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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Ringshrinker Ring Shrinker Sizer Review

This product fascinated me when I saw it on Amazon…

I decided to buy it!

I have rings that don’t fit anymore since I lost 33 lbs wearing a Fitbit, and I couldn’t resize them because of the type of metal (Stainless Steel), and the continuous design.

So it was either wear a plastic ring guard, or try something different:

The ringshrinker resin:

Ringshrinker On Amazon

Here is my review:

The package arrives in a black mylar bag (the same kind of bag used to keep film in when going through airport x-rays).

Ringshrinker Review

The black sealed bag protects the resin inside (meaning, when not in use seal it back up again or it will harden).

This is what you get:

  1. Ring shrinker resin
  2. Ring shrinker remover
  3. UV flashlight
  4. Cleaning wipe
  5. Instruction booklet

Ringshrinker Package Opened

The steps are easy:

1) Clean your ring. Use the cleaning wipe to remove any dirt, oils, fingerprints, lotions, debris from the ring.

Ring Shrinker Ring To Shrink

(P.S. Pictures are taken with my new portable lightbox)

2) Open the ring shrinker resin. Be careful since the odor is really strong (like glue). Wipe off the brush for you don’t need much, and gently apply a small dot to the inside of the shank (near the bottom).

Applying Ring Shrinker Resin To Ring

Don’t touch the dot yet… It’s still wet!

3) Cure the ring. Put the UV light over the resin for a good 3 minutes. This will harden the resin.

Cure The Ring Shrinker Resin On The Ring

After 3 minutes the resin is dry enough to touch. And while it still felt tacky, it wasn’t wet. The instructions said that it is safe to wear and any remaining stickiness will go away after a short time.

They were right, it did within minutes!

Ring Shrinker Resin Hardened On Ring

I tried my ring on and it still felt a tad bit loose. The resin felt comfortable on my finger (which reminded me of the gold sizing balls jewelers put in gold rings). I applied a second drop to the first one… As shown here from a side view

Applying Even More Ringshrinker Resin

After curing that for 3 more minutes, the resin hardened and the ring was good to go. I could apply even more resin if I really wanted a snugger fit, but the ring wouldn’t slip off, which was fine with me.

The booklet says you can apply dots or entire areas like this…

Apply Ring Sizer Resin Dots Or Entire Areas

You can also use this on any width of ring, mens or ladies (2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm…)

All in all, it worked extremely well. It dries fast. It was simple to apply (just watch out for resin drips, you’ll want to lay something down to protect your surfaces)…

Be Careful Of Resin Drips

Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely! I can now wear my ring for the first time in 3 years.

This package also has resin remover (incase you don’t need the shrinkage), which I did not try. It says to apply the liquid to the resin, wait 20 minutes, then wipe off and clean.

Ringshrinker Instruction Booklet

It’s an ideal sizer!

For a few bucks it’s a win-win in my book. You can’t see the resin, it’s invisible when you’re wearing your ring. I really am surprised and impressed. And for rings that you can’t resize (like mine), or if you’re going through a drastic weight loss/gain rollercoaster ride, it’s the perfect product for you.

A do-it-yourself sizer kit that saves your rings from salvage.

Just try it!

You’ll be a happy camper too.

Get this ring shrinker kit HERE on Amazon.

Cheers! :)

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