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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Chains to Ever Buy

25 Jewelry Salesperson Pros To Working in a Jewelry Store

Jewelry is a great.

And a lot of people think that selling jewelry would be a great profession too.

Well, I’m here to tell you;

They’re right!

There are so many great pros to being a jewelry salesman (salesperson). Granted, it all depends on which jewelry store you work at. Different jewelers will have different policies, procedures and perks. Many won’t offer all the pros listed here. Many may, but the terms may be varied. They may even have better ones. The point is, every store is different.

I’ve worked in a variety of jewelry stores over the last 30 years both independent and corporate. I’ve found a lot to be thankful for. There are so many pros. Enough for me to say “I’m a lifer“.

I love the industry. I love the people. I love jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. What more could you ask for? The perks, of course! :)

25 pros to being a jewelry salesperson:

Keep in mind these are in no particular order of importance. Some of them may even surprise you! :)

1) Quality

You get to learn about quality. Quality with jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and metals. You learn what good quality jewelry is versus poor. You learn what to look for. You learn what to buy and what to recommend.

Working with jewelry is an eye-opener. It will make you take a closer look at everything you purchase. Quality speaks for itself.

2) Commissions

Jewelry salespeople can make some great commissions. Sometimes it’s as little as 1/6 of 1% (sometimes it’s nothing), but often it can be 2%, 3% or more depending on the items you sell (gold, diamonds, watches). It all adds up.

At christmastime, it’s quite easy to see commissions totaling upwards of $1,000 to $3,000. You can’t beat that.

3) Christmas Bonuses

Jewelry stores make all their money at christmas. In fact, christmas is usually the time of the year that most jewelers pull out of the red and into the black. It’s their most profitable time (which is where black friday originated from).

When stores make great margins like these, they usually reward their dedicated employees with nifty little perks. Perks like a swell christmas bonus.

Every christmas eve brings a thick envelope filled with cash. Merry Christmas everyone. :)

4) Vendor Perks

Jewelry vendors are the people that sell the jewelry to the jewelry stores. Vendors show their appreciation by spoiling stores and employees with goodies. Things like: food trays, chocolates, cookies, pizza, donuts, tickets to the theater or sporting events. You name it!

Vendors are always doing nice things during the holidays.

Plus, many vendors also have incentives or contests that allows you to make even more money if you sell their products.

Sell a dozen class rings, make $100 bonus. Sell 50 watches, win a flat screen HDTV.

5) Sparkling Clean Jewelry

Since you work in a jewelry store, you get access to the professional ultrasonic machines and steam cleaners. Which means… You will always have sparkling clean jewelry. Most employees will clean their jewelry daily just to make sure their diamonds look new.

Having spotless jewelry is a wonderful feeling. Plus, we want them to look good for the public.

6) No Hard Labor

Let’s face it… Lifting a ring is not hard work. No sweating. No huffing. No back pains. No physical labor at all. You just walk around and sell. Nothing labor intensive about it. Selling jewelry is easy and painless.

7) Free Repairs Fast

Okay, so not all repairs are free, but some are, and others are highly discounted. Working in a jewelry store gives you immediate contact with jewelers in case you need a quick repair, like a solder, retip, or reshaping. Often jewelers will throw in these simple labor repairs at no charge… That’s a great employee benefit. I love it.

Plus, repairs are always done faster than a customer’s repair (sorry). And most of the time it’s same day service.

8) Buy Jewelry at Cost

Half the jewelers that I’ve worked for have allowed the employees to purchase jewelry at cost (what the jeweler pays for it). Some jewelers go 20-30% over cost, others don’t give any discount at all… Every jeweler is different. But, for the most part, you couldn’t get jewelry any cheaper unless you were a jeweler yourself.

Jewelry at cost is great. You’ll go broke because your whole paycheck will go to buying jewelry. Who can say no? Some jewelers even allow you to charge the items interest free. Very cool. I don’t think I’ve ever had a zero balance in 30 years.

9) Know What Jewelry Cost

Just knowing what jewelry costs is neat. I can look at someone’s ring and quickly guesstimate what the cost could be and what the retail could be. Neat stuff to know.

It also comes in handy when buying jewelry on vacation. “$300 for a pale tanzanite? I think not!”

10) First DIBS at Jewelry!

The store gets a brand new shipment of merchandise in. Guess who gets first dibs at buying it? The employees. Bonus!

11) Picking out Merchandise

You get to spend time with the vendors and reps and help pick out the items your store will carry. That’s awesome.

Whatever you like and desire, your store can stock.

If you know a certain customer of yours likes jewelry with “stars and moons“, you can make sure to get some in. It’s almost a guaranteed sale.

12) Networking

You get to rub noses with a lot of very cool people in the industry. Wax carvers, stone cutters, watch smiths, appraisers, engravers, traveling vendors, gemstone dealers, trunk show reps… You can learn a lot from these talented individuals. If you ever need any of their services, you’ll often get it at a much reduced rate.

