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How I Lost 30 Pounds With Fitbit

Last November 1st, I began a quest to lose 30 lbs.

And 8 months later, I have successfully reached my goal!


For I went from 171 lbs, all the way down to 141 lbs

And I owe it all to a couple of key components: Exercise, Tracking, and Diet!

The first and foremost…

My Fitbit Charge HR

(Which I wrote about and did an entire review last november: Fitbit Charge HR Review)

Fitbit Charge HR

The combination of things I did worked. But I really think that the Fitbit was the most important element, because it changed the way I thought. I wear my Fitbit every day (and night, for it tracks how good or bad I sleep), and it keeps me focused on how active I am, what my goal is, how many calories I am burning, and how many calories I am consuming.

It’s a huge eye opener!

And another eye opener… The images. The pictures of me before and after… UGH! I took these “Before” shots, just so I could see my changes and to stay focused myself. I never in a million years thought that I’d show them off to the world. And believe me, it’s highly embarrassing. I really don’t want anyone to see them, ever!

It’s humiliating!

But I also do feel that the proof is in the pudding

So I’m taking off my shirt, which is something I would never do in public before, and letting everyone see that I’m not blowing smoke up their rump.

It’s quite difficult for me, since I’m shy and introverted. I’ve always been self conscious about my body, not because I thought I was fat (I really don’t consider 171 lbs “fat“), but I did have a huge beer gut. Which is funny, because I DON’T DRINK! (Nor Smoke, if you’re curious)

Still, over the last 20 years, the only place that I’d ever gain weight is around my stomach. ALL THE WAY AROUND, like a spare tire.

Ever since I turned 30 the lbs started packing on… I went from a size 32 waist, to a 34.

And I hated it!

But now, in just a few months (8 months), I’m skinnier, happier, and loving it.

Especially since I’ll be 50 in October.


I’m not a spring chicken anymore. And I could really see that in the pictures of me.

So my goal was to look younger by my birthday, and to lose 30 lbs.

And so, last November, I started my diet.

And here are the Before and After images…

(I still can’t believe I’m doing this…)

Before and After

Before After Picture 30 Pounds Fitbit

My face is red just thinking about people seeing that BEFORE pic…

It’s a tough thing to do. I let myself go. And I didn’t really realize how MUCH, until I saw these side by side.

It’s mind blowing.

And just so you know, these images are not manipulated in any way. Other than sizing, cropping, and adjusting the brightness and colors. That body is real, and it really is mine!

I’m proud of how I look NOW!

But as we know, you can’t lose weight by just a Fitbit alone. NOPE!

It takes diet and exercise as well.

So let me talk about those, because everything combined removed the weight.

My Diet

I call it a “diet“, but it’s really not. It’s actually more of a new lifestyle.

Because I don’t limit what I eat… Not really. I still eat sweets, candy, bread, pasta, pizza…


You see, I’ve tried other DIEts. Atkins, Low Carb, Low Fat… Even tried a Juice Cleanse (that was tough).

But none of them really worked for me. Sure I lost a few pounds, but as soon as the diet ended, I gained it right back PLUS SOME!

So for this diet, I tried something totally different (and that’s because the Fitbit got me thinking about it). For even before I bought my Fitbit, I read about it and saw that it tracked your calories in and out… and I wondered if that was the REAL goal… Not all the dumb fat, or how many carbs or sugars something had… But just the basic calorie count.

And so that’s exactly what I did…

I Watched my Calorie Intake!

I kept my calories down to around 1000 per day, or less (some days it’s only 600 or 800 calories).

I know that sounds awfully LOW, but it’s rather easy…

I eat a lot of Chicken (almost daily). Chicken or Protein, and I eat a lot of Veggies. Low Calorie Foods that are good for me and keep me lean.

But watching Calories (not fat or carbs) means that I can still eat a Sandwich or a Sub. I can still eat Candy (in fact, I allow myself to eat one small Mini-Size Candy bar a day, like Twix or Milky Way)… And by allowing myself to splurge a little, eat some Sweets, some Carbs, some Bread and Pasta, it keeps me from feeling like I’m killing myself with a DIET!

If I want to eat a Pizza, I do!

I have a Pizza at least once a month! (Half of a Medium, and I do make sure to get thin crust, because I don’t need all that bread.) This keeps me from getting burnt out, and keeps my cravings down. I’m not depriving myself of the foods I love. Just eating them in moderation. And eating smaller portions. Less of everything…

And with the Fitbit, it’s easy to track. For you can quickly input your foods, or just quickly insert the estimated calories you ate… Like so…

Fitbit Keeps Track Of Calories

And Yes, I did and do make it a point to keep fattening foods out of the house. If it’s here, I’ll eat it! And that’s not good. So I’ve replaced my “unhealthy snack foods“, with snacks that are better for me and low in calories.

Things that won’t tip the scales.

Things like: Apples, Popcorn (Skinnypop – it tastes great and is only 100 calories per bag), Sugar Free Fruit Cups, Sugar Free Jello, Carbmaster Yogurt, Raisons, Protein Bars… And even Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches, or Mini Drumsticks (all 100 calories or less each!).

