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Top Ten Gifts for the Wedding Party Groomsmen Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

So you’ve already bought the Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands.

The Tux is rented, the Dress is bought. The Banquet Hall, Food, Band, and Photographer are all ready to go

But are you?

Have you Forgotten about the Gifts for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, not to mention the Maid of Honor and the Best Man? Looks like you’ve got some Shopping to do…

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“I almost Forgot…!”

Don’t worry, lots of couples forget that they need to Buy Presents and Gifts for the Wedding Party. Some couples come into the Jewelry Store in a Panic because they don’t know what to buy and they don’t even know what’s appropriate.

A List From Experience…

Below is a list gathered from Years of Experience and what most couples end up buying.

This list is the Top Ten Gifts for the Bridesmaids and the Top Ten Gifts for the Groomsmen. (The Maid of Honor and Best Man take a little different approach, but we’ll get to them soon enough.)

The items below can be found and ordered in most Jewelry Stores. Prices will vary, but I would attempt to stay under $100 for each member of the Wedding Party. (Note that the Maid of Honor and the Best Man will cost more!)

Start Early!

I also suggest that you get an early start and give yourself plenty of time, because chances are good that if you need 8 quantities of one item, the Jewelry Store will have to order them in.

Plus if it needs to be Engraved, that will take some time also. And as a rule of thumb, try to get the same types of gifts for all the Bridesmaids. Same with the Groomsmen. Color, Style, and Size may vary, but try to stay similar so no one screams “Unfair!

Now on to the Top Ten Lists!

I’ll give the Top Ten Presents for both the Bride’s side and the Groom’s side and then I’ll go more into detail of each item.

Top Ten Jewelry Gifts for the Bridesmaids:

Now that you know the top Ten Jewelry Gifts for the Bridesmaids… Here are the…

Top 10 Gifts for Groomsmen

Now I’ll break them down item for item: Starting off with the Ladies!

1) Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Fresh Water Pearls are wonderful, because they’re inexpensive, they look awesome and most Women love them. Get an 18″ and it will fit most of the Women in the Wedding Party.

2) Pearl Studs

Moving on we have the Pearl Studs. Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings to be exact! One single Pearl Stud (See Picture) in each ear. I wouldn’t buy any with Diamonds in them, (You won’t hear me say that very often!) you don’t want them too overpowering and you want to keep the cost down. 5 or 6mm Pearl Studs work the best!

3) One Single Cultured Pearl Pendant

5 or 6mm just like the Earrings work great. 5 or 6mm is an average, everyday size. It’s not too big and not too small. You can wear them all the time. Make sure you purchase Pearl Studs with a slight rose tint (pink cast) to them. Pink will stand out nicely against white and they’ll look absolutely stunning, but simple.

4) Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

(Are you noticing a theme here with the Ladies in the Wedding Party?) Freshwater Pearl Strands are elegant and pretty. Pearls symbolize purity and go hand-in-hand with Weddings. You can’t go wrong with Pearls!

5) Gemstone Pendants

One small single Gemstone works the best. You can vary colors and even shapes, but just remember, some Gemstones, even small ones, can be really expensive. Something small and round works wonders. Buy them with a small Gold Box Chain so they can instantly wear them, and they’ll be perfect.

6) Gemstone Earrings!

Small, Round, Studs are always ideal. Something simple that can be worn with the Wedding Dress Colors would be awesome. Nothing big or Gaudy! I would try to get ones without Diamonds also. Just keeping the cost down and keeping it simple.

7) 14kt Gold Bracelet!

Small, Elegant and Pretty. Something Sparkly that won’t kink or get caught on those expensive dresses are always a big concern. Diamond Cut Link Bracelets work wonders!

8) 14kt Gold Hoops or Earrings

Huggie Style Earrings, Dangles, Diamond Cuts… There are tons of styles to choose from. Pick out ones that are pretty, but won’t be too large. Always think, simple and elegant!

9) Anklets!

