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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Chrysmela The-Best Locking Earring Backs In The World

I am a BIG BIG Fan of Locking Back Earrings.

Especially if you have Expensive Diamond Stud Earrings!


For Years I’ve been Selling La Pousette Earring Backs. La Pousette is AWESOME! They are very Durable and I have never had a problem with them.

In fact, I brag about them all the time, and even wrote an entire POST about them back in 2008.

See what La Pousette Locking Backs look like here…

La Pousette Locking Earring Backs


I actually do have 4 Slight Issues with La Pousette…

  1. It’s Tough to Push BOTH sides of the Locking System at the same time!
  2. They are very Hard to Hold and you’re always Dropping the Slippery Dome Shaped Donuts!
  3. They’re Expensive! They usually START at $75-$100 a Pair!
  4. You have to SWAP out your Regular Posts for special La Pousette Posts that have Grooves in them!

These Issues are NOT really a Big Deal! It only takes Minutes for a Qualified Jeweler to put the NEW Posts on, and you will get used to holding the Backs as you use them over time.

I LOVE THEM! And I’ve never heard of anyone losing an Earring due to them!



There is Something BETTER!

These New High-Tech Locking Earring Backs that are called: Chrysmela Catch.

See them below…

Best Chrysmela Catch Locking Earring Backs in the World

The really COOL thing about these Locking Backs is this: You DON’T need to Switch out your Earring Posts! They work with most Standard Posts on the Market! SWEET! (Because NO ONE likes to Hand over their $6,000 Diamonds to a Stranger!)

The Locking Mechanism is Longer, Tube Shaped, so they are Easier to Grasp and Hold. They just Slide onto your Earring Post like a Normal Earring Back.

You Slide them on, and they Automatically LOCK!

And to Unlock them, you Simply Hook your Fingernail under the end of the disk and the Back Pulls off!

Here are the Highlights

  • They’re Hypoallergenic
  • They’re Available in Steel, Platinum, and 23k Yellow Gold or Rose Gold
  • They don’t Dent your Earring Posts
  • They hold even the Heaviest of Earrings
  • They are Patented in the US and Japan
  • They have a Smooth, Snag-Free Finish
  • They’re Cheaper than La Pousette Backs!

See, I told you they were AWESOME!

These Earring Backs have been Featured on NBC’s Today Show, and in People Magazine.

They’ve been called “The Most Genius Jewelry Invention EVER!

AND, they’ve been selling these backs in Japan for over 6 years!

Here’s what Customers Say about Chrysmela Catch

(From Amazon Reviews)

“These things are so Wonderful it is Ridiculous! I Wear my Nice Studs now whenever I want with the Assurance that they will not come out of my Ear. Changed my Life! Yes, they are Expensive, but now I can Wear all my Nice Earrings!”


“Exceeded my Expectations!”

So say GOODBYE to Loxtm Mega-Grip Backs, Butterfly Backs, Screw Backs, Friction Push Backs, French Wire Backs, La Pousette Backs

These Chrysmela Catch Locking Backs are the Latest, Greatest, and Easiest way to Protect your Earrings!

I say BUY all 3 Colors: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, and you’ll NEVER need any other Earring Backs AGAIN!

They’re That Awesome!

Watch their You-Tube Video Here:

So Protect your Investments, your Diamonds, and your Earrings!

Grab some Chrysmela Catch TODAY! :)

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  1. Sorry Richard, the best backs today are the SWISSBACKS!!!!!

    • Hi Linda. Thanks for the Input. I’ve never heard of Swissbacks, but I looked them up… They have an Adjustable T-Shaped Closure that is Interesting enough, but they don’t look Very Secure or Durable to me. I would have to Test them out to see for sure (If the Company would like to Send a Pair, I’d be more than Happy to Review them). For now, I’m Sticking with Chrysmela! Plus, with Chrysmela you don’t have to Alter your Earring Posts! Cheers! :)

  2. Christy Peeples DuBois // October 1, 2018 at 5:31 am // Reply

    These look wonderful. I had no idea. Thanks for sending us here.

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    Thank you for your website helps a lot

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