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Save Big Money With Halo Engagement Rings

Want to Save Money?

Big Money?

Well, here’s how you can Buy a Huge Diamond Engagement Ring, and Save Tons of Money at the Same Time.



Because you can Literally Save Thousands (In This Example you can Save Over $3,000), and NOT Sacrifice Quality, Cut, Color, Certification, or Clarity!

In Fact, you’ll actually end up with a Prettier Diamond Ring, and you’ll also get a Much Bigger Carat Total Weight too!!!

All you need to do, is to Purchase HALO!

No I’m not talking about the XBox Game Halo (although Buying that would Save you $7,731), I’m talking about the Halo Diamond Mountings that are Kick Ass Cool.

Take a Peek at some Halo Mountings Here:

Halo Engagement Rings

For this Post, I’m going to Highlight my Favorite Halo Mounting of the Bunch… (Shown Below) It’s a Double Halo that’s Full of Gorgeous High Quality Diamonds and it’s Simply Stunning!

See Here…

Save Big Money With Halo Engagement Rings

Take a look at the Features:

  • Two Double Halo Rows of Diamonds that Circle the Center Stone
  • Pave Set Diamonds Running Down the Side
  • All Diamonds are VS2-SI1, F-G Color
  • Set in 14kt White Gold, so it’s Bright, Lustrous, and Much Cheaper than Platinum
  • It Blings Like Crazy!

This Ring Contains 52 Full Cut Diamonds in all, totaling an Impressive 3/4 Carat Total Weight. That’s a lot for a Semi-Mount.

So Here’s What You Do…

Buy Yourself a 3/4 Carat Center Stone (VS2, F so it matches the Side Stones), and have it set in the Ring for the Perfect Proposal.

3/4 Carat Diamond

As a Great Example, I’ve Picked out this Spectacular 3/4 Carat Diamond

72 Carat VS2 F Excellent Cut GIA Certified Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

With Excellent Cut, Excellent Polish, Excellent Symmetry, GIA Certified, and No Fluorescence, this Diamond ROCKS!

It’s about as Good as it Gets!

Once you set that Stone into that Halo Mounting, it will Face up much Bigger and Brighter than a One Carat Diamond Solitaire (of the Same Quality). Compare Below…

Halo Engagement Ring Looks Bigger Than Solitaire

Compare Prices

And that One Carat Diamond shown above, of the Exact Same Cut, Color, and Clarity, sells for $7,570, plus a Standard 14kt White Gold Tiffany Style Mounting sells for $180, bringing the Grand Total to $7,750 in all.

Halo Mounting Price

Now the Halo Mounting, which sells for $1,450, along with the .72 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond which sells for $3,110, totals $4,560 in all.

Save Money With Halo Engagement Rings

By doing this, you actually Save yourself $3,190 all together.

That’s a Lot of Dough

And not only do you Save Over 3 Grand, but she ends up getting 1.50 Carats Total Weight of Diamonds. That’s ENORMOUS!

It’s a Win-Win!

Halo Engagement Ring 72 VS2 F Diamond

Plus, Halo and Pave Mountings have Tons of Sparkle, Brilliance and Fire (Especially being VS2, FVery Clean Diamond with a Pure White Color).

So Purchase a Halo, Save Some Good Money, and Everyone’s in Heaven!

Cheers! :)

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