Watch Your Food Calorie Intake

A Normal Days Set of Meals for me is:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Sausage
  • Lunch: Banana, Apple, Yogurt, Jello, Apple Sauce, Skinny Pop (one or two of these)
  • Supper: Chicken (or Protein), Veggies (or Salad)
  • Dessert: A Piece of Candy, Ice Cream, or even a Mini Bag of Chips (100 calories or less).

A couple of times a week I’ll go out to eat, splurge a little, but I still try to keep my calories down.

(And every now and then I allow myself to Gorge on a really Fattening Dessert; Chocolate, Donuts, something really bad for me).


I do tend to stay away from ALL Fast Food!!!!

It’s Moderation. Limiting my Portions. Making Better Choices.

And Once I Started Losing weight…

Once the pounds started coming off, it persuaded me to be more active and to push even harder…

For in January of this year, I started doing 50 situps (crunches) every night, before bed (it was my New Year’s Resolution).

And yes, if I forgot to do them, I’d force myself to get outta bed and do them.

No ifs, ands, or buts!

Now I do them automatically, religiously. Even on vacation!

I also bought myself some Ab Cut Pills (saw these at Costco). I take 2 pills at breakfast, and 2 pills at supper. They work!

AbCuts Fat Burning Pills

And More…

In February, I bought myself a Slendertone Belt (I had lost 13 lbs by now). I wear this belt 3-4 times a day (on the highest level possible, level 99 for 40 minutes a time). I do this while on the computer (I’m wearing it now), and while watching TV. It tightens your stomach, like you’re doing situps.

Slendertone Belt

And then, in March, I upped the ante even more. I added in 50 Bicycles to the mix. (Laying on your back, hands behind your head, pedal like you’re riding a bike. And when one leg comes up, touch your elbow to your knee).

From a 34 Waist to a 31 Waist!

I went down 3 pant sizes and 4 belt loops. And I couldn’t be more excited!

I haven’t worn size 31 jeans since I was 25.

It’s Crazy to Think About!

And then, just at the beginning of May, I started doing side bends. I use an old broom handle for this. And holding the broom handle with my hands behind my neck, I bend sideways, keeping my torso straight and tightening my stomach at the same time, I do 100 of these. 50 on each side.

And let me tell you, THESE WORK WONDERS!

In fact, I’ve seen so much progress in just the last couple of weeks, it’s outstanding. They are getting rid of my tire rather rapidly. No other exercise has worked so fast. I’m Utterly Amazed!

So no, it wasn’t just the Fitbit. You can’t get rid of 25 years worth of bad eating with just one thing… It was a combo that started out slow, and as I began to see results, I kept adding more and more to accomplish my goal.

The Fitbit got things rolling, put me in the right mindset, and then everything else just happened… Slowly but surely!

And I’m not done yet!

I still want a six-pack!

I figure I have another 5-10 pounds to burn before I get those. That little layer of fat over my abs has gotta go!

But my gut is pretty much gone. I feel skinny, I’m actually wearing “SUPER SKINNY” jeans.

From 34 Waist Size To Size 31 Jeans

Now you could say that I’m going through my “Mid-Life Crisis“, and I’d probably agree with you, but I look young and feel young, and that’s all that really matters to me! :)

I’m pushing myself harder!

I’m so happy with my progress that I’ve even bought myself a NEW Fitbit just a couple of days ago. For Fitbit has a new one called the Fitbit Blaze which has a bigger watch face and lets you see more info at a glance. (I’ll do a full review on that soon enough).

I seriously can’t wait!

So there you go…

That’s how I Lost 30 lbs in 8 Months

And, here’s another Before and After picture of me. This one the “Before” even grosser to look at… WOW!

Im 50 Years Old And Loving It

Can you Believe I’m 50?

(and no, I don’t shave, that’s just how my chest looks, hairless… Well, I do have about 10 hairs!)

I’m stoked with Summer coming, and I have another trip to Hawaii in November. So I can’t even imagine what I’ll look like in another 5 months. :)

Here’s hoping for my 6-pack!

And it’s all because I bought myself a Fitbit. Weird, eh?

That one little fitness tracker made such a difference in my life. It kept me focused. It made me serious. It forced me to eat better, exerciseIt’s hard for me to even comprehend

Here’s the Breakdown:

To recap how it all happened:

  1. I Started Eating Protein and Low Calorie Food
  2. I Bought myself a Fitbit
  3. I Started doing 50 Crunches every night
  4. I Started taking Ab Cut Pills
  5. I Bought myself a Slendertone
  6. I Started doing 50 Bicycles every night
  7. I Started doing 100 Side-Bends every night

And now, I’m seeing so much progress, that I’ve also started adding Resistant Bands to my workouts, doing Lunges, and Pushups. And… I’ve even bought myself Tennis Shoes (which I haven’t worn in 10 years or so…) HA!

It’s changed my Entire Life.

I’m down to a size 31 Waist (from a 34), down to 141 lbs (from 171), and I’m getting a 6-pack (one way or another!).

I’m Determined!

It didn’t happen overnight. No! But as I saw progress, I pushed myself harder!

I feel active again. Lean. Mean

The Fitbit made me young again. I really LOVE it!

It proves that if you dedicate yourself, it will work. Diet, Exercise, and Tracking it all…

It’s One Big Package!

So get yourself a Fitbit, and Change your life TODAY!

Cheers! :)

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  1. question: do you wear your fitbit whilst wearing slendertone?

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