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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The best shape?

That’s highly opinionated, because it really comes down to preference.

Some people, for example, love the heart shape, while others loath it.

So one person really can’t tell you what the best shape is…

But, there are pros and cons to making this purchase.

So let’s take a closer look at the things you should consider about the shape of a diamond (not to be confused with the cut of a diamond), and maybe these will steer you towards a longer cut, smoother cut, or square. It’s all good facts to know.

All about diamond shapes:

  1. The most expensive shape is the round brilliant cut diamond. Usually by 20% more.
  2. Princess cut diamonds look bigger than any other equally sized shape. The four corners really add quite an impact to the visual appearance.
  3. Diamonds with tips or corners are easier to chip, so make sure if you purchase cuts like the heart, marquise, princess, pear, emerald, that you get v-tip protector prongs on the corners to keep them from breaking.
  4. Only the round brilliant cut diamonds come with a GIA cut grade: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. No other shape gets them.
  5. The cushion cut, emerald cut, and radiant cut are generally the most inexpensive cuts of diamond to buy.
  6. The classic traditional shape of diamond is always the round.
  7. To make your fingers look longer, opt for longer cuts of diamond like the marquise, pear, or oval cut diamonds.
  8. The emerald cut and radiant cut are step cut diamond, and these facets make these cuts of diamond sparkle less than others.
  9. The round diamond is the only cut that will give you those lovely hearts and arrows patterns (as seen through a special scope).
  10. The diamond that gives you the most amount of brilliance and fire are diamonds cut like the True Hearts Round Diamonds from James Allen.
  11. Emerald cut diamonds show inclusions more than any other cut of diamond. The facets make the flaws easier to spot.
  12. Princess cut diamonds can be squarish or rectangular in shape, but they are often never ever perfectly square.
  13. The round diamond hides color better (like a yellow color) than any other shape of diamond.
  14. The Blue Hope Diamond is actually a cushion cut diamond.
  15. Triangular shaped diamonds like the Trilliant and Trillion, were ultra-popular back in the 90’s, but rarely seen today (except in side stones).
  16. Many longer shapes of diamond can actually look darker in the center (like a bow-tie), due to the depth of the pavilion versus the ends. And if that bow-tie is really dark and noticeable, it’s actually the mark of a bad cut.
  17. The round diamond is always the first shape of diamond cut from the parent rock. Then comes all the rest of the shapes.
  18. One of the most popular cuts of diamond today is the oval cut diamond. It’s soft, elegant, and easy to wear.
  19. Diamonds that are small, generally under 20 points, are usually cut with less facets (18 versus 58), and called things like; single cut diamonds, melee, accent stones, side stones.
  20. Long, thin cuts of flat diamonds (called baguettes), look great in channels, but often lack brilliance and sparkle, and tend to dull up and get dirty quickly.
  21. Many cuts of diamond have the same brilliant cutting style; brilliant cut, heart cut, marquise cut, oval cut, pear cut… It’s like a fun house of mirrors on the bottom that help disperse light and make the diamonds shine.
  22. Diamonds can be cut into any shape in the world; kite, cartoon characters, globes… the possibilities are endless.
  23. Any cut of diamond can be personalized with a unique message on the side of the stone (the girdle). Just like an inscription, you can have your words carved into the cut of the diamond forever.
  24. The round brilliant cut diamond is usually the first shape that people think of when they visualize their dream diamond. It’s perfectly symmetrical, smooth to wear, fits any type of mounting on the market, and gives you the maximum amount of scintillation (sparkle effects) of any other cut of stone. It’s the #1 choice for all engagement rings. Just like these popular pave style mountings here at James Allen.

So what shape of diamond are you leaning towards?

Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers! :)

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