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A Closer Look At J Colored Diamonds

J Not Jay!

As in J colored diamonds.

J color is at the bottom of a color category range called “Near Colorless“.

It’s borderline with K color, which is “Faint Yellow“.

View this diamond color chart to familiarize yourself…

Diamond Color Chart D-Z

For most, J color looks fine. It has a slight tint to it that might make the diamond face up a little yellow. Warmer, as some like to say.

And unless you point it out to people, most would never even notice it.

Until you compared diamonds

If you put a J colored diamond, up against a “Colorless” diamond, like E, you’d probably see a difference in hue.

Take a peek…

Compare E Color Diamond To J Color

See how the body tone looks a bit darker?

But truthfully, that’s not how diamonds are graded. Diamonds are graded for color from the side and bottom (where you can see the true color of the stone).

So let’s tip these two diamonds sideways and see…

Compare E Color Diamond To J Color Through The Pavilion

Now the color becomes pretty obvious!

It’s very easy to see a difference (if they’re side by side). When you view diamonds face up (looking straight down into the stone), the facets and brilliance will mask and hide the color. But from a side view… It’s apparent!

But really…

Who’s going to view it from the side?

Not many people would. In fact, when all of her girlfriends grab her hand to see “the ring“, they aren’t going to yank her hand sideways… No! They’ll look at it face on and swoon. And even if they did tilt the ring sideways, the prongs and mounting will probably cover up and hide the color anyway…

So J color is a very affordable diamond color to own. You can save money even with just a few color grade differences…

Compare J color with G color prices below:

Compare G Diamond Color Price To J Color

Is the color difference worth the price difference?

Color is not easy to detect!

And if you have a better cut diamond (like “excellent” or “True Hearts“), then it will add even more sparkle and brilliance and brightness to the stone. It will make it look brighter and whiter. Meaning J color will be almost impossible to see.

Buying J saves you money!

And buying a better cut, makes those savings SPARKLE!

Just like these wonderful J colored diamonds here at James Allen:

J Color Diamond Deals

Now those diamonds are bright, stunning, and no one will notice the J.

(Except your pocketbook!)

Cheers! :)

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