The Best Chain To Buy



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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
What Jewelry Will She Like?

Love Love Love

Guys know that Girls LOVE Jewelry, and they LOVE to get Jewelry at Christmastime! (or anytime)

The Point is, Jewelry makes the Perfect Stocking Stuffer.

Men come into the Jewelry Store with 2 Main Concerns

1) They Don’t Know what to Buy her

2) They Don’t Know if she’ll like what they Buy

The fact of the matter is, they haven’t Done their Homework.


Yes! They haven’t been Observant Enough, and that’s Not Good.

All it takes is just a Couple of Minutes to Check things out and you’ll be in a Much Better Position when it comes to Picking out Jewelry for your Girlfriend, Fiancee or Wife.

Here are some Helpful Christmas Shopping Tips to get you through the Season.

Study Break

Take a Minute and look at the Jewelry she already Owns (Peek in her Jewelry Box). This is a Big Key to Buying her something she will Love and Wear.

This is what you should look for…

Metal Color

First off, what is the Color of Metal she Wears the Most? Is it Yellow Gold? White Gold? Two-Tone?

If she likes Yellow Gold, by all means Buy her Yellow Gold. If she has more White Gold (or Silver), then Buy her White Gold (Silver Tarnishes).

If it looks Pretty even, you can get her Either Color, or just get her Two-Toned Jewelry (Jewelry that contains both White Gold and Yellow Gold in it).

Gemstone Color

Take a Second and Look at the Gemstones in her Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets. Does she like Sapphires? Does she Wear Yellow Stones (look at the Birthstone Chart). Rubies? Or are the Stones mainly Diamonds (The Best Gemstone).

Women will generally lean towards 2 or 3 Main Colors. She’ll have more Jewelry in the Colors that she likes.

Another thing to look at is the Shape of the Stones. Are most of them Oval? Round? Heart Shaped? Or are they all Random and Different?

If she likes Princess Cuts (Square Cut Stones), then Buy her Princess Cuts. Chances are, she’ll Love it.

If you can’t tell what Color she’d like to Wear, look at her Clothing. What Color of Outfits does she like to Wear? Blue? Black? What’s her Favorite Color?

You can also look at the color of her Shoes, Purses and Accessories to Help Decide.

Mounting Type

Take a Minute and Study the Mountings. Are the Rings Heavy? Thick? Wide? Do they Sit up high? Are they Thin with a Low Profile?

Are her Earrings Big and Chunky? Do they Dangle or Sit Close to her Ears?

Things like this will give you a Basic Idea of what Type of Mounting she likes.

Are the Stones Huge? Are they Small and Dainty?

What she already owns will tell you what she likes to Wear.


Here’s a HUGE Tip for Christmas that ALL Guys should follow…


Unless you know for Sure (100%) that she will Absolutely Love the item and keep it (She Pointed it out to you; gave you a Business Card with the info; Circled it in a Brochure), then DON’T get it Sized!

I know you’d Love to have her Wear it the day she gets it, but the Truth is, she still may not like it.

If that’s the Case, then you’ll have to Return the Item or Exchange it.

And a lot of Stores will NOT take back an Altered (Sized or Worn) Ring. And if by Chance they do, they may Charge you a Steep Fee for Restocking.

So leave the Ring the Size it comes in (Default Size).

If she likes the Ring, you can always get it Sized after the Holiday.

The same goes with WatchesDon’t have any Links Removed. Give her the Jewelry first to see if she likes it, then have it Sized or Fitted later.

Lastly, look at their Return Policy!

Return Policy

Before you Commit to Buy, find out what the Jewelry Store’s Return Policy is. Do they even have one? Some Don’t!

Find out how long the Policy is, 1 Week? 2 Weeks? 3 Months? Will it still be Good after Christmas? Is there a Restocking Fee?

Make sure you can Return the item. With a Gift, you just never know. And with all the Special Sales at Christmas time, you never know either. Some sales are FINAL SALES with NO Return Policy! Find Out.

If you can’t Return it… Don’t Buy It!

Sometimes the Clerk will say “Sure you can Bring it Back!“, but that doesn’t really mean you can Return it. Sometimes that means you can Exchange it, or they’ll give you a Store Credit. Always ASK!!!

The Bottom Line

By being Observant you will Greatly up your Chances of getting a Big Smile and a Hug on Christmas day. Even if you don’t totally get it Right, it will still do the Trick.

So what’s it going to be? Diamonds? Gold? Sapphires? Better go look…


Shop Early!

The longer you Wait, the more Picked over the Items will be. That makes finding the Perfect Present much more Difficult. :)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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