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What is the Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring?


What is the Tiffany Style Engagement Ring?

Well, it’s a Simple, Thin, Classic Ring with a Head that lifts the Diamond Solitaire up off the Mounting (See Picture).

Varieties & Styles

There are Thousands of Different Styles and Replicas of Tiffany Rings sold in Jewelry Stores Today. They usually come in either 14kt White Gold, 14kt Yellow Gold or Platinum.

Most of these Rings will be the Classic 2-3mm Wide, Untapered, Half-Domed (Domed outside, Flat inside), Bands, with either a 4 Prong or 6 Prong White Gold Head (Platinum for a Platinum Ring) (See many Different Examples of Tiffany Style Bands HERE!)

Other Styles of Engagement Rings can be Flat, Wide, Tapered, or even lined with Channel Set Diamonds running down the side.

Tiffany & Co. Introduced this Ring in 1886

Tiffany & Co. introduced the Very First Tiffany Style Engagement Ring (with 6 Prongs) in 1886 and it’s been the Best Selling Diamond Engagement Ring Mounting since.

The Great Thing about this Tiffany Style Ring is its Simplicity!

You can’t get any Simpler!

Classic, Traditional, everyone likes it, it will Never go out of Style!

Nothing Shows off a Diamond Better!

Plus, nothing shows off a Single Diamond better.

This Style of Ring puts the Diamond on Display and says “Look At Me!

It makes the Diamond Stand out and get Noticed.

Plus, it allows the Maximum Amount of Light to Enter the Stone, and as we all know, the more Light, the more Brilliance and Sparkle!

Tiffany Style Engagement Rings are Great because they can easily Fit Flush with just about any Ring out there. The Thin, Flat Edge looks Awesome up against a Wedding Ring, Anniversary Ring, Etched Wedding Band, Plain Band, or Eternity Ring! You name it, it goes Great with Everything!

The Tiffany Style is the Ultimate Ring!

So if you don’t know what Style of Ring to Buy her, or don’t know what she’d Like, Buy her the Tiffany Style Engagement Ring.

It’s Priceless!

(You can always Swap it out Later if she Decides she Wants another Style)

Plus, this Ring makes it a Great Way to Present the Diamond to her. It’s Light-Weight, Secure, and Durable… It’s the Perfect way to Propose!

The Tiffany Style Ring IS the Ultimate Ring!

It’s Simple to Size, Simple to set your Diamond into (no matter what Shape or Size), and it’s Simple to Clean and Polish.

You can’t go Wrong!

So 100% YES…

Buy the Tiffany Style Engagement Ring!

It’s Classic, Clean, Durable, Smooth, Elegant, Romantic, Stylish, Simple, Versatile, Inexpensive, Practical…

And She’ll Love it!

Need any more Reasons?

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