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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

What are Diamond Inclusions?


If you look up the Word Inclusion in the Dictionary, you’ll find this Definition:
To take in or Comprise as a Part of a Whole.

But, with Diamonds and other Gems, the Word Inclusion means this:
Internal Characteristics Found in a Gemstone.

These Inclusions can be Found Inside the Stone (Internal Inclusions) or Outside the Stone on the Surface of the Gem (Called External Inclusions or Blemishes).

But the Real question is:

What are Inclusions?

Inclusions are Basically Flaws Found within the Stone.

Inclusions include: Pin Points, Cleavage, Feathers, Fractures, Grain Lines, Crystals, Knots, Fault Lines, Carbon Spots, Nicks, Chips, Cracks, Bearded Girdle, Cavities, Polish Lines, Laser Drill Holes, Scratches, Abrasions, Naturals, and Trigons (as well as Man-Made Extra Facets) .

So you see, anything that keeps a Diamond from being Perfectly Clean is a Flaw!

Most Inclusions are Imperfections of Mother Nature.

How are Inclusions Made?

Inclusions are just like Humans with Moles, Freckles and Birthmarks… These Imperfections were just Frozen in the Stone at the time the Gem Crystallized Billions of Years ago. Usually it’s Caused by Rocks, Minerals and Foreign Elements found around the Crystal at the time of Formation. Fueled by the Earth with its Extreme Temperature and Pressure, these Rocks often Intertwine and Mix Together when the Elements are Melted and Cooled.

Inclusions are Forever

Inclusions are Born in the Gemstone and will be in the Stone Forever.

They will never Grow, Shrink, Change or Magically Appear as some people tend to think. They are Inanimate Objects that are just a way of Identifying the Stone.

The Fewer the Inclusions are in the Stone, the Cleaner the Stone becomes, the Higher the Clarity becomes and the Higher the Value of the Stone becomes.


Flawless Diamonds are Very Expensive, while I1 Clarity Diamonds are often Very Cheap! You get what you Pay for.

Compare the Two Diamond Prices Below…

ROUND, 1.01, I1, F, EXCELLENT $4,690 VIEW
ROUND, 1.01, IF, F, EXCELLENT $11,110 VIEW

Now let’s look at the Clarity Chart to see some Diamond Inclusions and How they are Graded.

Diamond Inclusion  Clarity!

Diamond Plots

Inclusions and Blemishes are often Drawn on a Plot and listed on a Stone’s Certificate (Like these Incredible GIA Certified Diamonds HERE!)

See example below of a Diamond Plot with Inclusions.

Diamond Plot Inclusions!

This Plot Maps out the Flaws and records them on the Certificate, which can Help you to Locate the Flaws under 10x Magnification (with a Jeweler’s Loupe or a Microscope).

Flaws are Not Good, Nor Bad, they are what they are.

What Clarity should you Buy?

I would Advise sticking to a Clarity Grade that had Inclusions that were Invisible to the Naked Eye. (Which is SI1 Clarity or higher – SI2 Stones are Questionable since you CAN see Inclusions from the Side View!)

Just be sure you ALSO get a Stone that has a Great Color (Like Pure White Diamonds) and a Great Cut (Like Excellent Cut) as well.

Because to Concentrate on only one of the 4 C’s would Truly be a Flaw!

Read more about Diamond Grading: The 4 C’s of Diamonds!

And Check out these Awesome Engagement Rings HERE!

Cheers! :)

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