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Fun Free Jewelry Puzzles

I LOVE Puzzles.

No, let me Rephrase that, I ADORE PUZZLES!

I can spend hours upon hours doing Word Search Puzzles, Crosswords, Sudoku Puzzles, Fill-Ins, Mazes and Spot the Difference Puzzles. I can’t get enough…

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If you’re like me, you’ll have FUN here. I’ve put together some Crazy Puzzles. All unique to Jewelry Secrets, I should know, I made them myself. Trust me, some of these Puzzles took me over 6 hours to make… But all in Good Fun. And for no other reason other than to Wildly Entertain you. I Hope it Works!

Plus these are all…


Most of these Puzzles can be Downloaded for FREE from the PDF File on their Specific Page. That’s Awesome! You can do them at Work (instead of Work). :)

If you Enjoy these Puzzles, let me know. Tweet me, Follow me on Facebook, E-mail me, do something. Let me know if you want more. :)

Enough Jabbering, let the Games Begin…

Jewelry Word Search

Jewelry Word Search

Jewelry Word Search – Who would have ever thought that humans would spend hours looking through a block of letters to try to find words to circle? lol It’s pretty funny if you think about it. But, I do love me a good Word Search Puzzle.

This one, is not as easy as it looks. Words run Forwards, Backwards, Up, Down, and Diagonal. And they are all Jewelry related. Of course!

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Diamond Word Search

Diamond Word Search

Diamond Word Search – This Word Search will blow your mind. It took me 5 hours to set it up. But it was well worth the effort. :)

The Search is simple. Only one Word is hidden in the Puzzle: Diamonds! Simple? Maybe, to begin with. But after a while all the letters start to look the same. And what makes this even harder is that only Diamonds will work. NOT Diamond. lol Enjoy the madness!

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Jewelry Maze Puzzle

Jewelry Maze Puzzle

Jewelry Maze Puzzle – If you love Mazes… Get your pencil ready. This Maze will take you for a loop.

Doing this on your computer will be insane. You’ll need to print this out from the PDF file so you can really hunker down into it. It won’t be quick or easy. Full of twists and turns and dead ends, this will make you backtrack often. Can you find your way through the Maze to the Diamond at the end? Find out…

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Jewelry Crossword Puzzle

Jewelry Crossword Puzzle

Jewelry Crossword Puzzle – Get ready for some Fun! This Crossword Puzzle is not that difficult… To me! Since I made it.

Every answer to the Puzzle can be found somewhere in my posts here on Jewelry Secrets. The problem is, can you find them? If you like a good Crossword, then give this a go. After all, it’s only 24 Questions! Enjoy the Puzzle!

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Jewelry Word Up Puzzle

Jewelry Maze Puzzle

Jewelry Word Up PuzzleA Quick, Easy, Painless Puzzle… You hope!

I don’t think anyone will have any problems getting through this Puzzle. The concept is pretty simple… You take the words in the Grid below the Puzzle and you move them straight up into the blank tiles above to form a Jewelry related Phrase. But…

Can you figure it out? Test yourself. Do you have the Word?

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Jewelry Spot the Difference Puzzle

Jewelry Crossword Puzzle

Jewelry Spot the Difference Puzzle – This is one of my favorite types of Puzzles… Spot the Difference! I remember doing these kind of Puzzles as a kid in the Sunday Funnies!

There are two pictures shown with 15 differences between them. Can you find them? Some are obvious, others may take you a while. I enjoyed putting this Puzzle together, I hope you enjoy it as well…

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Jewelry Fill In Picture Puzzle

Jewelry Fill In Picture Puzzle

Fill In Picture Puzzle – I have always loved these types of Puzzles.

You fill in the blank grid with the tiles shown below. The grid then reveals the answer to my Riddle:

Why did the Dog Eat the Diamond?

Trust me, you’ll LOVE the Answer!

Have Fun and Enjoy! :)

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Jewelry Guess The Gemstone Puzzle

Guess The Gemstone Puzzle

Guess The Gemstone Game Want a Fun Easy Game? One that most people will breeze through? This is it!

This Game is a simple guessing game where I show you pictures of different Gemstones and you guess what the stone is.

I do make it pretty simple since I give you the answer in multiple choice questions. All you have to do it pick the best. Want to try? It’s FUN! :)

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Jewelry Brain Teasers

Jewelry Brain Teasers Puzzle

Brain TeasersI LOVE Brain Teasers! Any kind!

That’s why I set out to create some Fun Teasers for you.

There are 6 Easy and Cool Brain Teasers that may Puzzle and Delight you.

Can you Solve all the Problems? Answers to the teasers are below the post. Enjoy! :)

Tease Me!

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Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle

Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle

Jewelry Sudoku Game – I really, really LOVE doing Sudoku Puzzles. So I thought it would be great FUN to put a twist on one and make a Jewelry Sudoku Puzzle.

This Puzzle is different because it uses LETTERS instead of NUMBERS, AND there is a CLUE that leads you to Solve the Jewelry Problem.

Can you figure out the Puzzle and Reveal the CLUE?

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Jewelry Spot The 6 Differences

Jewelry Spot The 6 Differences Puzzle

Spot The 6 Differences Puzzle – I love these types of Puzzles so much, I made more of them! :)

I have created TEN Spot the Difference Puzzles (6 Differences in each Picture) for you to enjoy.

Look for Different Colors, Shapes, Shadows, and anything else that would make the Picture on the Left Different from the Picture on the Right!

How fun is that? :)

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Jewelry Lost Letters Puzzle

Jewelry Lost Letters Puzzle

Lost Letters Game – We have a Real FUN Mess today!

The Jeweler needs your help in Solving the Mixed up letters and words.

It all started with this Morning’s Coffee, and ended up in a FREE PUZZLE! :)

This Puzzle contains Partial Words that need to be Engraved on Rings. And PRONTO! Can you Solve the Words and Solve the Puzzle?

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Jewelry Brain Teasers

More Jewelry Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers – If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE MAKING PUZZLES!

So to ring in the New Year (2014), I have created 6 NEW Brain Teasers that will tickle your fancy.

Brain Teasers like: Diamond Matching, Symmetrical Image, 3 Cuts, 4 Straight Lines and more… See if you can Solve the Puzzles!

Answers are included!


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Gemstone Word Search Puzzle

Gemstone Word Search Puzzle

Gemstone Word Search Game – There are 50 Gemstones Hidden in the Puzzle.

Can you find all of them?

Gemstones from Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Ruby to Diamond, search the letters and uncover all the words.

Print the Puzzle out with a Free PDF, and view the answers as well… But only if you need them!

Have some Fun and Search for the Gems:

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Check out Amazon for some Awesome Puzzle Books!

And check HERE to see all the Latest Puzzles and Games we offer!

Cheers! :)

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