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the best 100 carat diamond


The “Best” diamond is so subjective…

I mean, there are probably thousands of different combinations of Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. So narrowing it down to the “BEST“, is just a matter of opinion.

Luckily, I’ve been in the business for 30 years, and I know a thing or two about diamonds, and I also know what customers LOOK FOR

And what they look for…

Really is the key to this puzzle!

You see, as much as I push high quality, for you can really see a difference, that’s NOT what most people shop for.

Sure, they want a good quality stone. They make sure to highlight some great features, but most consumers tend to concentrate on a few “IMPORTANT” areas… And the other characteristics, not so much

So first, let me tell you what I would consider the BEST diamond

The BEST Diamond:

For me, the Best stone is Flawless, Colorless, Triple Excellent, GIA Certified, Zero Fluorescence, and Round, of course (Since they give you the most sparkle out of any other shape!)

Just like these Diamonds HERE!

You see, even the lowest priced stone is $9,500. It’s not the most PERFECT stone, no, but it is probably the BEST you’ll find in any store across the country. And most Jewelers don’t even carry this quality… Because it’s just too rare and too expensive.

Now… On the other hand…

This is the BEST for Customers!

When customers come in, looking for a stone, this is the criteria that they usually adhere to:

VVS Clarity, Near Colorless, Excellent Cut, GIA Certified.

4 Items! And as you can see, they SKIP some really significant topics… Ones that make me shudder. They don’t care about Polish, Symmetry, or even Fluorescence (what is that again? Go here to read about Fluorescence), and it blows my mind.

For the diamond they’ll end up getting, that 1.00 Carat Diamond, will probably look something like this…

the best 1-00 carat diamond

And, in all Honesty…

It’s actually a kick ass stone. Hard to beat a VVS… But… The Symmetry is off, it doesn’t have that perfect pattern… And the COLOR of the stone is a tad bit LOW too… If it was Higher, that diamond would appear BIGGER, BRIGHTER, and MORE WHITER!

The Difference would be STAGGERING!

That stone shown above has no FluorescenceSurprisingly. Most diamonds that are not “Hearts and Arrows or True Hearts“, with an Average Color (G-H-I-J), and a Lower Price, tend to falter in Fluorescence as well. Usually they’ll have a Strong, Medium, or Faint Glow.

Which can really affect the way a stone looks negatively.

So the BEST for many customers, is only the BEST, because that’s what they’ve been trained to look for. This is what many Jewelry Stores are telling them is important. The Cut (with almost no mention of Polish or Symmetry), the Color (Near Colorless is an off-white Diamond that faces up nice), and Certification (GIA is the Best, many Jewelers lean towards in-house Certification or other less-strict companies like IGI, EGL or GemexNot what I would Ever Recommend!)

Stick with GIA… Seriously!

So if you want their so-called BEST diamond

Buy this 1.00 Carat Diamond HERE!

Or, see other Similar Quality Diamonds HERE!

But, if you truly want the BEST of the BEST…

Look at these Spectacular Diamonds HERE!

Now those diamonds are AWESOME!

Cheers! :)

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