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Birthstone Gemstone Guide By Month

Why do some Months have more than one Birthstone?

Why are there so many Birthstones?

It’s easy to see why people get so Confused over Birthstones and Months (see the Official Birthstone Months Chart here). Some Months have one Gemstone representing it. Other Months have 2 and even 3! 3? Yep, is that crazy or what?

How many Birthstones can one Month have anyway?

Well, Short and Sweet, for 12 Months, there are 17+ Birthstones!

17+ Birthstones?

That’s insane… In fact, you could say there’s 19! :)

You will notice that Birthstones actually stand for Months. Some people think that Birthstones stand for Zodiac or Astrology, but that’s not the case (they have their own Gems).

When I ask some Guys what their Girlfriend’s Birthstone is, they’ll say “She’s a Leo!

That Ain’t Gonna Fly! She may be a Leo, but we still need to know what Month she was born in.

So let’s get started. We’ll take a look at the Birthstones Month by Month and those lovely Gems!

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January Birthstone

January BirthstoneJANUARY, has one of my Favorite Birthstones, the GARNET! The Garnet is a Romantic Gemstone. It’s Elegant, Sexy and Rustic all at the same time. (Just like Red Wine!) Garnets normally appear in Tones of Red-Orange, but you can find Red-Purple ones also (called Rhodilite Garnets), and Deep Purple Hues (called Grape Garnets). I Love the Color of Garnets and think they look Awesome with Everything! Read more: Garnet Birthstone Gemstone!

February Birthstone

February BirthstoneFEBRUARY has a Fun Stone. Beautiful AMETHYST has Royal Shades of Purples and Violets, (see pendant in picture) Amethyst stones have lots of Brilliance and Abundance, which makes this a Very Popular Stone indeed. Myth says that if you wear a February Birthstone, you won’t get Drunk. In fact, that’s what the word Amethyst actually means, “Without Drunkenness” Trust me, it doesn’t work! (Read more: Amethyst Birthstone Gemstone!)

March Birthstone

March BirthstoneMARCH is the AQUAMARINE! With tones of Light Blues Shimmering like Water, it makes this Stone a Great Choice. Plus Blues always go with everything, so it’s easy to wear. But, being related to Emerald, the Aquamarine is a Softer Stone, so take Good Care of it. I wouldn’t advise wearing this Birthstone everyday! (Read more: Aquamarine Birthstone Gemstone!)

And now the greatest and best Birthstone of all is…

April Birthstone

April BirthstoneAPRIL takes the Cake! Really! The Birthstone for April is non other than DIAMOND! JACKPOT! How did that happen? You certainly can’t go Wrong with this Stone. It just doesn’t seem right that Diamond is a Birthstone to begin with, but it is. So enjoy it, you lucky April Birthdays! Read more: April’s Birthstone Gemstone!

May Birthstone

May BirthstoneMAY has the Wonderful and Highly Precious EMERALD! Emerald is one of the Rarest Birthstones of all. It’s almost impossible to find a Deep Green Emerald with little or few Inclusions. In fact, the Inclusions are what give it that Deep Green Coloring. Good Emeralds are getting so Rare, that most Jewelers don’t carry them, they are selling man-made Created Emeralds instead. While pretty in their own right, Created Stones just don’t compare to the real thing. Read more: Emerald Birthstone Gemstone!

June Birthstone

June BirthstoneJUNE is the first confusing Month. Thanks June! June has 2 odd ball Gemstones and an Alternate Gemstone. The Pearl and the Alexandrite! Such totally opposite types of Stones. The Pearl comes from the Oyster (Mollusk) in the Sea. Pearls being Organic, Lustrous and Radiant are full of Wonder and Life and have always stood for Purity. They go hand-in-hand with Brides-to-be and Weddings!

Read more about the June Pearl Birthstone Gemstone!

Now Alexandrites are Rare, Expensive and not very Pretty. Genuine Alexandrites usually have a Muddy Brown-Purple Hue to them. Yuck! It’s very hard to find a Genuine Alexandrite on the market today. What you normally find are Created Alexandrites. The Created Alexandrites are actually very Pretty, Red-Violet Tones, have the ability to Change Colors in different light (like a Chameleon) and are simply stunning! I Highly Recommend them! Read more about the June Alexandrite Birthstone Gemstone!

June’s Alternative stone is Moonstone! Read: Moonstone’s Healing Powers!

July Birthstone

July BirthstoneJULY gets the RUBY! The Ruby is another of the Precious Gemstones that’s very Popular. Good Rubies have a wonderful Deep Red Hue, almost like Blood-Red. These Rubies are quite Rare and very Expensive. Most Rubies found on the market today have a Light-Red Hue to them, almost like a Pinkish Tone. And because of that, most Jewelers are turning to alternative sources, like selling Created Rubies instead.