Plus, you never know what new prospects this could bring. A career change? You never know.

13) Friends and Family

Yes, that’s right. It’s about time that someone in the family worked at a jewelry store. Now everyone you know will know where to shop for holidays and birthdays. Plus, they’ll also know where to go for repairs, sizings, engravings, watch batteries, cleanings… Trusting a jeweler is easier when you know someone who works there.

Your friends and family will love it. They’ll be some of your best customers. Which reminds me, most jewelers will also give them a “family discount“. That’s great.

14) Working with Designers

Working with a talented goldsmith is an awesome experience. You can learn so much about jewelry, repairs, designing, creating, carving, custom… It’s a great process from start to finish. Most people will absolutely love it.

15) Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds

You get to work with some of the smallest and wealthiest objects on the face of the earth. What’s not to love? You can microscope them, study them, handle them, learn the insides and outs to diamonds. It truly is priceless.

16) Dressed to a T

You get to dress like a million bucks. Dressing up makes you not only look good, but feel good as well. You also get more respect. How can you say anything bad about a suit and a tie?

17) What’s the Holiday?

Working in a jewelry store keeps you up-to-date on the holidays. No more “Oh crap, it’s Sweetest day?” You are current on the holidays because the jewelry industry revolves around holidays.

Jewelers get specific items in for the holidays. Mother’s rings for mother’s day. Heart jewelry for valentine’s. The store gets decorated for special occasions. Fliers come out. You are constantly telling people “Only 2 days left before Christmas“… Or whatever holiday it may be. There is always a holiday around the corner.

18) Certification

Many jewelry stores pay for your jewelry education and training. Many will pay for you to be certified in diamonds (diamontologist). And that can really up your pay rate.

My store not only paid for my training in diamonds, but also in gemstones as well (gemologist). These courses are not cheap. A couple of grand a piece. Granted, you have to pay for the courses up front and they reimburse you if you pass the exam. But, still, it’s 100% paid for. It helps you out. It helps the store out. Everyone wins.

19) Benefits

401K, medical, dental… A lot of stores add these great benefits into the mix. Vacations, sick days, manager’s trips. The higher the rank, the more gets thrown your way.

My store actually paid to relocate me upon promotion. Nice perk.

20) Jewelry Conventions

Bring on the fun. I love conventions. I’ve gone to plenty over the years and they are always exciting. Seeing all the new jewelry, designs, trends, and hot stuff is wonderful. Plus, you get to mix with some of the best, creative, artsy people in the industry. The movers and shakers. Score.

21) Charities

Many jewelry stores give back. They donate and/or raise money for charities, foundations, and community events. It’s a good feeling to know that a portion of a sale is helping a worthy cause. It makes selling very meaningful.

22) Inside Scoop

Want to learn the real news that goes on in the jewelry industry? Jewelry store’s get all the good dirt. News travels fast.

The jewelry store down the street got robbed!

The mine in Tanzania just collapsed!

A new diamond simulant was discovered on the market!

The Hope diamond gets a new mounting?

23) Help People Shop

I don’t know about you, but I love to shop and help other people shop. Spending people’s money is fun. “That new tennis bracelet is to die for!

People need help when it comes to jewelry and what to pick out. I enjoy helping them, teaching them, training them. It’s all a part of the shopping process… “Do you want that item boxed and wrapped?

24) Selling is Fun

I love to sell. I Love all the great selling techniques. I Love the obstacles and rapport you build with customers. I love the thrill you get from closing a sale. I love discussing features and benefits. I love creating powerful visual images. I love everything there is to learn about selling.

The very first book I ever bought about selling taught me everything to know about sales. It’s a Zig Ziglar book called Secrets of closing the sale. It’s an incredible book that I highly recommend. If you’re serious about sales, pick it up at Amazon today: Secrets of closing the sale.

Page 31

Page 31 of the book has an incredible saying that I must share with you:

People buy what they want when they want it more than they want the money it costs.

Think about that. That’s a powerful statement. That’s one huge secret to selling.

25) Customers

Customers make the whole career effortless. People that buy jewelry are the best people in the whole wide world. Almost all customers that shop at jewelry stores shop for one particular reason:

Love and Romance

Couples are getting hitched, married. Couples are having anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations… It’s emotional. It’s romantic. It’s happiness and joy.

Baby booties for a newborn. A diamond pendant for your 16 year old. A 50th wedding anniversary ring… It’s a great feeling.

You get to share these life altering experiences with your customers. You get to hear awesome proposals. Love stories. Good times. Insights. It’s a journey through life that you will never forget.

Some of my best customers are now my best friends (30 years later). I’m so happy to be in this profession. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jewelry has touched my heart and it will touch yours as well.

Give it a try.

And… Why not read the CONS of working in a jewelry store as well.

Cheers! :)

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