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What are Mood Rings - Do Mood Rings Work?

“It’s Astounding. Time is Fleeting. Madness takes it’s Toll!” Just like a trip back to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Mood Ring takes me back to those wacky 70’s!

It’s actually funny that the Mood Ring is still around, but then again, some mysteries never die!

For 2 Bucks, it’s still a Fun and Exciting (Did I just say that?) Experiment for you and your Friends.

What is a Mood Ring?

Do Mood Rings Really work? Let’s find out…

Mood Rings are Magic! Yep! Just like the Pet Rock, the Lava Lamp, the 8-Track Tapes, Big Hair, Bell Bottoms, Shag Rugs and Mexican Jumping Beans! The “Magic” is a fad that was as hip as Sea Monkeys and Tie-Die!

When was the Mood Ring Invented?

Invented in the early 1970’s, the Mood Ring is nothing but an interesting Thermometer. Sort of! It’s color changing is due to your body temperature. Colors like Blue-Violet, which meant you were hot, hot, hot, to colors like Black which basically meant, either the ring was broken, or you were dead! “I’ll take Door #1 for $200 please!

The Key Ingredient

The key ingredient in Mood Rings wasn’t a Magical Color Changing Gemstone, but a very scientific term called “Liquid Crystal” Presto-Chango! The same crystals are used in today’s LCD monitors. When the Ring heats up or cools, those little molecules in the Liquid Crystal dance around, catching and absorbing light. In doing so, it reflects back different colors. Wow, all that for a buck?

When you’re Passionate, Blood flows to the Surface of your Skin, making you Flush and making the Mood Ring Color change to Blue!

Hopefully you won’t need a Mood Ring to tell you when you’re Romantic.

(You could use a Decoder Ring for that!) But if you think about it, back then, it might have been hard to tell excitement from Flower Power… With all those Platform Shoes, Perms and Parachute Pants, I’m sure they needed all the help they could get!

Colors & Meanings of a Mood Ring

Here’s a list of Colors and the so called “Emotions” Mood Rings predicted:

(It’s almost as scientific as your Magic 8-Ball!)

Violet-Blue – You’re happy. Very, very, happy. You’re passionate and romantic and looking for love. “…It’s the Pelvic thrust, that really drives you insane, let’s do the Time Warp again…”

Blue – You’re relaxed. You’re calm. You’re a couch potato.

Green – You’re supposed to be “Somewhat Relaxed” or “Normal” (82 Degrees Fahrenheit normal!) What the heck does that mean? You’re normal? If your Ring turns Green, it should mean, “Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Yellow or Amber – You’re Unsettled. Huh? You’ve got Ants in your Pants? You’re pacing? I don’t get it. Who made up these Emotions?

Gray – You’re nervous and have lots of Anxieties. (Like wasting money and time on a silly little piece of junk?)

Black – You’re over worked and over stressed and you have one foot in the grave.

I say Hog-Wash!

It’s time for Mad-Libs! Take the Mood Ring off and step away from the Novelty very, very, slowly!

There is no clinical evidence here. It’s all propaganda!

The UFO’s left it behind. Don’t believe me?

Test it out for yourself!

Hold it up to a Candle Flame or Stick it in the Freezer. You’ll get more “color change” from holding your breath. All my Mood Ring ever did was leave a Green Stain around my finger. “Thanks!

So Who Created the Mood Ring?

Joshua Reynolds and Marvin Wernick. Take your pick! Because both men have been credited as being the inventor of the Mood Ring. Crazy eh? What were they smoking?

Maybe if I put on my 3D Glasses, turn on the Black Light, listen to “Kung Fu Fighting” and sit in my Bean Bag Chair it’ll hit me!

Yep! That’s it! The inventor of the Mood Ring was one of those hippie students that participated in one of those “Telephone Booth Stuffing” Contests!

And you know what emotion the Mood Ring predicted then?

Groovy man!

Just Groovy!

P.S. Buy some great Mood Rings from Amazon here! :)

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