The Best Chain To Buy



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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Top Ten Jewelry Articles and Posts

Want to know what people read?

What drives people to my site?

Here’s a list of the top ten most popular jewelry posts that bring me the most amount of traffic. This is what people want to know, this is where they go.

Enjoy the articles.

The top ten jewelry posts:

In order of significance…

1) White gold turns yellow:

White gold turns yellow.

This was actually my very first post on Jewelry-Secrets. I wrote this because I knew it was a hot topic. People always wonder why white gold tarnishes and turns yellow. It’s probably a jeweler’s #1 most asked question.

Read: Why white gold turns yellow.

2) VVS clarity diamonds:

VVS clarity diamonds. Who knew VVS would be so popular?

VVS is one of the best diamond clarities in the world. Just about as perfect as you can buy. VVS is very, very slightly included. They look awesome (See some incredible VVS diamonds here).

Read: VVS clarity.

3) Watch battery conversion chart:

Watch battery conversion chart.

Why do watch battery manufacturers put so many different numbers and letters on batteries? Can’t they all just get along and use the same numbering system?

You know, to make things easier for people?

Until then, if you have a battery and need to convert it, here’s the list of cells, voltage, mercury and lithium: Battery replacement chart.

4) Birthstones:


Everybody always wants to know what gemstone goes with what month. I list them all from January to December. I even list alternative birthstones and explain why there are 12 months with 17 birthstones…

Read: Birthstone months.

5) Best earring backs:

Best Earrings Backs! Most of the earrings you find on the market have cheap, weak earring backs. Ladies are always losing them. So what are the best earring backs to buy? Big, expensive diamond studs need safe, durable backs… The answer: Locking backs!

Read these posts here: Best backs for earrings and Chrysmela locking backs.

6) CZ versus diamond:

CZ vs diamond.

How can you tell the difference between a CZ (cubic zirconia) and a diamond? There are actually a couple of quick easy ways. Jewelers can look at a stone and tell if it’s a CZ or diamond in just a matter of seconds.

How? Color is one of the ways.

Read: CZ or diamond?

7) Diamond girdle:

Diamond girdle. Lots of people are interested in the edge of a diamond.

The girdle is the edge that runs all the way around the diamond (like a belt). Girdles can be rough, smooth, polished or faceted. But some can also be weak and vulnerable to chipping.

Read: Diamond girdles.

8) Birthstone meanings:

Birthstone meanings. Not only are people fascinated with birthstones, but they want to know what they mean.

Every month stands for something. Prosperity? Wisdom? Hope?

Is there one for winning the lotto?

Find out: What birthstones mean?

9) Invisible set diamonds:

Invisible set diamonds.

Diamonds, jewelry, and invisible mountings make for one very popular post. What are invisible set diamonds?

Not only are the diamonds set crazy, but the diamonds are specially cut. When put together they form a huge interlocking puzzle.

But here’s the bad news: The diamonds fall out!

Read: Diamonds invisible set.

10) SI clarity diamonds:

SI clarity diamonds. SI clarity hits the #10 spot and for a very good reason. SI clarity is the most popular diamond clarity there is.

SI clarity means slightly included and has two grades: SI1 and SI2 (also SI3???)

SI1 diamonds are great (see some SI1 diamonds here). SI2 diamonds are questionable. Sometimes you see inclusions, sometimes you don’t.

Read more: SI clarity.

Other very popular jewelry posts:

Cracked diamonds. Is your diamond cracked or not?

Add-a-pearl. Create the perfect add-a-pearl necklace.

Become a jeweler. Tricks and tips to becoming a jeweler.

Fake Rolex. Can you tell a fake Rolex from a real Rolex?

Tiffany knock-offs. Can you spot a Tiffany fake?

Allergic to gold? Are you allergic to gold, or the nickel in the gold?

Ultrasonic cleaners. Do sonic cleaners really work?

Mood ring colors. What does your mood ring color mean?

Pearl color meanings. Pearl colors and their meanings.

Moissanite. Learn about the man-made diamond look-a-like.

The 4C’s of diamonds. Learn about cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

I3 clarity. The lowest clarity grade on the market.

Diamond bow-tie. What is the diamond bow-tie?

Ring engravings. Cute, fun, romantic, cheesy ring quotes.

There you go

The top ten plus some.

What will be popular next?

Cheers! :)

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