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Christmas Jewelry Hot List


These are the hottest jewelry presents this year.

Christmas 2009 just wouldn’t be the same without these top ten jewelry gifts.

It’s the biggest sellers this season (in no particular order).

So if you want to know what you should buy this christmas…

Here we go…

The best jewelry gifts are:

  1. Pandora Bracelets & Charms
  2. The Love Knot Collection
  3. Open Hearts Diamond Pendant
  4. Chocolate Diamonds
  5. Chocolate Pearls
  6. Green Amethyst
  7. Black Diamonds
  8. Journey Diamond Pendants
  9. Diamond Stud Earrings
  10. Stainless Steel and Titanium Jewelry

(Pictures for all these items are shown at the end of this post.)

So now that you know what the hottest items are, let’s break them down…

1) Pandora Bracelets and Charms.

Talk about scorching hot. This is the best selling charm bracelet ever made. Such a hot bracelet, hot charms, hot themes, women will die for this bracelet. It’s a sure winner.

Buy her a bracelet with about 5 charms on it and you’ll have the perfect stocking stuffer (all silver would be under $200).

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2) The Everlon Diamond Love Knot Collection:

Called the hercules knot, this collection of earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings are sizzling hot. Backed by De Beers stamp of approval, these items make the ultimate gift of love. Just remember to buy her the whole matching set.

Prices for these start around $199 and up. Maybe this year your love will be forged in a knot?

Read more: The Everlon diamond collection.

3) Open Hearts Diamond Pendant:

The Open hearts diamond pendants are beautiful.

With a wonderful tagline of “If your heart is open, love will always find its way in“, this collection is a definite home run.

Elegant, classy, and beautifully designed, these crisp, clean, free-flowing necklaces are soothing to the eyes.

And with prices starting at $49.99, it’s soothing to the pocketbook as well. You can’t go wrong with this collection. Check out their rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets in Kay’s online store today. With angels, peace symbols and engravable charms, you’ll love the compliments they will bring.

It’s a big hit.

4) Chocolate Diamonds:

MMM good! Chocolate diamonds are the hottest colored diamonds on the market.

Rich and smooth (creamy), these chocolate colored brown diamonds are all the rage. Bold and striking, being a little bit darker than champagne diamonds, you’ll find some great looks and great styles with prices all over the board (cheap to expensive).

Check them out here at Kay Jewelers. They’re almost edible.

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5) Chocolate Pearls:

Following in the great chocolate trend (have a chocolate themed Christmas), these brown colored pearls are beautiful, lustrous and oh-so tempting.

Who wouldn’t want to be drenched in chocolate?

Chocolate pearls work great with most clothing and especially those ladies who appreciate wearing earth tones. A great elegant look with an inexpensive price tag. She’ll love to sink into this Christmas gift.

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6) Green Amethyst:

What a cool cool look. Who would have ever thought that bringing amethyst out (which is normally purple in color) in shades of light green would cause so much commotion.

These gemstones are not only stunning, but bright, vivid and different as well. You must check them out.

Full of life and brilliance, these green varieties of amethyst are a show stopper. Prices will vary.

Read more: Green amethyst and colored birthstones.

7) Black Diamonds:

Black diamonds mixed with white diamonds are such a visually stunning look.

Black diamonds are very popular and you’ll find them with endless designs that you’re sure to fall in love with (see images below).

Black diamonds are in every jewelry store and every sales flier, so take a Look (see some awesome black diamond jewelry here.) You’ll be glad you did.

Black and white (night and day) diamonds are such a contrast that you will probably want to own an entire collection. Prices will greatly vary.

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8) Journey Diamond Pendants:

These styles of diamond pendants are everywhere (and called everything as well).

Usually they graduate or taper in diamond sizes from large to small (the journey through life).

They look clean and classy, elegant and yet simple all at the same time. They come in all different carat weights, shapes and sizes (see journey diamond pendants here).

Begin your journey today. Prices will vary depending on diamond weight and quality.

9) Diamond Stud Earrings:

I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with diamond stud earrings.


They are (and always have been) one of the best selling Christmas gift of all time.

Women LOVE LOVE LOVE diamond studs.

(Ones with good quality like these diamond studs here), and if she already has a pair of studs… Then buy her a bigger pair.

These practical but perfect gifts are a win-win item.

Prices will vary depending on size and quality.

Read more: How to choose great pair of diamond earrings.

10) Stainless Steel and Titanium Jewelry:

Awesome Christmas gifts for men.

What a change men’s jewelry has taken. And it has definitely changed for the better. Way cool, rugged, stylish, modern and durable, stainless steel or titanium is a perfect present for the man in your life.

Plus, this jewelry won’t tarnish and prices are pretty inexpensive.


See more: men’s modern jewelry here.

Take a look at the pictures of these HOT JEWELRY ITEMS:

Jewelry Holiday Hot List

So if jewelry is on your must-buy shopping list for santa this year… Pick up one of these hottest jewelry sellers of 2009 and you’ll have the best Christmas ever.

Because opening up jewelry under a Christmas tree is the ultimate gift and a dream come true.

With all those Christmas tree lights sparkling off of the diamonds and gold… It will not only be spectacular, but breathtaking.

And trust me…

Women always want jewelry.

It’s a must.

These hot items will be in practically every jewelry store (mall, chain, or independent) all across the country. So no excuses.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and enjoy the holidays.

Hopefully Christmas 2009 will be full of smiles and surprises.

Get them while they’re hot.

Cheers! :)

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