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Wait On The Ring Sizing

The other day, I’m waiting on a guy who is buying his girlfriend a Citrine ring (birthstone for November).


I take him up to the counter to ring it up, and he says he wants to get it sized.

I ask him “What size do you need?

He says “I think it’s either a 7 or 7 1/2“.

I respond “We can size it, no problem. But you don’t know the exact size for sure?

“No,” he says…

Her sister guessed on the size because they wear each other’s rings“.

“I see…”

It sounds plausible…


Do you know which finger she’ll wear this ring on?

He looks at me and shakes his head.

“Because” I go on “All fingers are different sizes, plus each hand is also a different size as well. Her dominant hand will be 1/2 size larger than the other“.

Really?” He laughs. “I didn’t know that“.

Not many people do!

“This is what I’d suggest” I tell him. “Don’t get the ring sized yet. Wait on the sizing until she gets the ring.”

And this is a very good point for all…

Because “waiting” to get it sized is actually quite smart and beneficial for many reasons:

Let’s look at them…

1) The ring makes a big difference

The size you make the ring could be wrong, even if you know her exact size. All rings and bands will fit and feel differently on the finger. Some are thinner, some thicker, some comfort fit, some tapered, some hollowed out, some are top heavy… They can all fit a little bit looser or tighter depending on the actual design.

So even if one ring is a size 7, another could be a 6 1/2 or an 8. You just don’t know until you have a professional look at her finger and size it with ring sizer tools.

2) You could guess wrong

Jewelers will usually provide the “first” ring sizing for “free“. Which means, you pay nothing to get it sized.

But, if you guessed wrong or sized it wrong, and it had to be redone or resized, then that second sizing will cost you. You will have to pay for that, and often it’s not cheap.

It could run you anywhere from $25 – $100 or more depending on the size needed, the thickness of the ring, and the type of metal used (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

3) She may not like the ring

Guys don’t think about this, but…

She may mot like it. She may want something different, or want to return it. Heck, you could even break Up before she gets it…

Either way you look at it, if the ring has been sized already, many times this alteration will “void” the return policy!!!!

You could be stuck with the ring all because you wanted to size it beforehand.


So that’s why I always recommend “Don’t get it sized before she gets it.

Plus, the more you size a ring up or down, the weaker the shank (band) becomes. So I would hold off and advise you to “wait“…


Wait for the sizing to see if she likes it and wants to keep it. Then bring her into the store to get it fitted properly by a pro.

No more guessing!

(Because “Her ring almost fits on my pinky!” Doesn’t count!)

Guessing on the size can get very, very costly.

And nobody likes that.

Cheers! :)

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  1. My ring size has gone up & down so many times that I am ready to buy a chain and wear it like a necklace around my neck!! Good tips above!! I have actually heard of a couple of them before.

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