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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Save Those Watch Links

You get a Watch as a gift and you go into the Jewelry Store to get it fitted

Side Note:

A lot of Department Stores and Retail Stores that sell Watches will not adjust or fit your Watch. They’ll sell you the Watch, and then send you to a real Jeweler to get it fitted. I’ve always found that to be rather odd!

Taking Links Out…

Jewelers will measure your wrist, take some links out and have you try your Watch on. If it fits, fine, you’re good to go. If not, they’ll adjust it a little bit more. The odds are slim that a Jeweler can get the exact number of links removed correctly the first time. Normally they will get close, within a link or two. But often it has to be adjusted to fit at least twice before it’s perfect.

“That’s $9.99 Please!”

So after getting your Watch band adjusted, 2 things will happen. Either they’ll smile, say it’s no charge, and send you on your merry little way, (Usually if you buy the Watch from the Jeweler, they will fit it for Free! If you buy it elsewhere, there’s usually a charge!) or they tell you it’s so and so much money and ring you up. (I would think a standard fee would be around $5 – $10!)

But before you exit the store happily wearing your brand new Watch, there’s something you can’t forget…

Your Watch Links!

And not just the actual Watch links, but the tubes, pins and screws that hold them together as well. (See Picture)

A lot of Jewelers like to keep these links. They give you your Watch back and conveniently leave those Watch pieces and parts on the Watch Bench. Make sure they don’t! Jewelers like to hold onto these links and pins in case they need to use them for someone else’s Watch in the future. (Which they’ll probably charge the customer for! They’ll make money off your spare links!)

But the truth is, they are your links, you paid for them, you get to keep them.

Don’t leave the Jewelry Store without them!

Why? Why would you care if you get your links back or not? Does it really matter? There’s a couple of really good reasons why you should keep those links. Here we go…

1) Your Wrist Swells

Yep, your Wrist can actually swell up in the Summer time and make your Watch fit too snug and tight. I know, it happens to me. I have to put in an extra link in the Summer and remove it again in the Winter. Otherwise the watch would either be leaving indentations in my sweaty wrist and pinching the hair on my arm, or flopping loosely around allowing me to smack the crystal on the counter and crack it. It would drive me nuts! It’s a pain, but the seasons will do funny things like that!

2) Repairs!

A lot of people don’t think about this, but Watch links can break easily, and Watch links are not cheap! It you twist your link or dent it, or if the Gold Plating starts to wear off, you can exchange it with your spare ones. If a pin snaps, or the screws break or get stripped, you can swap them out with ones from your extra links. It can save you a lot of money and it saves the time and hassle of ordering new links. (Usually anywhere between a week and six weeks to order links!) And that’s if they still make those links! Watch companies are always updating their lines and discontinuing old ones. It’s rare after a couple of years that they’ll still make them or have them in stock. Your links suddenly seem like Gold!

3) If you ever want to Sell your Watch!

If you sell your Watch, the person that’s buying it from you will want those extra links. They may need them just to be able to wear it. Having those spare parts could be the difference between a sale or not!

4) If you Gain Weight!

(I had to go here. You knew that!) If you eat too much Chocolate, or get Pregnant, or even just Work Out and Lift Weights, you may need to enlarge your Watch Band. Usually those extra links become a valuable asset!

If after using up all your extra links, you still need MORE links because your Watch doesn’t fit anymore, there’s hope! Look in your Warranty Booklet or Manual that came with the Watch and contact the Dealer or Repair Center (I have a whole Post on Watch Repair Centers Here!) Most Watch Manufacturers will actually send you a couple of links at no charge, or a minimal charge. I know Seiko and Pulsar will actually supply up to 4 links at no additional charge! (Awesome!)

Give me more Links…

Other companies like Movado will still supply you links, but charge you for them. Their Watches are high-end and expensive and the links aren’t cheap!

It all depends on your particular Watch, the Brand, and probably the cost of the Watch as well, as to how much the links will run. It doesn’t hurt to try. Plus you can always try a Jeweler… you know, some Jewelers have extra Watch links and parts laying around from people that ‘forget‘ them… *Wink Wink!

So the next time you need to get a Watch Band or Watch Link adjusted, even if it’s one of those Stretchy Bands, Save those Links! They may come in handy, and they may save you a lot of money in the future!

P.S. Amazon has some Great Deals on New Watches HERE!

Cheers! :)

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