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Why are Mothers Rings so Ugly?

Now it may be just me, but I think that those Generic Mother’s Rings that you find in all the Jewelry Stores are just…

Down Right Hideous!

(see picture) Most are Cookie-Cutter Rings that lack any Great Thought or Design.

You go into a Jeweler to get that Great Mother’s Day Gift, and they present you with a tray of Brass Sample Mother’s Rings.

These Rings have Synthetic Stones in them. (You’ll just have to imagine what ‘Genuine‘ Stones will look like!)

So you see a Dozen Sample Rings…

Half of which are Big and Gaudy and Ridiculous to think that any Mother would WANT to Wear.

So right off the Bat, your choice goes down to about 6 Rings. None of which are jumping out at saying “BUY ME!

Now some of the Rings left, have ‘S’ Link Bars (see picture again) (‘S’ is for Snag!), some have Straight Bars (Ditto), and most, sadly, just have a couple of Small Cheesy Prongs holding in those Small, 2-3mm Stones. WOW, there’s so much I could talk about here. But I’ll try to stay on track.

What’s Left?

You are left with about 5 Rings Ultimately to Choose from. One or two of these could probably be Eliminated, because they don’t hold the right amount of Stones you need. Be it, 1 Stone or 8 Stones, there’s a good chance that your choice of Mother’s Rings will now drop down to roughly 4!

Now here’s the Million Dollar Question:

If a third of the city buys a Mother’s Ring at some point for some Occasion, how many times will your lovely Mother see her Cookie-Cutter Ring on someone else’s hand?

A lot!

Do you think she’ll be Proud to Wear it? Proud to Wear a Ring that’s Thin and Light-Weight and CHEAP? A Ring that with in a year, I would bet, she’d Snag one of those Rinky-Dinky Prongs and Snap it off and Lose a Gemstone. These Rings are not made well. I see Stones come out of them all the time.

So what do some people do to Spruce it up?

People love to Spruce these Boring Mother’s Rings by, guess what, Adding MORE Low Grade Gemstones to it.


Like adding the Parents and Grandparents Gemstones. They turn it into a “Family Ring“, Ahhhhhhh, So Cute? But it’s still a Cheaply made Band with Low Quality Stones that’s Ugly.

Bad Stones!

Yep, that’s right, the Gemstones in these things are usually Bad. I mean, they’re small to begin with, so it’s not surprising that the Blue Sapphires look Black, the Emerald has Big Inclusions, and the Ruby looks like Pink Tourmaline!

What do you Expect when you Buy a Ring for $100?

It’s Still Cheap!

Alright, so some of you paid up to $3-400 for it… Big Whoop. It’s still Cheap, and all the kids pitched in to Buy it anyway. Even the kid with the Black Sapphire!

Which reminds me, if you want to learn more about the Birthstones, check out this post of mine: Birthstones and their Birthstone Months!

No matter what, do yourself a favor. Don’t Buy a Generic Mother’s Ring. It won’t mean much and she’ll have Problems with the Mounting, Stones and Prongs in the future.

Mother’s Pendants

Ugly Mothers Birthstone PendantNow you could go and Buy a Mother’s Pendant instead.

Family Pendant, Birthstone Pendant, what ever you want to call it, it’s also an Eye-Sore!

People put all their Kids Birthstones in it and expect her to wear it above her Heart.

Say What?

It looks Horrible!

Just look at the picture and you’re sure to Gasp!

Best Plan of Action?

The best plan of action if you want to get your Wife or your Mom a Mother’s Ring is this…

Custom Design one!

Now it’s not as hard as you think. Your local Jeweler will have tons of Books and Catalogs to choose settings from. And you can even look online at Jeweler’s Websites to get ideas. And, Check out Amazon as well, because they carry a Wide Variety of Mother’s Rings.

I would recommend Free-Form Rings with Beautiful Curves and open areas. Places that you could set Stones into. Most Jewelers call them Remounts or Mountings, some even call them Semi-Mounts, but those usually have Diamonds in the sides.

And if you want to really spice things up, Buy a Ring with a Large Center Diamond and set the Birthstones around it or in Channels down the side.

How Cool is that?

You could even set the Gemstones into the Mounting so they are Flush with the Surface of the Band.

Plus there’s more Fun Things you can do with the Stones…

You can set the Gemstones into a Channel-Set Band and Alternate the Stones, Birthstone, Diamond, Birthstone, Diamond.. it has a great look and it gives it a Clean, Classy, Modern Touch.

Read more about Birthstones Birthdays and Birthstone Months!

Birthstone Order

You can always put the Birthstones in order of Oldest Child to Youngest Child and have the stones actually start Bigger and Taper down. Graduate the Sizes of them.

Get Creative!

Do something Special and Custom Design a Great Looking Ring. Any Good Jeweler can help you choose what’s Best for your Stones.

Genuine vs Synthetic

I would Highly Advise going with Genuine Birthstones verses Synthetic also. Genuine stones for the most part, will last a life time. Synthetic Stones just Scream Dull and Cheap! They’ll Fade, Scratch and Break Easily. ‘CRUNCHOops, we lost March!

And there are a couple points I’d like to make about Genuine Gemstones

If you have a June Birthstone, use the Created Alexandrite instead of the Pearl. The Pearl, being Round, won’t match the other Gems because they are Flat and Faceted. Plus Pearls come Lose and Break. Put in the Created Alexandrite and everything will look Awesome together. Plus it’ll last longer.

And if you have an October Birthday, use the Pink Tourmaline instead of the Opal. Opals are so Brittle, that the Stone will surely Break with in a year or two. It doesn’t take much to Accidentally Hit it and Shatter the Stone. Plus…

Pink Tourmalines are Prettier!

And now, one final note about making a Real Mother’s Ring and not an Ugly one… If you have any April Birthstone’s and can swing it, get a Real Diamond instead of the CZ (Cubic Zirconia… FAKE DIAMOND).

The CZ is what most Jewelers will slap in to the Mother’s Rings for April. I know a Genuine Diamond costs more, buy hey, that’s what you get for having an April Baby!

With Genuine Birthstones, a Custom Band, and a one of a kind piece of Jewelry, she’ll be glad that the Blue Sapphire in her Mother’s Ring, actually looks Blue!

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