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Modern Young New Pocket Watch

When people think of pocket watches, they think of an old time watch on a chain that your grandpa would carry around in his vest pocket.

Pocket watches like that still sell today, but normally only as wedding gifts.

I don’t know why, it’s probably just because it’s a timepiece, stylish and engravable.

Young pocket watches?

But do you ever think a young man would buy a pocket watch for himself to wear?

I doubt it. You won’t see many young men in 3 piece suits either. The real reason why men buy pocket watches is because they make some pretty cool looking ones.

Some pocket watches have open glass backs where you can actually see the working movement and ticking. Those are awesome. Skeleton watches they call them…Like these here:

I would think men would buy these as collectors items more than anything.

Modern pocket watches:

But what about the modern pocket watch? What pocket watch would a young man want to wear? I’ll tell you…

They make watches that hang from your belt loop with a clip (clip pocket watches). These watches come in tons of styles and looks. All modern, all hip.

I have 2 of them. The first one is made by Colibri. A great pocket watch with a leather strap and a gun metal grey clip… and 2 ways of telling time; analog and digital. Analog has the normal hands (hour, minute, second) that tell time. And digital is below that with digital numbers (remember when digital watches sold like hot cakes?) I love the digital clock, because I can set it a different time than the analog. When I go out of the country, or across time zones, I set the digital clock for my home time. It really comes in handy.

Quartz movement”

Pocket Watch CompassThis modern men’s watch has a quartz movement, which means it runs by battery and is very accurate.

It has an alarm clock which is great for morning wake-ups. It has a stop watch so I can see how fast superman flies. It’s water resistant up to 30 M (Just in case the canoe tips over).

Keep in mind, 30 M (30 meters) is like a pool of water. It’s not meant for diving.

Resistant only means it can go under water a bit and get some splashes of water on it and it won’t harm it. Nothing more, nothing less! This pocket watch also contains a compass for camping, so I can find my way out of the woods. It’s rugged & manly, I just love it.

Face up, face down?

But here’s an odd thing about these types of hanging watches… The face is upside down! (The picture I have above shows the watch right-side up just so you can see it).

When someone else is wearing it, it looks upside down. But when you’re wearing it, and it’s hanging from your belt loop with the 12 pointing towards your shoes, all it takes is a glance down and a tilt of the watch to read it (When you have it on, the watch face will appear normal and readable).

Not all hanging watches are made this way (see watch picture below). They should, but they aren’t.

It’s easier to read if it’s upside down.

It just makes sense.

And here’s something else that makes sense… These watches are pretty inexpensive. Which is great for a hiking or camping watch, where you won’t have to worry about expensive valuables being lost or damaged.

And there’s even something more awesome about these modern pocket watches… They’re customizable.

American watch co.

A company called American watch co. allows you to design your own watch. They allow you to put whatever design you want on the face of the watch. Take a look at my watch…

Custom Pocket Watch

You can put your company logo, initials, pictures, designs, art work, you name it. It’s great for employee or customer incentives.

I ordered mine back in 2005. The cost then was $19.00 That’s really cheap for a custom designed watch. Granted, the watch movement is made in Japan, but isn’t everything?

I was skeptical ordering from this watch company. I had never heard of them, but the price was right and I decided to give them a shot. I’m happy I did! I ordered a custom gecko on mine and it turned out perfect. The design was crisp and clean and very attractive.

I was impressed with the perfection and placement.

They did a great job.

(They do send you a preview in email to approve.)

I ordered it in a metal box with a lid (additional $2.25 then) to protect it. Prices have since gone up a tad… $25.00 for the watch, and $2.50 for the box. That little increase is not a big deal. Note: They have so many different styles to choose from, so have fun. 10 different hanging pocket watch styles (plus regular pocket watches as well). 16 different watch face styles. 14 different box styles… You’ll just have to check them out.

Here’s the funny thing…

These custom designed watches are not so great… Remember me telling you about the fact that these hanging pocket watches should be upside down? Well, the custom design ones aren’t! They hang right-side up.

See in the photo above, the 12 is towards the hanging clip? Not good. So when you’re wearing it and look at the time, it’ll be upside down. Ha! You’ll have to twist your head and turn the watch a bit to read it. A minor flaw. A little bit of a pain. But all in all, it’s still worth it. I love my gecko watch, love the design, love the price. I really can’t complain. It turned out great.

Design your own face:

I love the fact that you can design your own face. It’s a very cool thing to do. It makes for a great personal gift and a wonderful keepsake. Just think, you could get all your groomsmen pocket watches like these.

Colibri is a huge pocket watch manufacturer and their watches come with a nice watch warranty. They are a bit more pricey considering the custom ones are $25 (I paid $99 for my Colibri).

With American watch company you can’t go wrong. It’s cheap, fast, and very cool. You won’t regret buying one (or two). And here’s another great benefit that pays for itself… If you get one with a compass… you’ll never be lost again.

See, that’s worth the price of the watch right there.

Amazon has some AWESOME Dakota pocket watches right HERE!

You’ll LOVE those.

Cheers! :)

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