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You Really Need To Clean Your Rings


You really do need to clean those rings of yours…

You would be amazed at how many people put their engagement ring on their finger, wear it forever, and NEVER clean it.


It blows my mind.

For example; I had a lady come into the store during Christmas to get an Anniversary band for her wedding set. No problem. But the first thing I saw was that her rings were dirty.

Really Dirty!

In fact, her diamonds had zero sparkle. Nothing. So I suggested that we clean her rings while we look at bands. “SURE!”

She takes them off and hands them to me, and I kid you not, they were so dirty that it looked like yellow glue all around her diamonds. I had never seen such dirty rings before…

So I put it in the ultrasonic cleaner, knowing it will probably take a good 1/2 hour or longer to clean, and proceed to show her bands.

She ended up purchasing a $3,000 Anniversary band from us, but when I pulled her wedding set out of the cleaner…

Guess What?

Not only had one of the stones fallen out of the mounting, but 4 others were loose


I had to explain to her that her stones were loose and needed repair, and that her rings had became so dirty that the debris (mud) sealed around her stones like cement in the mounting, and that was the only thing holding them in. This is true. If your ring is dirty, it hides loose stones. It hides chipped stones. It even hides missing stones (I’ve had people bring rings in that are so dirty you couldn’t tell that a stone was missing). Crazy!

So we fixed her ring, tightened all the stones and reset the one that fell out (at no cost because she purchased a new ring from us)…

But the point is: Clean your Rings!

Please. Don’t put them on and forget about them. They need cleaning. They need inspecting. They need regular maintenance on them just like a car.

Otherwise, your stones will loosen up. Your prongs will break. The dirt will corrode and eat away at the mounting.

It will RUIN your Ring!

So clean your rings with these:

Clean Your Jewelry And Rings With These Tools And Cleaners

Get an ultrasonic cleaner, it’s a must. Get yourself a polishing cloth, a diamond dazzle stick, a jewelry steam cleaner


Just go see a jeweler. Stop into any jewelry store every 2-3 months to get your goods cleaned. It’s something you have to do.

You wouldn’t wear your clothes for months straight…

So why your Rings?

Clean them. I beg of you. Do it now.

Make those puppies sparkle! :)

Cheers! :)

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