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The Best Way to Propose

You buy the engagement ring…

So now…

It’s time to propose!

The two go hand in hand.

So what are the best ways to propose? Well, over the years I’ve encountered tons of couples (a lot of nervous guys) and their great methods for proposing.

Some genius, some clever, some fun… some not. :) But I’m sure they are all memorable in their own right. I mean, how many times does one propose in a lifetime? (Don’t answer that.) We’ll keep that a proposal secret.

Let’s begin…

Canoe trip:

A friend of mine took his soon-to-be fiancee out on a canoe trip. During a lunch break they parked along the banks of a beautiful waterfall. He climbed up on the bridge and proposed to her with a crowd of people watching (sure to get a lot of Ooohs and Ahhhs! – Talk about rocking the boat). She said “Yes!”

Helicopter ride:

A customer of mine took his girlfriend out on a helicopter ride around the wonderful island of Maui. The copter touched down in the middle of a beautiful meadow overlooking the scenic cityscape, shore and romantic sunset (also surrounded by cows). He pulls out a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses and a ring box. Talk about an adrenaline rush. That’s one ride she’ll never forget. “Mooooooooooooo!

Haunted house:

I had another customer propose in a haunted house. The monster actually brought the ring. How creepy and cool is that?

Wine and dine:

And then of course you have the bazillion guys that propose in a restaurant (why are they always Italian restaurants?) He has the waiter drop the engagement ring into her wine glass or dessert. Do note, that she may not see the ring and swallow the ring as well… Might not work like it should. Be careful.

Scavenger hunt:

Recently, a customer of mine sent his girlfriend all over the city on a wild scavenger hunt. At the last stop there was an envelope. She opened it and read (not knowing that a hidden camera man was recording the special event). She gets down to the bottom of the dreamy love note and it said “I just want to say…

And that was it. She looks up with tears in her eyes and there he is. Her boyfriend. On one knee in front of her. He finishes the line. “…Will you marry me?” He holds out the ring to a completely speechless girlfriend. Talk about sending chills down her spine. She said “Yes!” of course. What a great ending to a great night, even if it did suck up the gas.

Drop her jaw…

The point is, be creative. These types of jaw-dropping moments are hard to come by. And it probably works better with a crowd of people around to see her reaction (and feel it). It’s a sure way to lock that memory in her mind forever. It’s unforgettable.

More tips:

Get her family and friends involved. It’s the best way to surprise her. Do it at a theme park. How about Disneyland? Or, if the shoe fits… crocodile country? Whatever. Of course you can always propose at the games as well. People get engaged at sporting events all the time. You see the couple on the big LCD screens during half-time. The little flashing headlines read:

“Marry me?”

Granted, this doesn’t always work, because if she says “No!”, it could be very embarrassing with 10,000 people looking… But hey, it’s worth a shot (you might be the only one to score). Plus, there’s a thousand other women watching who might say “Yes!” It’s not all that bad. :)

Mascot uniform:

I do remember one highly televised event where the guy came out in a mascot uniform and proposed to her right on the main floor. She said “No” and ran out of the arena crying. OUCH! That stings.

Propose on Christmas?

I have guys always asking me about proposing on Christmas day (plus other holidays like Valentine’s day and Sweetest day). They want to know if it’s appropriate or not? I can only tell them this… It’s up to you. I mean, it sounds like a cop-out, but do you really want to give her the engagement ring as a Christmas gift? I wouldn’t (Plus, it makes the ring a ‘gift‘ that she can keep if you do decide to break up). But heck, you’ll never forget your anniversary date now will you?

If it was me, I would separate the 2 events. That way it creates its own special day, special moments and special memories. “Honey, is that a diamond ring right next to the turkey gizzard?” (I think not.)

Ask others:

Hopefully these ideas will get your creative muse flowing. Every idea will be different and insane all at the same time. Bungee jumping? Skydiving? Hot-air balloon trip? Roller-coaster ride? At the peak of Mt. Everest? Ha, you name it… Just ask others what they did. I’m sure you’ll hear some doozies.

If you have some great proposal moments that you’d like to add to this list, drop me a line. I’d love to know. Guys are always looking for creative, fun ways to propose and who knows, maybe yours will be all the inspiration they’ll need.

Good luck! Here’s hoping she says “YES!”

Plus, you can always check out this Amazon book: How to propose to your girlfriend.

Cheers! :)

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