Preferably 14kt Gold! Wearing shimmering Gold around their ankles looks beautiful and stunning in a dress!

10) Charms!

Last on the list are Gold Charms or Silver Charms. It’s endless what you could get. Just remember that you’ll also need a chain to hang the charms on. (But also realize that could add up quickly.) I would recommend initials! Sterling Silver Initial Charms create a soft, beautiful, bold look!

Other things you could get the ladies in the Wedding Party are: Brooches, Lapel Pins, Costume Jewelry, and even Swarovski Crystal!

Now moving on to the Groomsman Gifts.

Here’s a breakdown item by item:

1) Key Chains!

Hands down, the simplest, but most effective gift for the men in the Wedding Party. Key Chains, Key Faubs, what ever you call them, they make the perfect gift! Get them engraved with the guys initials. It’s stylish, personal and the men can really use them!

2) Cufflinks!

Cufflinks made great gifts! Most Groomsmen can wear them during the Wedding and love how they look and feel. Plus if you don’t get them for the men in the Wedding Party, who will?

3) Money Clips!

Not as useful as key chains, because some men don’t use money clips, but it still makes a great gift. Just keep in mind that Key Chains and Money Clips are normally Gold Plated and the plating will wear off over time. (Unless you buy Stainless Steel!) Stainless Steel looks awesome, masculine, rugged and will never fade. Bonus!

4) Watches!

Buy all the Groomsmen Watches. They make good, practical gifts and you can never go wrong with a stylish watch. Just make sure you give them time to get the bands and links fitted for their wrist.

5) Tie Chains, Tie Pins and Tie Bars!

All men need something to gently hold their ties down. I highly recommend a Tie Chain because it’s attractive, simple, sharp, and modern!

6) Wallets!

Most watch lines carry designer wallets that are well made and durable. For example, Wenger Swiss Army makes a great line of Wallets that are rugged, masculine and well constructed! I have one, I love it!

7) Swiss Army Knives

Speaking of Swiss Army… have you heard they make a great pocket knife? Wenger Swiss Army Knives are excellent keepsakes for men. Any man can use one and usually carries one in their pockets. They make great variations of pocket knives too, like ones that are flat as a credit card (SwissCard) and ones that light up with a laser. Cool stuff!

Finishing up the list of Top Ten Gifts for Groomsmen…

8) ID Bracelets!

ID Bracelets used to be very popular. Getting their names engraved on the ID would make a great gift. These type of Bracelets are harder to find now-a-days, but most Jewelers can still order them for you.

9) Pen and Pencil Sets!

Wonderful gifts if you get a decent line like Montblanc! The Pen and Pencil combination is a very elegant and proper gift for the Groomsmen. Black ink is the best choice of ink color. Glossy Black Pens with Gold Trim is Superb!

10) Pocket Watches!

Everybody needs at least one Pocket Watch. A classy look, a beautiful time keeper. Get the guys Initials Engraved on the case and they’ll cherish it forever!

Maid of Honor and the Best Man…

Now as far as the Maid of Honor and The Best Man goes… Spend double the money for them. You can buy the same types of gifts for them, just get them a nice upgrade from the other gifts of the Wedding Party. Make them stand out!

Get them a little bit bigger gift, a little bit better, a little bit more special. Bigger Gemstones maybe. A combo set of Earrings AND Pendant! A Key Chain with a Matching Money Clip! Gemstones with Diamonds? You get the point!

The two closest people to the Bride and Groom really do deserve a nicer and more Expensive Gift. Now I’m not saying spend a Fortune, but I would seriously consider spending $100-300 each for the Maid of Honor AND The Best Man. It just depends on how elaborate you want to go and how much you want to spend.

I look at it this way: It’s one day!

The best day of your lives!

You want it to be perfect. You want everyone to remember this day and cherish it the way you do. A beautiful Jewelry Keepsake that the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Groomsmen, and Bridesmaids can wear and use is not only a wonderful, personal, sentimental gift, but everlasting, just like your love!

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Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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