Rubies are a great choice to wear everyday. They are very Durable and will Last a Lifetime. They are so Durable in fact, that a Ruby is the Second most Durable Gemstone there is on the face of the Earth. Tied only with Sapphire as second. The most Durable of course, is the Diamond!

Read more about the July Ruby Birthstone Gemstone here!

And now the “Love it or Hate it” Birthstone…

August Birthstone

August BirthstoneAUGUST! That’s right. August has the Love it or Hate it Gemstone. The Peridot (or as most people would say it wrong “pair-i-dots“), has an interesting Hue of Lime-Green. YUM! Personally, I don’t mind Peridot. (pronounced, “Pair-e-doe”, the ‘T’ is silent) I’ve seen some Beautiful Stones that have Great Sparkle and Life and I’ve seen some Real Boring Duds too. You just never know what you’re gonna get with Peridot.

Read more about the August Peridot Birthstone Gemstone Here!

September Birthstone

September BirthstoneSEPTEMBER has the Wonderful and Exciting Sapphire Stone. Being one of the Most Popular Gemstones in the World, Sapphires are a Great Choice for any Occasion. With Lovely Deep, Intense, Blue Tones, Sapphires will truly WOW you over. Just stay away from the Sapphires that are Too Dark Blue… So Dark that they almost look Black! Those are Low Grade and Ugly and don’t do Sapphires any Justice.

Sapphires are one of the few Gemstones that are Popular in all Different Shades of the Rainbow. You can find them in lovely Shades of Yellow, Green, even Orange. There is a lot of Multi-Colored Jewelry out there that’s been a big hit lately. Great Custom Pieces with Absolutely Breath-Taking Sapphires like the Multi-Colored Sapphire Bracelet shown below.

Sapphire Birthstone Bracelet

Here’s some Interesting Trivia for you: Sapphires come in every Color of the Rainbow but ONE. That one is Red! You will never see a Red Sapphire, because when a Sapphire is Red, they don’t call it a Sapphire anymore, they call it a RUBY! Fascinating eh? (Read: Why Sapphires are the Best Gemstone to Wear!)

And now more Strange Birthstones for a strange new Month…

October Birthstone

October BirthstoneOCTOBER has some Major Confusion. They have PINK TOURMALINES and they have OPALS (Or as some call them Oh-Pales!) Opals are Soft and very Fragile, but offer a Great Kaleidoscope of Colors. Opals are Quite Mystical and range from Blues to Greens to Oranges. But Myth and Superstition says that if Opal isn’t your Birthstone, it’s Bad Luck to wear it!

Pink Tourmalines have some Strong Pink Hues going on. Anywhere from Light to Dark Shades, Pink Tourmalines make Beautiful Gemstones. For you Guys that have an October Birthday, I would normally Recommend the Green Tourmaline as an Alternative to Pink. October just doesn’t offer very much Choice for Guys!

Read more: October Birthstone Gemstone for Men!

November Birthstone

November BirthstoneNOVEMBER has the lovely CITRINE and the YELLOW TOPAZ! Both seem to work well and both offer Strong Yellow Hues like Sunsets and Tropical Drinks. Citrines seem to please most people. They look Awesome in Rings or Pendants and can be worn with most Shades of Clothing.

Stunning Stones that are Vibrant and Intense!

December Birthstone

December BirthstoneDECEMBER has the Craziest Month… It’s Birthstones are “BLUE ZIRCON” (Not to be Confused with Cubic Zirconia), “BLUE TOPAZ” (Not to be Confused with Yellow Topaz), and a Brand New Birthstone just added in the last couple years, TANZANITE! (Which isn’t really Blue at all!) Blue Topaz, which is the Most Popular Birthstone for this Month, comes in wonderful Shades of Blue, like Sky-Blue and London-Blue. They are a Great Choice to wear everyday and with such an Abundance of Blue Topaz on the market, Price is normally Very Inexpensive!

So December Kids get 3 Birthstones, THREE, Blue Zircon, Blue Topaz and Tanzanite, and on top of all this they get Christmas too? Lucky Bunch! Read more about the Tanzanite Birthstone Gemstone!

See ALL the Birthstones Here…

Birthstone Guide Month To Month

Now the Answer to the Big Question:

Why is there more than one Birthstone for some Months?

The Answer: Supply and Demand!

Some Gemstones are just too Rare and Expensive and Un-Popular than others. So they offer Substitutes. Choice is always good!

Now that that’s taken care of, where’s that Amethyst Gemstone at? It’s time for a Drink!

And if you still want to learn more about Birthstones and what they mean, read my Posts about Birthstone Meanings and Astral Gemstones!

Cheers! :)

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