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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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What Are Black Diamonds

When I first heard of Jewelers selling Black Diamonds, I thought to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding me?

I had visions of Extremely Included Diamonds. Diamonds over-flowing with Huge Black Carbon Spots. So much carbon that the Entire Diamond would look BLACK! (Take a look at Black Diamonds here for an Example!)

I actually laughed, thinking…

“What a Scam!”

I could only imagine…

But I was wrong… sort of!

You see, it all started a million years ago when Black Carbon was cooked in the Earth by Heat and Pressure. The result of this Pressure-Cooker was a Diamond! But some of the Pure Carbon did not Crystallize with the rest of the stone, leaving Carbon Spots. These Spots look like Dark Spots or Black Little Pepper in the Diamond.

So you can see, what I was imagining was a Diamond so badly included that it looked like the inside of a Pepper Shaker! So let me set the Facts straight about Black Diamonds…

Setting the Facts Straight

Black Diamonds actually DO grow Black in Color or Hue, just like some Fancy Stones grow Intense Yellow or like the Hope Diamond is Blue!

These Black Diamonds are actually Real “Fancy Colored Diamonds“, but because they are Solid Black, they are considered Low Quality, and for years were just used as Industrial Grade Diamonds (for Sawing, Sanding, and Cutting). Some Black Diamonds are actually dark-gray in Color too (more like Hematitie). The Clarity of these Diamonds doesn’t matter. They are so opaque that you can’t see inside the stone anyway. So let me say this:

People don’t Buy Black Diamonds for Quality!

They buy them for their LOOKS! In fact, you won’t even hear a Jeweler discussing the Clarity of Black Diamonds, it’s just not a relevant conversation! I mean, they’re Jet Black! That’s all you see! No Brilliance! Just Black!

The Bottom Line

Black Diamonds actually do make stunning Dramatic Jewelry! Black Diamonds are often set in White Gold or Platinum, and most are even set with “White” Diamonds to really provide that “POP” and make a great visual contrast.

Men who normally shy away from wearing Diamonds are even wearing Black Diamonds as well. It’s just such a distinctive look and feel. It’s different! Will this Fad continue? I think so! After all, I enjoy the look of Black Diamonds. I think most people do. Quality or not, I like them. They’re eye-catching, artsy, and being Diamond, they’ll last a lifetime.

So as far as Black Diamonds go… they get my vote!

Buy your Black Diamonds here!

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