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White Gold Turns Yellow

So why does your beautiful White Gold Jewelry look Yellow?

It’s a very Good Question that a lot of people ask.

Jeweler’s always have to Explain what White Gold is and why it turns that Ugly Yellow Hue!

People think that their Rings aren’t REAL because it turns colors, like somehow they’ve been Ripped Off!

Truth is, you haven’t!

Changing Slowly

Most people don’t notice the change at first because it does so slowly over the course of Months and even Years. But little by little it takes on that Stained Yellowish Shade until you suddenly notice your jewelry lacks the Beauty and Shine it once had.

Many people automatically think it’s a Defect in the Jewelry or the Jeweler itself.

I’m here to tell you, IT’S NOT!

It’s actually the Metal that causes it to turn. There’s Good News and Bad to all of this. The Bad News is that it will take a little bit more upkeep, like taking your Rings in for Cleaning and Inspection.

The good news?

There are Cures and Alternatives!

So to explain the reason why, listen up!

There is no such thing as White Gold

It’s not really a secret, but you’d be surprised how few people really know this fact. There is no such thing as White Gold in nature.

White Gold is a man-made product.

Mother nature will exhibit Platinum, Steel, Tungsten, Titanium and other so called White Metals, but you won’t hear a peep about White Gold!

What is White Gold?

White Gold is basically Yellow Gold with some added Minerals like Zinc to give it a Whiter look. That’s why White Gold has a Yellowish cast to it, (see above photo) it’s really Yellow Gold to begin with! Once White Metals are added to the Gold, it’s then Rhodium Plated.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium Plating is a Tough White Metal that is Electroplated on top of the Gold so that the Yellow Disappears! Almost all White Gold Jewelry is Rhodium Plated to make them a Brighter and more Beautiful!

So why go through all the trouble with White Gold anyway?

Back in the time Jewelers used to make a lot of Jewelry out of Platinum. That is, until World War II demanded that Platinum! With Platinum coming off the market, Jewelers needed a substitute for White Metal Rings. Hence…

White Gold was Born!

White Gold has been popular ever since, especially since it’s about 4 times Cheaper than Platinum. White Gold has great endurance and durability and takes on a Great High Polish, surprisingly, even Brighter than Platinum which is more of a Gun-Metal Gray.

White Gold is actually easier to work with too, just ask any Jeweler designing it!

Why is it Yellow?

It still doesn’t solve your problem of a “Yellow” looking Ring now does it? What you’re seeing when your rings and Jewelry are looking Yellow is the Rhodium Plating wearing off. Rubbing off through normal Wear and Tear.

That’s the biggest down-side to White Gold, it’s not a True White Metal!

How fast the Rhodium wears off depends on how often you wear your Jewelry and what it comes in contact with, like Chemicals, Abrasions, Detergents and even your own Body Acids!

White Gold can last a Lifetime

All you have to do is have it replated whenever it starts to turn Yellow. Replating it will always make your Jewelry sparkle and shine with Life and Beauty!

Can you prevent your Rhodium Plating from wearing off?

Not that I’m aware of and that’s just because it is what it is…


Over time, it will Dull, Scratch and Wear off. It’s just a Fact! Take it in to your local Jeweler and have them Polish and Re-Rhodium Plate it again!

And if you’re still unhappy…

Buy Platinum!

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