sense comes into play here. Tall heads will get bumped, slammed, and banged more, there’s no doubt about that. You have to be careful and get it checked for tightness and stress marks more often. Any jeweler can inspect this while you wait. It only takes a second under a microscope.

Tall or short?

So tall heads or short heads???? It really depends on what you want to wear with it (wraps, bands), how rough you are with your jewelry (if you’re really hard on your rings, get a low head), what your occupation is (are you able to wear anything that sticks up high?), and above all else have your diamond insured (if it is insured, wear it any way you want to, and don’t worry about it)!

Personally, I always lean more towards tall heads.

Tall heads will make your diamond look bigger, better, and brighter. Tall heads as a diamond solitaire look wonderful. It makes them “POP” and get noticed more.

But, if you work in an office with lots of dangerous filing cabinets, set the stone low. Low heads are safer, more protective, and your gold won’t wear down as fast.

Either way, it all comes down to you, and your ring.

Tall or short?

If you have it set in one head and don’t like it, switch it for the other.

One of the heads will certainly do the trick.

Cheers! :)

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