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Chocolate Diamonds

What are Chocolate Diamonds? Can you eat them? Ha, I jest, I jest!

First off, let me compliment the creators for the name “Chocolate Diamonds“. They did a good job grabbing people’s interest, because everyone loves Chocolate! The wide appeal Chocolate has on the World is sure to help generate sales. Who doesn’t want Chocolate dripping off their fingers?

Plenty want it. Just look at all the awesome Chocolate Diamond Rings on Amazon as an example.

But Diamonds? Chocolate Diamonds? What are Chocolate Diamonds? Are Chocolate Diamonds worth buying? Let’s find out…

What are Chocolate Diamonds?

Chocolate Diamonds are none other than Brown Diamonds! (Not Diamonds dipped in Chocolate!) They are Natural (Although I’m sure a few have been Heat-Treated to enhance the Color more) and come in many different shades of Brown.

Other Brown Diamonds sell under such fun names as: Cognac, Cinnamon, Clove, Honey and the best-known, “Champagne” Colored Diamonds. (Champagne Diamonds are lighter Brown colored Diamonds that have been around for many, many years – Millions!)

Chocolate Colored Diamonds are a much Deeper, Darker Brown Hue. Celebrities and Stars all across Hollywood Boulevard are sporting Chocolate Diamonds from Big-Name Jewelers and Designers.

Heck, even the King of Thailand has a huge Chocolate Diamond (Called the Golden Jubilee) that weighs 545.67 Carats! That’s a lot of Diamond!

Fancy Colors?

There’s a lot of other Colored Diamonds on the market as well. Colors like Blue Diamonds (Caribbean Blue Diamonds), Yellow Diamonds, Orange Diamonds, Red Diamonds, Black Diamonds, Green Diamonds and Pink Diamonds! The Term Fancy Color is given to Diamonds that have a Deep Intense Color and are graded below Z (Z+) on the G.I.A. Diamond Color Chart.

But what about Chocolate Diamonds?

Where do they fit in?

While it’s true that intense Brown Diamonds CAN be called Fancy, it’s also true that Brown Diamonds are nothing more than Diamonds with Poor Color (like N-Z on the Color Chart). These lower quality Diamonds often look Yellow or Brown in tone. They used to be Not Desirable and most Jewelers frowned upon them.

But Chocolate Diamonds are Deeper than most Brown Diamonds. The Color is Darker, the Hue Stronger. Some Brown Diamonds are actually considered “Fancy Color“, and the prices of these stones is insane. But the Browns that you see in the Jewelry Store are not termed “Fancy“. They are just Brown, and are much more affordable. To be a Fancy, the color needs to be beyond a certain Brown Color Range, be Consistent in Hue, Depth and Color Distribution.

Either way, Chocolate Diamonds are becoming all the rage that’s for sure. With momentum and high demand the prices may increase… Or they could just drift away after a couple of years. Who knows?

To me, they’re Brown and Pretty. I Like them. I like the Styles and Designs. Granted, the Jewelers still have to match up all those Brown Diamonds in order to make a Ring, Pendant or Bracelet, (They have to match in Color so they look good together!) but they’re still Brown no matter how you look at it…

Brown is Brown!

I will say I am highly impressed at the Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry they have created with these Brown Diamonds… Stunning Works of Art! Setting Chocolate Diamonds into White Gold or Rose Gold (See Picture) makes the Chocolate tones look Rich and Delicious!

With beautiful Pieces and Great Prices, why not indulge yourself?

Here are some examples of Chocolate Diamond Jewelry. Beautiful stuff!

What Are Chocolate Diamonds?

But Heads Up!

Scope the Diamonds before you buy them!

Just because they are Brown, doesn’t mean Clarity shouldn’t count! Scope the Chocolate Diamonds and look at the Flaws. You don’t want to buy Diamonds full of Black Spots, Clouds or ugly Inclusions (With a Real Fancy Colored Diamond, Clarity doesn’t matter so much). Since the Diamonds are Brown you don’t need to bother with the Color Grade. (It won’t have any – other than being called Brown!) Color is all about Preference and Opinion. You either like it or you don’t.

But Clarity can be Judged and Graded just like White Diamonds are (Even though it will be harder to see the Inclusions because of the Brown color). I would recommend stones that are at least eye-clean. (Where you see no Huge Inclusions with the naked eye!) That way your Diamonds will have lots of Life and Sparkle no matter what the Color is.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with Chocolate Diamonds. Even though they are Low in Color, I still like them.

I also like Black Diamonds and all the Fun Colors! Variety is Good! Unusual different pieces are sure to attract attention.

Are Chocolate Diamonds right for you? Lots of Women like Earth-Tones and will certainly love them. Others will just think they’re Dinosaur Doo-Doo!

Me, I think they’re Interesting, Trendy, Fun, Fat-Free and Cheap. Gotta love that! If you like Brown, go for it! Enjoy!

With a name like Chocolate, what have you got to lose?

Top Reasons To Buy Chocolate Diamonds

I’ve put together a list of Great Reasons why Chocolate Diamonds are awesome, and why you should buy one. Check it out: Good Things about Chocolate Diamonds!

And Check out this Fine Collection Below of LeVian Chocolate Diamonds from Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Chocolate Diamonds

Beautiful Stuff, isn’t it? :)

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