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Jewelry Brain Teasers

Now that the World didn’t end on 12-21-2012, I guess I’ll pick your brain with some more mind teasers!

Below are 6 Fun and Easy, and of course FREE, Brain Teasers from none other than Jewelry Secrets!

I love a good puzzle so I created these to hold you over for the next few minutes…

You should have no problems in figuring out the puzzles. And if for some reason they stump you… Answers and Solutions are at the end of the post.

Enjoy the Fun! It’s time to pick, pick, pick your Brains!

Brain Teaser 1

Mike and his Girlfriend walked into a Jewelry Store. Mike looked around nervously eyeing all the employees. When approached by a Salesperson, Mike slipped him this Cryptic Note. The Salesperson looked at the note for a minute, then looked back at Mike who just winked at him.

Can you solve the problem and figure out what the note says?

Brain Teaser Puzzle 1

Brain Teaser 2

John had 4 Jewelers who needed Gold. The problem is, he only had one sheet of Gold left. John needed to divide the sheet into 4 equal and identical sections so that all the Jewelers would be happy.

Was John able to do this?

Brain Teaser Puzzle 2

Brain Teaser 3

Julie had 6 Bracelets that she gave to the Jeweler to fix. Sadly, the Jeweler was sleepy and accidentally linked two of the Bracelets together.

Can you tell which two Bracelets are connected?

Brain Teaser Puzzle 3

Brain Teaser 4

Marge wanted to buy matching Pendants for her two Sisters. The Jeweler brought out a bunch of Pendants and told Marge that he believes 2 of them are identical matches.

Can you pick the two Pendants that are identical?

Brain Teaser Puzzle 4

Brain Teaser 5

Suzie walks into the local Jewelry Store and asks to see Brooches. The Salesperson tells her that she has some and would gladly give her a discount if she could solve this problem: “All but two of the Brooches are Yellow Gold“, she begins, “All but two of the Brooches are White Gold, and all but two of the Brooches are Platinum“.

How many Brooches does the Jewelry Store have?

Brain Teaser Puzzle 5

Brain Teaser 6

Ann, Kelly, Tim, and Kim all see the same Ad in the newspaper at the same time. The first person in the door at the Jewelry Store upon opening gets a FREE Diamond! Excited, they all leave the house in a mad dash…

Who gets the Free Diamond first?

Brain Teaser Puzzle 6

Now onto the Solutions!

No fair peeking if you haven’t really tried to solve the puzzles

Brain Teaser 1 Solution

The solution is easy once you realize that the boxes and stars pertain to the letters below. Notice the one star above the second set of letters and two stars above the last set. Then it’s just a matter of picking the right box in the grid from the boxes shown.

Piece of Cake! ;)

The Puzzle reads: Psst, Secretly get her Ring Size!

Brain Teaser Puzzle 1 Solution

Brain Teaser 2 Solution

The solution is easy enough. Just divide the Gold Sheet as shown below…

Brain Teaser Puzzle 2 Solution

Brain Teaser 3 Solution

These two Bracelets shown are the ones linked together.

Brain Teaser Puzzle 3 Solution

Brain Teaser 4 Solution

It’s simple once you start to notice the slight differences in the Pendants. Some have Missing Marks, Added Lines, and Extra Dots. Take a look at the Identical Pendants below…

Brain Teaser Puzzle 4 Solution

Brain Teaser 5 Solution

The Jewelry Store only has 3 Brooches. All but two of them are White Gold, all but two of them are Yellow Gold and all but two of them are Platinum. :)

Brain Teaser Puzzle 5 Solution

Brain Teaser 6 Solution

Kelly is the lucky one who gets the Free Diamond. Her dash is shown below in the Brain Teaser Maze. Congrats Kelly! :P

Brain Teaser Puzzle 6 Solution


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Enjoy your day! :)

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